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We prepare for school

Disturbing this business - the first time in the first class. As though you give the child in others and unfamiliar the world in which it should answer calls of the ego-tripping peers and test with new circumstances independently. Whether your treasure is ready to this stage of the life? Whether you are ready that the child begins the way to independence and independence? The Internet which concentrated in itself an extensive experience of children`s psychologists, teachers and just parents will help to find answers to these questions.

Authors of the article “Before a School Marathon“ urge you not to forget

that they guarantee of successful study - a good health, and give a lot more practical advice on training of the child for school. To parents very much I recommend to read the article “Mother, Be Prepared for School or how to Behave with the Child - the First Grader“. On you heavy responsibility, and a satchel lies to buy and to stroke bows - let there will be a care of grandmothers and grandfathers, they need to feel involved in this unforgettable event too.

Many problems connected with training of the child for school are covered with

in M. Bezruky` book “Let`s help children to study“. Whether from the head “A time in school?“ You learn how to test whether the child at school is ready and whether it is worth sending the child to school from 6 years. It appears, difficulties in training happen not only at poor pupils, but also at those who just get on well at all objects. What difficulties and from where they appear are? What is readiness for school? What it consists of and what is defined by? You will find answers to these questions in the head “Sources of school problems“. About specific features of higher nervous activity of the child which are already rather accurately shown in 5 - 6 years and their influence on training, read in the head “As years grow?“ .

Still materials on the same subject and tests you will find

on a page “The house psychologist“.

That neuropsychologists think of early development of children and preparation for school, you will be able to learn from Anna Semenovich`s interview: “Leave alone children!“ . Some experts consider that, being fond of early development of children, we often make the choice between this development and health of our children.

On the Internet information on establishments for preparation for school of children with development violations, for example, kindergarten Our Home is. The purpose of creation of a garden - social adaptation of children with violations of development among normally developing peers.

Information on other establishments of preschool education with the description of training programs and cost contains here.


As for grants, in Mistral bookstore it is possible to buy a set “Preparation for school“ for children of 5 - 7 years from 6 books: Development of attention. Preparation of a hand for the letter. Memory development. Endowments development. Development of thinking. Development of the speech. The author is Tushkanova O. I. In a book-store “Sytin“ has on sale Golovneva N. Ya. book. and Ilyina M. N.“ 365 test tasks and exercises for preparation for school“. You will find the catalog of all textbooks on all objects, and the list of grants on preparation for school here.

I Think, you will want to exchange opinions with other parents, there are enough forums on the Internet too. If you read these lines here, on a page “7ya“, glance on conference about early development at which except councils of skilled parents it is possible to get Lena Danilova`s advice, the early child development specialist. It is possible to communicate on the website “Generation. ru“, or on a page of Federation the Internet - educations.

I Hope that efforts of authors of the mentioned websites will be rewarded by the fact that you will find on them something useful to you and your kid. Sincerely I wish it to you.