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Travel to Egypt with 10 - the monthly child. Part I

(on December 7 - 21, 2004)

Usually collecting things takes with

us no more than 3 hours. Because people we actively traveling. We over the years formed 2 lists “what to take with itself“ - one winter and one summer. These lists of things and objects are universal and checked by our experience repeatedly. But here it was necessary to approach a trip more, than seriously. Too heavy responsibility.

The fact that we will go with 10 - monthly Alice was clear to

at once, it would be more correct to tell that not IT goes with us, and we are with it. Somewhere in depth to soul I was tormented by fears. The realist from heels to ears, I thought that there will be real hell. Even more severe everyday life was presented to me, everyones “and suddenly“ gnawed through my brain with terrible frenzy. Overcoming the phobias, I tried to think of the purposes and tasks - to take out the child to heat, to fix swimming elements, to learn to dive, receive normally vitamin “D“, scarce for the dirtied Moscow, more. (While the child born in February “passed“ all summer in one pants, we have all - found small rickets.)

Unlike many women, for me some complexity was that Alice UZHE not the baby. At it character, addictions and resistant antipathy to sitting in a carriage is already brightly visible. She said goodbye to a baby`s dummy months in five therefore the loud-voiced girl even if also very nice, could disturb significantly the public peace (in a consequence, according to people around, this fear was more than vain).

In my opinion, the child, the better is younger than

. From - for not formation of an eardrum of the child do not feel problems during take-off and landings, it is not necessary to take heavy bags with baby food (which even you will not hand over in baggage, if in glass jars), it is not necessary to be afraid that from change of water and local food the child will have an allergy or a diarrhea. Eventually, will not escape and it will not be lost.

I precisely foreknew

One, without completely completed first-aid kit I and to a step will not make of the country. The list of the adult first-aid kit consisted of 12 preparations, the nursery - from 22. Yes, it involved very decent costs, and took many place in a suitcase, but it is better, than to give couple of hundreds green just for consultation of the pediatrician. To be fair I will tell that from medicines it was necessary to use a minimum. To be ill as you understand, nobody gathered, so it, for everyone the firefighter therefore upon purchase of drugs I paid special attention to an expiration date, in that sense that the first-aid kit served to me as long as possible. Upon purchase from suntan it is better for child of cream to buy one bottle in the beginning, to be convinced that the child has on it no allergy (and it quite often happens), and then to take some more.


It is clear that some moments needed to be solved in advance. Settlement of legal issues was our first step. An insert about nationality. We made it long before a trip. Procedure took us no more than a week. Without it to you will not enter the child in the international passport. So it turned out that to the husband entered the daughter, and to me is not present, and suggested to make to Alice the separate international passport. I, naturally, agreed, and it was my big mistake. Of course, pleasantly, as adults, with the photo, have all what to show to grandmothers and grandfathers, but... Keep in mind that with the advent of the passport in it will put the visa, and, so it is necessary to pay money. A trifle (and if Schengen, then at all not a trifle), and it is unpleasant. And it is possible not to show the international passport, but on a reverse side of the birth certificate to be set the seal, that the passport is issued. And if to frontier guards takes in head to look for any of several reasons at this document, it will not be possible to hide the passport and to avoid payment of the visa too. For this reason try not to light the international passport of the child in travel agency.

our daughter is for 90% on breastfeeding and therefore a problem how many what food to take with herself, at us did not arise. For the stayed at home 10% our child ate the same, as we. Water we with ourselves took 2 liters, however, Alice very seldom drinks, but just in case... And on the road, nearly at the airport, drank.

the Deadly enemy of Alice - a carriage to put her there - very big problem. Because the last 2 weeks before a trip we tried to reconcile them. (We walked with other carriage.) The carriage developing the book, bought especially for a trip stood in the center of the room. In it toys lay. We did everything that she communicated with her more often, rolled her on the room, touched and, the main thing, every day we carried it on all apartment, even when ate, put Alice in a carriage. She trained to sit in her long. To roll one business before itself a carriage with the child, to carry another matter in one hand the child (9. 5 kg), and in another a carriage (7 kg). To a trip we walked in the usual mode at a temperature - 10 for 2 - 3 hours, but here I cancelled visits of policlinic, and appointed quarantine. To a safety issue: our opinion is reduced to a postulate - Moscow - the most dangerous city in the world, acts of terrorism here more often than everywhere.

the Choice of hotel was not casual

. The all inclusive system for us, teetotal intelligent people, of value is not, besides beauty of words extends only to food and drinks, and this system does not give any more advantages (additional service for the child). Because we chose four-stars hotel, a half board (a breakfast + a dinner (buffet)).

So, there came day X. Passports, tickets, the child - nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. Flowers are plentifully watered, small fishes are fed, gas is switched off, windows are closed - forward. The taxi waited below, all in the regular mode, without traffic jams. Reached. We did not want to use an electric train from the Paveletsky station to the Domodedovo airport.


that we hanged here for a long time, I went to look for the room of mother and child. Found. On the second floor. In the beginning asked our data me, I quailed, in reply I took an interest whether paid this service, it appeared free. Wow. Can if you want!!! It is spacious, trays, beds, toilets separately for mothers, separately for children, 3 or 4 tables, everything is polite, on “be kind“. Leaving, lost in admiration from what was seen, I ardently promised to come on a visit with the new child.


to you council, remain there against the stop, as long as possible, because after passing of customs there occurs the deep disappointment: and there is a room of mother and child, but only it represents the ordinary toilet room. A toilet and a sink, feed where you want, you can standing, you can on faience. Having left a moral sobering-up station, having passed all formalities, having had a sleep, having eaten, through a couple of hours we appeared in salon. It was not necessary to put on warm overalls to the child because went through a pipe. Alisk it is proud went in the carriage.

the Boeing - 767 - 200, you do not work, misters, you should not remember models, all of them equally manage to be differently packed. There we flew on the close plane, even in spite of the fact that we got the first row as we also asked. Take always the first rows, is ahead more spacious. Is where it is more convenient to put a folding carriage, to accept a pose. However, it is for this purpose better to be registered a bit earlier. The carriage as we tried, was not located, it was necessary to put it and to carry in empty business - a class. The stewardess appeared with pronounced sense of humour. The pretty girl persistently tried to replace us. From argument at me slightly milk did not begin to boil. Sorry, the pier, but in case of state of emergency on your place will drop out only 2 oxygen masks, but not three, and will not be enough for the child. I tried to calm the stewardess, to disseminate her gloomy spirit that, it is necessary to notice, worked well. Brought me a seat belt for Alice, we were fastened and, having put ourselves in a mouth a candy “An avia - the sea“, I for a while retired into oneself. Take off and landing passed imperceptibly, Alice, having buried in mother, sucked a milk. During flight (4 hours 20 minutes) Alice behaved as the real well-mannered lady. Did not rustle, played, slept. I tried to understand a spirit of people around. I did not feel malevolence. Surprise and.

Alice undressed on weather in thin socks and a T-shirt with the Egyptian pyramids Left. First of all we took an interest at the guide from what hotel will begin to carry tourists. Our hotel was in the list the first. Hurrah. Otherwise we should take a taxi. Quite often delivery and arrangement of tourists takes a couple of hours that in our case is inadmissible.

the Guide, as well as most of the Arab men fascinated by the cheerful girl without any pressure from our party rendered

assistance and asked for us good number. And here we had not to put a green piece of paper in the passport to receive a desired bungalow. Number more than suited us: 2 rooms, a bed, the refrigerator, a small front garden that can be better. The safe was free in a reception. Floors afflicted. Tiled, they did not leave the right for falling to Alice. Therefore neither to creep, nor I categorically allowed to sit in order to avoid falling. A bed - on it it was possible to place one more such family safely. The big sizes of a bed had both the positive, and negative parties. Alice since the birth sleeps with us - means, all will remain on the places. Danger consisted in its height (58 cm). In case of falling it is even terrible to present... Besides, only from the center it was possible to control runnings of a bright polzunikha completely. Small shortcomings of a type of replacement of the fused bulb, debugging with hot water, were settled in the next few hours. We providently took soap, toothpaste and shampoo with ourselves. Nothing, except a small amount of liquid soap, was. Cleaning in number was carried out every day. Besides purity targeting, we received lessons of the Arab language, the benefit from the worker of the broom and a rag in the specialty the father of three children was a teacher. We left tip not every day (that as at Vinokur, “the surprise was“).

Territory of Royal Palace hotel quite big. It is a lot of greens, and well-groomed. It is visible that the gardener and his team possess good taste and diligence. Some tourists by all means used result of their work. At palm trees, bushes constantly somebody was photographed if through beds stepped, and on lawns unless did not lay down, then it was simple to guess a nationality - Russians. And from the province. Girls from Orenburg, Nizhny Novgorod.

it is A lot of shady places. The playground with a set of various swing and other entertainments is providently covered with a wattled awning. The beach is pure, it is a lot of plank beds. Mattresses are brought by service personnel. Someone gave for it tip in the form of 1 pound, someone is not present, on the discretion. On the beach there was remarkably organized animation. By a cheerful voice of all called (in different languages) to play volleyball, to make gymnastics, and every time, specially in Russian, repeated the magic phrase “it free“. But unless it is possible to shake freezed, I apologize, the exposed to frost Russian tourists? Persons interested did massage. I can only tell that even in Moscow it is cheaper, and... well you understood. We did not visit a gym, a sauna and other pleasures of a body, but heard enthusiastic responses.

is Everywhere where to hide from the artful December sun. Unlike Moscow, it not only shines, but also heats. About it later. Ramps are, but not everywhere. For example, in restaurant we had to overcome 2 steps. We studied such places over time and learned to bypass them. About pools I will not write - their set, in them all the same nobody during our stay swam. On the beach to pass on sand even with our unary average diameter wheels of problems did not arise. With the child it is possible to float safely - hedgehogs, corals and other beauty was in deficiency here. So persons interested to spend the main time under water, examining living creatures, keep in mind, Royal Palace and Giftun hotels not for you. During the day happened inflow, otliva. The thicket to us got otliva, and it was necessary to go far to plunge. In windless days which there was majority it did not give an inconvenience. And here in windy weather (day 4) Alice very much swore when it was got from warm water. Water temperature, by the way, on official sources was 20 - 21 degrees, is real 22, on shallows even above. Air got warm to 28 - 30 degrees. Every day the season of bathing was opened by our daughter. Over time it even began to be adjusted supposedly forward, Alice, is time, sat up. Having seen that even the small child bathes, adults reluctantly began to come into water. With diving at Alice nothing turned out. Very salty water. In 15 minutes after the first diving one eye reddened, from a nose continuously flew, the person around eyes became covered by red spots. I very much got a fright. Everything passed through a couple of hours by itself. More I did not risk to dive.

Judging by the speech, the hotel was chosen by Poles, Russians, Germans. There is a lot of Russians. From Russia, Latvia, Finland. It is a lot of children of preschool age, lonely women of different age, few married couples. On the beach we were from 8 in the morning till one o`clock in the afternoon. During this time the daughter managed to make a heap of important issues: to swim for a while 3 - 4 times, to have a sleep in a shadow, to be played with a sand, to sing a set of songs to people around. Daily we went to the next hotel Giftun. For walk with children it is the best hotel from all that I know. There live the sweetest kitties, in an enormous cage birdies, the sea of greens sing, there are almost wild gardens. About conditions of accommodation to tell something it is difficult, the bungalow is less there, the main case looks more interesting. It is four-storeyed. What views from a roof open!! Cats there well-cared. You think, they there with scraps are fed from a lordly table? Anything similar. Dry feed of “Ocean fish“. Itself saw. Behind the gifts brought by us they even considered to jump on our team below the advantage up. Alice made sounds of full delight, communicating with them. We learned to iron cats, however, the daughter tried to seize them by tails more and, it is necessary to recognize, she managed it. Having a tail did not take offense at the child. We managed to look at birdies both outside, and from within. We were let in a cage height about the two-storeyed house. Birds of different flowers and the sizes were filled in in every possible way. Ah, how many pleasures small beings can give!

Alice suspiciously Slept the first 3 days much. The similar behavior was noticed also at Danila (8 - mi the monthly boy from Moldova). A ritual lullaby a song “Stiring snow with a spoon“, under it Alice often filled up houses, in Egypt sounded as something terrible and ridiculous at the same time. The first week we used cream from suntan. First 3 days factor 60, then 30, then 25. Then ceased at all, but kept only in a shadow. The Panamanian on her was always why the person sunbathed least of all. Despite it, it sometimes overheated, in such cases I used candles of “Viburkol“.

I almost did not sunbathe. The back and hands sunbathed, and here the breast and a face did not. Likely, from - for what I nurse - all calcium and melanin I give it to Alice. For once not put on headdress I was cruelly punished. The overheat had, speaking medical language, average weight, the general feeling sick connected to nausea and vomiting. Next day it was necessary to resupply liquid in an organism for itself and a cub.

Almost daily in the first half of day hotel were visited by big groups of people - travel companies of the representatives sent it to business trip with own eyes to get acquainted with hotels. Dressed in view of that in absolutely not beachwear, poor fellows with envy looked at the sunbathing bodies. There is a sweet share, to go, watch how others have a rest. I do not know how they, and at me from what was seen in the head would have only porridge. It seems everything is similar, but not that.

Usually with an hour to three, time of the most active sun, we saw off in number. Fir-trees also fell down. With ourselves we had a boiler, bags of tea and the full refrigerator of food. At three o`clock in the afternoon came back to the beach, an hour floated, sunbathed, on it the active part of day, as a rule, came to an end. For Arabs Alice was a walrus, and I, probably, mother - the sadist. With approach of twilight they begged me to dress the child, assuring that on the street it is cold (18 - 20 degrees). Besides that many of them even walked in jackets in the afternoon. Having learned that we from Russia, they spoke: “And, Russia, well then everything is clear“. In twilight even tourists considered a duty to ask me: Whether “It is cold to the child?“, whether “She will catch a cold?“ “Oh, it took so and so in a mouth“... It was necessary to answer with a smile all these “if“. What if to the child was uncomfortable, he would let know that the concept is cold to you and is cold to the child - not one and too. What I control that at my daughter is in a mouth. In general sometimes all this began to strain me. Well why the people find it possible to touch the child without my permission, to do open hints on “the wrong clothing“!? I will notice that such behavior was afforded only by Russians. Got dark in December early. In 17. 20 it was already dark. There is nothing to admit, do with the child.


we went To breakfasts and dinners all together. Alice sat in a carriage, and we in turn gathered food and fir-trees. When she began to be capricious or get up from a carriage, and no toys occupied it, someone one left to walk with it. So we substituted each other. At the moments when Alice had absolutely bad mood, she remained in number, and we again - ate in turn. The carriage was also good itself that it was possible to take something in it from food with itself. In Royal Palace at restaurant in the morning drinks were free. The tea and coffee, already ready were carried by the waiter. Ugly, unpresentable economy. For Sidi to yourself, wait until he passes nearby. The policy is clear. Likely, there are a lot of pieces of soap, shampoos, bags of tea it was carried away with itself... Cold drinks got divorced obviously not bottled water. At the room temperature they quickly turned sour. Every morning I gathered a small bottle to Aliskina to drink, put in the refrigerator, and at supper accurately sipped. Alice all the same ate only my milk. At supper drinks were paid. The cup of tea cost 7,5 pounds. Waiters rushed as kites nearby, watched that nobody with himself from food took anything. Behind a similar crime mother of the three-year-old boy was caught. The son badly ate, and it took to have a bite couple of rolls in the afternoon. To it let know that so it is impossible. To admit, I strongly sneezed at these bans. Sometimes, I very mighty well grew exited... It is necessary to pay tribute, all personnel loved Alice and, probably, just closed eyes to my pranks. From fruit always oranges, guavas, fresh dates beyond all bounds lay. More rare melon and grapefruits. Alice at first ate from our table, on then whether from food, whether mosquitoes, flies bit, but at Alice heat-spots, a little, but began to develop enough to spoil to me mood. Out of harm`s way I passed completely to breast milk. Pampers we took the whole packing (58 pieces), brought a third back.

was not allowed to bring to

In hotel water. On an entrance the security guard easily could ask to open a package and to look that the lodger bears. All guilty were brought to a modest piece of paper on which it was in English written that it is impossible to carry by products. Absolutely blunderers, by hearsay, managed to fine though about tariffs, and the action nothing was written anywhere. We carefully masked all the food purchases, and in a carriage nobody looked on us, but a family at which to the boy of 8 months, tried not to allow to carry by children`s water. With it employees obviously overdid. What to do in such situation? Options set. It is possible to pass through the next hotel and to leave through the beach. As a rule, at an entrance do not stop. If protection asks something, to tell honestly - we from Royal Palace, came to see your territory. However, sometimes on border with hotels there are security guards, well as will carry. It is possible to pass through shops or through restaurant. Eventually, examination of personal belongings is called a search...

Some things for me remained a riddle. For example, little girls on the beach hotly discussed how they tried to visit guys. And not a crowd. Quietly and imperceptibly. But in a couple of minutes of stay phone call was distributed. It is impossible, it is not necessary. As learned that Katya went to Dima, and Sasha to Masha, not clearly. Security guards, however, walked across the territory almost day and night, but me, in the analysis of all events, did not leave feeling that where - that is the hidden cameras. Can outside, and maybe inside.

Departed home without special adventures. Only the delay occurred for an hour. Waited for the passenger already on the plane. It registered baggage, and itself was not in any way. Went on a spree. The crew apologized for a flight delay three times. After landing to it in general slightly the muzzle was not filled. Asked all not to use mobile phones. No, pressed to it. The ass to it was saved by the steward. The husband told all this to me. We with Alice during take off and landing flew one to business - a class. (She ate something and from tummy pain shouted from all urine.)

Holiday came to an end in

. The baggage was received. Called, called a taxi (up to receiving baggages better not to twitch, delivery of baggage can detain, respectively, a price for a taxi will increase). While the husband communicated with relatives, I, pining with boredom and Alkiny whims, observed the following scene: cafe in the hall of an arrival. The prices are one food higher than an average. The young lady approaches, gives the five-centesimal note and asks to give it three pieces something. I was jammed by curiosity that can be bought for five hundred rubles in such quantity. I hear dialogue: “Please, sit down, now you will be given“. Answer: “Yes, give so, I to a dog“. It is necessary to rummage in videoarchives of the airport. There for certain the look of the waiter remained. Belyash cost 75 rubles.