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Image and clothes of

Business image is still reached at the expense of a conservative official style in clothes. We provide the main guidelines of selection of clothes which will be suitable for your work, and also a practical advice on use of basic flowers in this article.

So-called “image of IBM“, that is the concept of appearance cultivated by the huge computer company within long years was a professionalism symbol around the world. This corporate image is still reached at the expense of a conservative official style in clothes. We provide the main guidelines of selection of clothes which will be suitable for your work in this article.

If you are limited to

in means, then invest the money not in quantity, and in quality of things. Several carefully picked up details will serve your business much better, than the whole cases of cheap improper products. You seek to get skillfully executed things from good stuff, counterbalancing at the choice from a set of options the cost and usefulness. For example, if the shirt A costs twice more, than a shirt B, wonder whether the shirt A will be twice more useful to your business, whether than a shirt B. you Will wear it more often? Perhaps, under its color, breed and fabric other things which are already present at your clothes approach better? Whether its form, style and a perfect look will longer remain?


Choose classical style

Classical style perfectly looks year after year. As these clothes correspond to rather unfading postoyannost, than changeable fashionable tendencies, eventually for your clothes it will become the most favorable alternative. Rather strict, than sharply fashionable, this eternal clothes style relies upon the basic universal elements which at will can be picked up and united. The good classical jacket can serve much longer, than bright and stylish which will get out of fashion before wears out. Classical style will be suitable practically for any situation in the sphere of sales, besides, at addition of stylish accessories it will always look is modern.

Use basic colors

the Business clothes have to consist of primary colors which most often and call - “business colors“. Such flowers in clothes of the business woman (suits, dresses, skirts and jackets) will be black, blue, it is dark - blue, claret, brown, beige and gray. For man`s business clothes (suits, trousers and jackets) will darkly repeat - blue, blue, beige and gray. More fine details, such as ties or blouses, can be lighter tones, but the same primary colors. The bright, shouting shades most often should be avoided.

Flowers of the power is called black, it is dark - blue, is dark - gray and brown color. Darkly - the blue suit in a strip is considered extremely strong and is useful at representation to the top management. As the person in clothes of dark tones seems above and more representatively, important persons in some situations try to avoid flowers of the power in clothes. If in clothes of the seller there are too much such flowers, then he can intimidate the potential buyer. And here the low person by means of flowers of the power will seem is higher growth. For women who want to find the place in that sphere of business where men usually dominate the most effective flowers of the power will be darkly - blue color, ugolno - gray and black.

If you do not want to radiate so provocatively authoritativeness, put on things of average tones. Lighter shades like beige or blue are good in case you want to seem friendly and available. Do not forget also that the choice of clothes is influenced also by a season and weather.


gave some reasons Below concerning what needs to be meant at the choice of flowers for your clothes:

Black - extremely strong color of the power, besides, is the prevailing color of men`s suits. Sellers can advise to leave black color for official situations and to use in accessories: the belt, a wallet, a portfolio and boots can be black. Women - sellers can wear black suits, skirts and dresses, and also black accessories.

Blue is the most suitable color both for men, and for women; it is always pertinent. Darkly - blue - true color of the power, especially for men. It is color of sincerity and money. Average blue ideally reflects your openness and availability. Blue transfers feeling of harmony and sequence.

Grey reflects force and stability. Practically any shade and breed gray excellently is suitable for the main details of man`s and female clothes. Ugolno - gray - color of the power for both floors. Light-gray also more friendly is less official.

Brown color, mainly in suits, looks in tweed option with drawing “fir-tree“ better, than in smooth execution. It is the good choice for a portfolio, a belt and boots. Your hair color has to define what shade brown most will suit you. Brown color should be chosen rather to people of the senior generation, but not young people.

Beige - absolutely universal color for men and women. Being ideal option for summer, beige radiates friendliness and efficiency, without suppressing at the same time the interlocutor. The beige suit perfectly is suitable for representation to those potential buyers who belong to working class, that is people who will not wear a suit. Men should put on a beige suit from light-a blue shirt.

Claret - color of the power, it favourably looks and is very universal. Men should be limited to a claret tie, a belt, a wallet and a portfolio. Women can carry not only claret accessories, but also claret suits.

Red color can how to correspond to a situation, and not to approach it at all. It depends on a sex of the owner, an exact shade, an article of clothing and whether it is primary color in clothes. Yellow it is necessary to use with the same precautions. Purple color which long was associated with the royalty is too bright. As it is color of fashion, in many spheres of business you should not use it as color of basic elements of clothes of the woman. Men should avoid it. Green it is represented inexpedient too.

Clothes for your branch, the potential client and the region

Standards in clothes are various

for different branches, potential clients and regions. Try to correspond to style which is chosen by your potential clients and successful businessmen of your branch.

Conservative fields of activity, such as insurance or finance, usually approve a traditional view of style because it transfers feeling of stability and reliability. To the contrary, more modern clothes style is inherent in such spheres as equipment of apartments and houses, communications and computers. The creative industry, that is cosmetics, clothes, music and theater, will approve brighter style. Extremely fashionable clothes will be suitable only for the sphere of fashion and the related areas. As advertizing activity belongs to the sphere of creativity which serves business people, to it there corresponds association of conservative and bright elements. When you better get acquainted with the branch, gradually will begin to feel better what will be suitable for your clothes.

As well as spheres of business, individual potential buyers incline to various standards of clothes. To put on for potential buyers - means to change the dress according to personal consumer preferences. Agree that two persons are not absolutely identical and that taste in clothes substantially is influenced by age, an occupation, the financial status and so on.

do not forget

that your business clothes have to become the instrument of involvement of possible clients. Though the business suit is standard “uniform“ of the people working in system of sales there are restrictions for some branches, buyers and regions. In some situations the suit can have effect, undesirable to you, for example can oppose you and your interlocutor.

It is not too diligent to p to put on is not the only danger; it is possible to overdo, on the contrary. How you would put on, knowing that your potential buyer - the farmer? To the potential buyer in overalls will communicate not too conveniently with the seller dressed in a suit. Besides, you will silly look, standing in the middle of the field in expensive suit. Communicating with carelessly dressed interlocutor in the rural area, you will understand that it is better to choose sports style which will never be justified for city conditions.

Some sellers get to production rooms where potential buyers will probably be up to elbows in dirt or oil. The seller who is dressed up in a jacket with a tie on a neck can make impression of the person who does not know that means to soil hands. If the place of sale demands that the seller “approached clients“, too carefully dressed person can create negative image. If you sell fiber glass or plastic pitches, to you, perhaps, it is necessary to meet clients in the production territory, and you have to be ready to be soiled.


Choose universality

Quality more important than quantity, and universality and versatility are more preferable than monotony. Quite small amount of things if among them there are universal objects of primary colors and fabrics united in the different ways for achievement of various effects can be enough for you. You have to be able to combine the clothes and accessories, to change their degree of authoritativeness and officialities. Changing the appearance, you will be able to meet any situation with the corresponding look.

Besides, you have to learn to estimate and react to a new situation quickly enough. For example, if you put on for an official meeting, and circumstances unexpectedly changed, be ready to take off a jacket and to roll up sleeves. If you are going to communicate several times in a row to the same potential buyer, pay special attention to putting on the same clothes for a meeting with one person too often.