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Our option of cards of Doman

the Kid matures, and parents should attach more and more imagination to diversify daily games and occupations. Still yesterday the child was content with “goat“ and “soroky“, and today he points a finger at the picture of the book and looks at an articulation of your lips, trying to remember a right pronunciation of this or that word. Still slightly - slightly - and he will start talking, and every day its lexicon will be replenished with new and new sounds, words, and then and offers.

our daughter Maria just now is at this interesting stage of development. Seeing her thirst for knowledge, I cannot but help it with their acquisition.

So, I aimed to make Doman`s cards. On the website 7ya. ru works of other careful mothers are already presented. I also want to share the experience. Sincerely I hope that it will help somebody else.

I Expect remarks of specialists in an occasion of some deviations from classical domanovsky criteria (the leaf size, etc.) . Therefore at once I will make a reservation: cards were created rather to report to the child (in my case to one-year-old) about existence of certain objects of environment. If we manage by means of this technique also to master reading, we will be pleasantly surprised, and by all means we will report about it here.

we Bring to your attention four sets of cards, in each of which on 12 pictures of the A5 format with signatures.

“Pets“: goose, kid, cow, cat, rabbits, horse, sheep, burro, rooster, pig, dog, chicken.

“Objects of the nature“: branch, nest, acorns, stone, ears, leaves, feather, log, cockleshell, flower, cones, egg.

“Vegetables“: eggplant, peas, cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, cucumber, pepper, tomato, garden radish, beet, pumpkin.

“Fruit and berries“: pineapple, orange, banana, grapes, cherry, pear, dugout, kiwi, lemon, raspberry, peach, apple.

All images were printed out by

on the color inkjet printer on Ink Jet paper. Then I pasted each of cards on a cardboard. Absolutely incidentally the unilateral color cardboard got to me, and I did not fail to use it: each subject the color was given, to “Pets“ - yellow, to “Objects of the nature“ - blue, to “Vegetables“ - green, to “Fruit and berries“ - red. As it seems to me, it will help to diversify further games with cards.


It is desirable pleasant use!