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We will eat now in a new way

“Getting hungry! There is a wish to grow thin...“ The first part of this unsoluble contradiction - size constant, the second - a variable. So, you want to begin to eat in a new way again - since the next Monday, from next month and, of course, since New year? Then - forward!

the Majority of us still believes

in miraculousness of diets. Two weeks, and here it is happiness - youth, symmetry and beauty! It happens. In advertizing. And in reality - feeling of hunger, a dissatisfaction, disappointment. It is easy to grow thin, but farewell to surplus of weight - a problem not so much physiological how many psychological. Our relation to food is quite difficult. Any refusal - the aggression directed to an organism. Life is already full of stresses why it to complicate?! But, if all of you decided to change the food, make it with pleasure, gradually and consciously. The success depends on a spirit.

Besides, is several

of the checked ways which will help you to cease to gnaw themselves and to look at the unloved reflection in a mirror with other eyes. For a start - forget about the fantastic tablets “promoting“ loss of weight and do not listen to keen stories of those who allegedly grew thin thanks to them. Continue to collect recipe-books with recipes of low-calorie dishes. Do not buy pseudoscientific brochures under the slogan only at all:“ For those who want to grow thin“. And to aspire to the ideal weight far from your true, too it is not necessary. The body, is a pity for everything-! And in general, estimating the build and with melancholy looking at fatty deposits, do not lose presence of mind and common sense. If nothing turns out, do not panic, consult to soberly conceiving people who have same problems. Exchange of experience, undoubtedly, will do you good. And, at last, you remember: you not model and hardly it will become in the near future. So you should not give excessive value to the configurations.

of Pros and cons of life on a diet

As they say, “good diets do not happen“. But, choosing smaller of the evils, you remember that food - essential part of the balanced diet. And you should not refuse it. The healthy diet directed to weight reduction is the correct set of products allowing to receive optimum amount of nutrients.

should not give in to temptation to grow thin quickly. The result will be short-term. The lost kilograms are gained with the doubled speed. Let`s say you will manage to lose in a week 1,5 kg or more. However it will be caused by liquid loss. It is better to lose weight due to reduction of fatty stocks for 400 - 800 a week.

They say that the second day of sitting on a diet the easiest because very few people maintain the first. As soon as you go on a diet, you cannot think more of anything, except food, all thoughts are concentrated only on it. But nothing, it is only ten days! And ten days later everything that catches sight gets into a mouth. The circle becomes isolated.

If you chose by

similar tactics, then have to know: results are in certain cases unpredictable and lead to bulimia (violation of food behavior of which the repeating gluttony attacks are characteristic). Such fast and rigid diets result in deficiency of nutrients and awaken unreasonable appetite, the person lives with constant feeling of hunger.

If in the desire to get rid of excess weight you decided to apply extreme means - starvation, - think. Usually he is elected as means of achievement of the purpose in political struggle. Starvation leads to the general deterioration in a condition of an organism. If it is short-term political demonstration, perhaps, your requirements will be met and you will leave hunger strike without special losses. But, if it is the plan of a balanced diet which is carried out without attention of television cameras and the world community, you are threatened by trouble. Continuous suppression of appetite leads to anorexia (a nervous disease - the refusal of food bringing to strong and sometimes to irreversible loss of weight).

What to do? Forget about measuring off of portions, calculation of calories and purchase only of dietary products. It is boring. It oppresses mentality. Nobody can sustain self-restrictions long. One is indisputable: it is necessary to follow the rules providing weight reduction and a positive view of the happening changes.

of the Rule of healthy food of forever

We different, therefore also need for quantity of food at each person the - depending on a constitution, age, sex. If the woman wants to dump up to 6 kg of excess weight, has to adhere to a daily diet of 1500 kcal if the man - 2500 kcal. If in plans of the great lady to leave from 12 kg and more, then her diet does not exceed 1000 kcal, and a diet of the growing thin man - 1500 kcal. These figures are relative. Who better you knows your organism? Listen to it and establish what caloric content suits you more, introduce necessary amendments taking into account the performed work and weather.

One of the most popular beliefs: the balanced diet is something tasteless, fresh, unattractive, all useful is tasteless, and all tasty is harmful. No, from dietary dishes it is possible to derive sensual pleasure. Healthy food does not lose the taste, color, aroma. Perhaps, you also do not assume that you already became supporters of healthy nutrition, having prepared a souffle from a pike perch with rice quenelles in wine sauce. Or slices of beef sirloin with the tomatoes stuffed with cauliflower puree. Or medallions from veal in the Cointreau sauce with a garnish from fruit. Agree: from one names flavoring receptors come to awe!

the balanced diet is not limited to

Unlike vegetarianism in a set of products and ways of preparation. Its basis - the balanced combination of the known products. In each national cuisine elements of rational approach to food are looked through. Reference it is possible to call Japanese cuisine: correct products plus moderation in their consumption.


- does not follow

Find for meal enough time and attention. You got used to eat very quickly? It not only deprives of you pleasure of a meal, but also breaks work of an organism. At a careful chewing the food is acquired 15 - 20% better, and its saturation requires less.

do not eat

in a condition of strong exhaustion - the advantage will not be any. The metabolic rate is lower, the food burns down more slowly and the it is more difficult to get rid of excess weight. Do not distract from food - digestion processes instantly slow down.

Boredom - the enemy for the person interested to grow thin.


interestingly and variously. Every day lay the table as festive. The table decor, good lighting, pleasant music will allow to regulate quantity of the eaten food.

Common truths

Having begun to eat

rationally, you will soon find out that you derive much bigger pleasure from food. The realized and experienced relation to food will allow you to refuse without special work the addictions and to become the adherent of healthy food.

you will begin to eat with

more vegetables and fruit. In them there are a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Researches show that consumption of five portions of various fruit and vegetables in day (potatoes are not considered) reduces risk warmly - vascular diseases and cancer, and also risk of a disease of diabetes. It is not so simple to reach it, but it is quite possible. Do juice and soups, add more vegetables to ragout and to stewed meat, have a bite fruit, begin meal with salad and on sweet instead of a pudding eat fruit too.


you Will choose the products containing few fats. And in general reduce consumption of saturated fats, giving preference polynonsaturated or monononsaturated. Saturated fats in dairy products and meat usually connect with emergence of heart diseases. The most part of destructive cholesterol which corks arteries is formed from - for saturated fats.

On your table more products from whole grain will appear. If you eat bread, rice or macaroni four or it is more than once a week, the risk of a disease of cancer is considerably reduced.

you will begin a thicket to buy by

the products rich with cellulose. Soluble fibers in bean, oats and the majority of fruit help to digest food that provides uninterrupted inflow of energy and regulates the content of sugar in blood. In products with a large amount of fibers (for example, brown rice) there are more vitamins and minerals, than in cleared.

Learn to distinguish the products containing fatty acids. Nuts, sunflower seeds, corn and sunflower oil, fat fish (for example, a mackerel, a mackerel, a tuna) - the storerooms of fatty acids helping to reduce “bad“ cholesterol.

At the price of inconceivable efforts you exclude sugar from a diet. Its nutritional value is small, but it is a lot of calories. Products in which there is a lot of sugar are usually poor in vitamins and minerals.

I, at last, you will take alcohol in moderate quantities. Researches show that one - two glasses of wine or beer a day help to be protected from diseases warmly - vascular system. But also, it is quite enough to understand in what truth.


of Svyatoslav Medvedev, director of Institute of a brain of the person of the Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences :
- “Do not do much harm“ - here what it is necessary to remember, having decided to change the eating habits sharply. Even if you feel absolutely healthy (that meets in medical practice extremely seldom) and only slightly - are slightly dissatisfied with several extra kilos, listen to the organism.

the concept “steady state“ at which all systems work more or less accurately Exists. But suddenly you went on a diet. There is a disbalance of the debugged mechanism. The condition of walls of vessels can worsen, be broken digestion, appear depressive mood. Loss of 2 kilograms in a week, perhaps, will turn back a weight increase in 10 kilograms within the next two months.

All these symptoms are caused by work of the food center of a brain which regulates digestion process. In this case the alarm signal arrives, and the organism begins to resist actively. The widespread case can be an example: you in the car, a hunger attack, as a result - irritability, loss of attention, a shiver in hands. All this hypoglycemia phenomena (reduction of content of sugar in blood). Ambulance in this case - ordinary candy. And it is intended not to a stomach, but a brain which consumes about 30% of glucose.

you Remember

: is it is necessary when the feeling of hunger did not rise yet. In this case you can quietly eat, enjoying taste of food and at the same time without overeating. It is better if your meal lasts of 30 minutes till 1 o`clock. In such mode the brain accurately processes information on satiety degree. If you felt saturation, so most likely, you already overate. That to avoid it, eat slowly. Make a pause before a dessert. Perhaps, it is not required to you.

cannot Gorge on for the future. At our organism there is a substance a neuropeptid (low-molecular protein) which is responsible for feeling of hunger. If you simply - naprosto fill a stomach, then you will have a big stomach and round, and you will not have sense of fulness.

Should grow thin due to health? Without serious consequences to get used to new rules of food, try to reduce quantity of food, limit consumption of sugar, salt, fats. As told ancient: “You hurry slowly“ - and the result will surpass expectations.