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We start fireworks

Bright Bengal lights, noisy crackers with a surprise, festive multi-colored salutes in the sky - without it it is difficult to present New Year`s and Christmas holidays. But many parents are afraid: whether will damage such show them to the kid? Whether the child of loud cottons and bright flashes will be frightened? On the other hand, so there is a wish to please with the sparkling magnificence of the kids! What of numerous types of this fiery beauty will be suitable for a family? And how to make a bright show safe for itself and children?

Conditionally fireworks can be divided into two big groups: simple and difficult.

Simple fireworks

Application of simple fireworks does not demand special knowledge and skills. Such products can be used without effort independently if attentively to read the instruction, to observe the safety measures written on packing and to be guided by common sense.

we Will consider the most widespread of them which application is least dangerous in the presence of the child. Those, perhaps, only two - of a cracker and the Bengalese candles .

the Cracker - one of the most favourite and popular New Year`s fireworks. It is very simple in the device and application. The paper or plastic case is manufactured in the form of the cylinder, a cone or various figures (candies, champagne bottles). As a rule, with bright colourful drawing. In the case the lace at which breakthrough the pyrotechnic structure ignites is built in, and burning products under pressure throw out paper or plastic confetti, the serpentine, souvenirs. To start a cracker, the case needs to be taken in an outstretched arm at an angle 30 ° from itself and to pull sharply a cord.

at the same time needs to be remembered that contents of a cracker take off from the case under pressure, and therefore it is impossible to mark at a face and on illuminants not to injure an eye and not to cause destructions. The cracker should not be applied near a flame of candles or the heated spirals, it can lead to ignition of confetti or the serpentine.

Cannot imagine a New Year`s holiday without of the Bengalese candles . It is one of the most widespread fireworks which represents a metal core with the pyrotechnic structure applied on it. When burning (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) the candle scatters silvery sparks, can form scintillating splashes of red, green, yellow color. By the way, color Bengal lights allocate harmful oxides therefore it is better to light them only in the open air in the course of burning or at once it is good to air the room. The majority of qualitative Bengalese candles are supplied with the head facilitating firing, they light up from one match, do not die away when burning and do not drop hot slags on a floor. Large Bengalese candles are recommended to be used only in big rooms.

“We calculate“ hand-made articles

Practically all types of fireworks in a varying degree are dangerous. Therefore it is necessary to get them with extra care. Recently the forged pyrotechnics which use is fraught with unpredictable consequences was available for sale a lot of. At best, “piracy“ petards just will not work, and money will be spent for nothing. And in the worst - the holiday can turn back injuries, burns and other tragic consequences.

How to distinguish qualitative goods from fakes? There are its signs:


not to doubt quality and safety, it is necessary to buy fireworks only in company shop, but not in the markets, from the subway or doubtful dealers.

How to please the child

to the least viewer (till 3 - 4 years) will be several crackers, the Bengalese candles and fires behind a window enough. And here for kids is more senior, especially for boys, it is possible to think up already which - that special - own fireworks! Naturally, for it choose those types of fiery entertainment which will not frighten children.

the Place for fireworks should be chosen as

in advance . The best option - the big open area on which trees and bushes do not grow in radius of 10 meters is not present power lines, night lamps. On this site there should not be constructions, and in a radius of 50 meters - parkings, wooden structures, garages.

of the Place for the audience . Also where there will be family members and friends is important. First of all it is necessary to ensure safety of the audience and only then - good visibility and comfort. The first problem is solved perfectly if the audience is in 15 - 20 meters from epicenter of fiery show, from a windward side that the show was not saddened by a smell of burning and that some not burned down parts of pyrotechnic products from above could not fall. The review - too not a problem if to arrange fireworks in the country, far from megalopolis fires and if do not stir trees, columns and high-rise buildings.

we Choose by

fireworks . Offers weight: petards, Roman candles, fountains, volcanoes, salutes. the Petard - fireworks quite simple and rather safe. The paper sleeve with pyrotechnic structure is broken off at ignition with loud cotton. It is possible to set fire to some petards about a matchbox. Others work when firing a match. Petards with the combined effects before cotton can rotate, jump up, spark, fly up up. Cannot sort a sleeve, to hold in hand after set fire to them. Is strictly forbidden to throw petards into people, animal, to throw in banks, buckets, bottles .

the Roman candle represents a long cardboard tube in which top part the match is placed, and the slowburning pyrotechnic structure and asterisks contains inside. It is suitable only for application on the street. As a result of operation the candle consistently shoots the burning asterisks up, having not usual lighting and sound effects. The Roman candles cannot be held in hand: if the cover of a tube is broken, receiving burns is possible. They are established vertically by a match up and reliably fixed in snow or tied to a peg.

still very popular fountains, volcanoes and planimetric candles which main effect consists that when firing they brightly sparkle a stream which can be followed by whistle, a crash and other additional effects Exist. Operating time of fountains from several seconds to 2 - 3 minutes. Fountains and planimetric candles are used for creation of bright beautiful figures or color pictures and inscriptions. But these types of fireworks can be applied only in the open air. are suitable For the room only small low-smoky fountains to instructions for which use it is accurately written about a possibility of application in house conditions . Fountains need to be fixed reliably on the earth that did not overturn, to delete flammable objects, a dry grass from a dangerous zone, not to take in hand (if the fountain has no special handle) and not to try to extinguish the burning fountain.

the salutes shooting on height to 50 meters, brightly shining parachutes or the burning asterisks are Very beautiful . Batteries of salutes are set fire from one match and several tens parachutes with different effects shoot. Without them it is impossible to imagine a big holiday, however at their application it is necessary to observe additional precautionary measures. Salutes need to be put on a firm plain surface and it is good to powder at the basis with the earth or snow that did not overturn when firing.

Councils for application of simple fireworks
  1. Should read to

    the instruction attentively. Unfortunately, most of buyers fireworkers act, relying on fragile school knowledge of physics and chemistry, and not always correctly set fire to a match or use those types of fireworks which are intended for the street in rooms.

  2. cannot use pyrotechnic products with defects At all: broken off, crumpled, damped, with cracks and other damages of the case or a match. Cases of high-quality fireworks make of paper or easily destroyed plastic details which quickly lose speed and, having even fallen to the person from big height, cannot lead to injuries.
  3. Cannot carry fireworks in pockets, to burn them in a fire, to sort products and to subject them to mechanical influences. Use them only for designated purpose and according to the instruction!
  4. Work with drunk pyrotechnic products, and also smoking near them are very dangerous by
  5. .
  6. needs to Store products far from heating devices and in the place, inaccessible for children.
  7. Cannot apply fireworks under branches of trees, power lines and near flammable objects.
  8. Cannot bend over the pyrotechnic device at the time of firing of a match. After the termination of fireworks within 5 minutes it is forbidden to approach it.
  9. not worked device is forbidden to set fire to
  10. repeatedly.
  11. Most important: to the small child cannot take in hand any of fireworks, including crackers and Bengal lights.

Only from 5 - 6 years children can accurately take Bengal lights if previously well explained them safety regulations. The preschool child can even allow to shoot a cracker if the adult directs his hands as that is demanded by rules.

Difficult fireworks

It is a professional type of entertaining pyrotechnics. Their storage and application is accompanied by high degree of danger, and the nonspecialist can participate in such shows only as the viewer, at safe distance. Small children should not even be present at start of such types of fireworks as deafening sounds and bright flashes can strongly frighten and deafen them.

of the Rocket quickly fly up, reserving hardly visible trace, on height from 20 to 100 m, the pyrotechnic structure ignites there, and the rocket throws out bright sparks, parachutes, loudly claps, showing multi-color, colourful salute.

After a rupture of the rocket at height a lath - the stabizizator (at some types it rather heavy) falls to the ground therefore it is better to carry out their start at least to 100 m from the audience.

the Flying fireworks
are untwisted by

on the earth and soar up vertically up on height to 20 m, scattering sparks in the form of an umbrella. Fireworks can brightly shine in various flowers, clap, throw out a parachute. It is impossible to start these fireworks near constructions, houses, wires and at strong wind - differently it can get on a balcony or beat out glasses.

the Most powerful and colourful salutes become by means of of high-rise fireworks . They shoot vertically up from feyerverochny starting mortars on height from 50 to 300 meters. In the top point of flight they are broken off, creating various effects. These fireworks are dangerous that the explosive charge can work at small height. Also cases when the explosive charge does not work in general are frequent, and the unexploded sphere falls to the ground from big height. Therefore the audience has to observe security measures and not enter a dangerous zone during fireworks.

Fireworks of small caliber (to 50 mm) are called festival spheres and are allowed in free sale complete with a starting mortar. Be attentive: cannot use a festival sphere if there is no match or its length less than 1 cm. If the match went out or the charge did not work vyshibny, it is impossible to approach a starting mortar within 5 minutes and to look in a trunk . Only having convinced that there are no smoldering parts, it is possible to discharge a mortar, on outstretched arms having inclined a trunk down aside from the audience and to shake out a sphere on snow.

Beetroots, park fireworks , on all line of the movement from the earth leave the shining mark. The beetroots forming a column of a color smoke are applied to day fireworks. These fireworks thanks to rather small sizes of a dangerous zone can be applied widely near places of mass festivities for what they are often called park fireworks.

is more senior than

At huge desire of children, of course, it is possible to take on similar show, but - only in case adults are sure that the professional arranges festive salute, and know that children will not be frightened of loud sounds.