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New Year`s family traditions of

the Meeting of New year is connected with many traditions. One of them are identical to many countries, for example decoration of a New Year tree, gifts to children and family etc. Others are unique for this or that culture. Who does not know that Italians on New Year`s Eve throw out old things for a window, Japanese clang bells, and British thrust children`s gifts into stockings? But, perhaps, the most favourite by us are family traditions. A certain paradox turns out: on the holiday connected with updating, expectation something new we wish each other “new good luck“, “new udach“, “new friends“, and the holiday acquired traditions, that is the invariable, repeating every year customs and rituals for a long time.

the belief that New year should be met in new linen Is, then the illness will not stick. To all family members we buy shorts, T-shirts, socks, tights, - all the fact that “is closer to a body“. It is a good occasion to get something special, what you will not afford in other time.

Actually paradox this imaginary. On the one hand, the New Year`s holiday is connected with the concept “time“, with another - with the childhood therefore not to do without following to traditions. Family customs connect people with the past. Children, let absolutely small, very much like to observe traditions, even the most insignificant, for example ritual of laying to sleep or family Sunday walk in park.

Family values

Family traditions pull together all family, does a family by a family, but not just community of relatives by birth. House customs and rituals can become a peculiar inoculation against a distance of children from parents, their mutual misunderstanding. And celebration of New year is ideally suited for this purpose!

Can make tradition creation of beautiful New Year`s composition under a fir-tree or on a coffee table: to spread out “snowdrifts“ from cotton wool, to make trees of branches, to place small fir-trees, Father Frost`s figures, Snow Maidens, forest animals, toy lodges.

Any adult turns into the child while climbs under a fir-tree behind the gift or dresses up in a suit for a house performance. And children (today`s and come-back to the country of the childhood adults) will always find a common language.


In family traditions of a meeting of New year as in a mirror reflect interests, views, moral principles of one or several generations. For example, in Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy`s family preparation for celebration of New year began long before the last dates of December. The writer`s wife, Sofya Andreevna, together with children made Christmas-tree decorations. And besides usual crackers, candles and garlands on a fir-tree the numerous elegantly dressed dolls were hanged out. Bodies for these dolls - “skeletets“ did of a cardboard, and then children and adults, everyone moderately the imagination and abilities, decorated a doll: did it hair of tow, dressed in elegant dresses. Dolls were hanged out on a fir-tree and intended for gifts to the country children invited to a holiday.

In some families the tradition exists to bake New Year`s pies with a surprise - in one the coin is put, another is concerned salty, and the third sweet. At a New Year`s table, under peal of bells itself should choose pie, and on a dish there is a lot of them. The one to whom will get with a coin next year will grow rich, the owner of salty pie is waited by tests, and sweet - a cheerful, dolce vita.
Family New Year`s traditions of Tolstykh are live

and until now. And in Yasnaya Polyana, and in the Moscow museum of L. N. Tolstoy at the end of December work is humming: the small children attending here special classes with pleasure are dressed up by modern “skeletets“ and hang out them on a fir-tree.

Not everything manages to keep house traditions, to carry by them through time, tests and adversities. But the people who are brought up on family customs try to revive them at any opportunity. Marina Tsvetaeva and her sister Anastasia in the memoirs describe the wonderful childhood which they spent in a big close-knit family. Further life of both sisters was full of serious tests, adversities and deprivations. But in many years, in a Siberian exile, the grown old, almost blind and almost poor Anastasia prepared for a meeting of New year as once in the childhood. Long before a holiday from this the little that was sent it by friends and the family, it reserved the most valuable to gifts to the little granddaughter, to the grandson and the daughter-in-law. Decorated a fir-tree, prepared a traditional family lottery. As little Rita Tsvetaeva when the gift intended to mother got to the brother and as worried loudly laughed, seeing that the grandmother got a desired toy. But rules of a lottery allowed a mutual exchange, so, the doll or a bear after small cheerful adventures surely got to the one who so impatiently waited for them.

In some families can paint furniture: on glass or a mirror of a case represent gouache a symbol of the coming year, Father Frost with the Snow Maiden and some winter picture.

Of course, nothing is eternal, even traditions. They appear, live, sometimes die, then revive again. In recently published L. Ulitskaya`s novel “Sincerely your Shurik“ in a family of the main character on New Year`s Eve put a Christmas performance in French. Roles were played by little pupils of the grandmother, and Shurik, of course, played in it all heroes, starting with the baby Christ and finishing Iosif. Then the grandmother died, and performances stopped. In New Year`s days both Shurik, and his mother especially sharply felt double loss: darling and family tradition. And once on New Year`s Eve they put a new performance for foreign, in general, girl, with dolls instead of actors. And to the house, let for a while, something from the past returned, what is called soul is possible.

In my family is too the New Year`s tradition which lives and prospers in spite of the fact that the daughter is ten years old and she does not believe in Father Frost long ago. And everything began so. Eight years ago, decorating a Christmas tree with the two-year-old daughter, I broke a toy. The baby was upset and did not want to throw out for anything a defective figure. Then I suggested to carry the broken toy and several garlands in the wood, is more faithful in a forest park in which often with the daughter it is walked.“ There we will dress up a fir-tree for forest animals, we will hang up a feeder with grain crumbs and sunflower seeds for birds“, - I convinced the child. No sooner said than done! However, the small fir-tree was not in park, and you will not decorate very tall pines therefore we hanged out the jewelry on bushes.

in the Morning on January 1, having hardly found gifts under a fir-tree, the daughter resolutely declared what now needs to be checked what occurred at night in “the Snegurkiny house“ which we the day before decorated in the wood. It was necessary to strain quickly the imagination and to use the available reserves. As a result on the way to “the Snegurkiny house“ the daughter found the candies hanging on branches of trees, and in “house“ the baby was waited by a gift - a surprise.

Now every year we go to the wood on December 31 to decorate “Snegurkin the house“, and on January 1 - for collecting a New Year`s harvest of candies and surprises. The last 3 - 4 years the matured daughter plays a trick over me:“ You supposedly and candies when I turn away, hang out, and enclose gifts“. I do not argue, I offer: “Give then not to go to the wood more“. “Not - e - et, - the daughter pulls, - we will go... Only all the same you do it“.

By the way, about forest “Snegurkinykh“ gifts. Once it was the boy - with - a finger, we whereas time read this fairy tale, and the doll found in snow in some mink, was remembered to the daughter for a long time. Moreover the way to a mink was “specified“ as if by a live brisk little squirrel, unforeseen by me (pleasant surprise or real magic?) . And another time, when the daughter read the book about a live self-made doll: ridiculous, red, by the name of Sipsik, also dreamed to have same, it found it in “the Snegurkiny house“ (thanks to the my friend who created from rags, cotton wool, and red threads - hair is a miracle).

Create the family traditions and carefully store them! And whether there will be it house performances, a special New Year`s dish, difficult for execution, or “your“ family song sung at the holiday table or under a fir-tree, not so important. The main thing that through many - your already matured child with pleasure and the concealed grief is a lot of years was remembered by family New year and wanted to revive in own family traditions of the parental house.