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New Year`s miracle of

If two years ago on New Year`s Eve somebody told that he waits for me in the near future, I, probably, to this person a finger at a temple would twist and told that he is a loony.

Twenty nine years I lived happily, did career, went to have a rest abroad, lived with mother and the father, did not know household problems, spent a lot of money for any bezdelka, without reporting to anybody.

of the Man came and left, or I left, it depends - differently happened. I was not going to get married (did not even want), too did not plan children. Generally, I deeply did not meet social expectations of relatives.

Then the destiny pushed off me with It, fall of 2002. However, before the first appointment we communicated by phone 4 months, and I did not attach any serious significance to these relations. But in February he suggested to meet, and I agreed.

It was easy, amusing, ridiculous, and any serious plans for the future. In April appointments removed from the street on my separate living space which, thank God, was available for me. We just came for the weekend, I cooked quick food, and we almost did not get out of a bed...

in the Summer it had a holiday, we went to St. Petersburg, and upon return lodged on this my most separate living space.

In September I changed a job, in October were gone monthly somewhere, and the awful nagging pain below in a small pelvis and a waist appeared. Devil`s work, I thought, and damned conditioners. I will not sit down under them any more. The thought of any other options did not come to mind. We were protected. However, there was once a small accident, so it is nonsense. To me, tea “not to sheshnadtsat“. People for years are not protected and though that.

When pain and experience concerning the absent monthly became intolerable

, I found in a subsoil of the ladies` handbag the zanachenny business card of the gynecologist the colleagues from old work. She said that the doctor very cool.

Ya long trifled with the business card. Phone was specified house. All right, I will call. I called. It was good luck, it accepted in paid policlinic in three stops by the subway from my work and till 7 in the evening, so I am in time after work.

Ya was chosen on Friday, I had the shortened working hours.

In turn I was whether 15 - y, whether 17 - y, I do not remember. Having paid 570 rubles in cash desk, I sat in turn and knocked teeth for fear. At the gynecologist I was not years two, and then, this is not the most favourite expert.

Having spent half an hour and having changed the mind a heap of nonsenses, I decided to dump. Figs with money, another time I will come. I already went down, received in clothes of a coat and even managed to thrust one hand into a sleeve as suddenly saw that little girl from old work which gave me the business card of this doctor.

She practically for a collar brought me back. Told that at this doctor always fully to the people, and so far all will not release, she will not leave. I remained. Then, in an office, getting down from a gynecologic chair, I absent-mindedly listened to the doctor. The uterus is increased. It either pregnancy, or myoma. Myoma? My God, what is it? Sure. Myoma. Benign tumor. Also it is not necessary to do such scared face. I at once presented myself on the operating table, over me there is a huge man - the surgeon with hands, as at the butcher, up to an elbow in blood...

Tomorrow, that is on Saturday, I have to arrive here, make ultrasonography, then it will be visible.

Directly from policlinic I called

home, having pleased him with my project of Saturday pastime. He suggested to keep me the company.

For the next day ultrasonography showed to

4 weeks of pregnancy, a hyper tone of a uterus and something there still. I left an office in perplexity, having managed to squeeze out only on a ladder something type: “When we it were in time?“ . Feelings and emotions were not any, only full confusion and emptiness.

On Monday went to the doctor together. Prescribed me a heap of preparations, gave a heap of councils, and wished to see my person happier and joyful, as well as it is necessary to future mother...

We discussed nothing

, He just asked what I intend to do and as I plan the life further. And I planned to give rise.

We continued to live together, I drank tablets, went to the doctor, any more we discussed nothing.

I Only began to notice

that He even more often frowns, is silent, something worries in itself, procrastinates, stays in bad mood that something disturbs him. But what?


Yes, it seems clear that: the person of responsibility was frightened, does not want this child, I want to take a walk still (he is 5 years younger), and here...

Without thinking twice, I came to a conclusion that there is no sense to hold it if He does not love and does not want us. My feelings are only my property, I am going to impose myself to nobody. All the same It will leave sooner or later. Also is silent, does not know how to tell about it, worries, the poor fellow...

Somehow in the evening it returned from work in gloomy mood, and I just decided that it is time to break this heavy silence. I cheerfully stirred all evening, said that there is no reason for bad mood, all are live and healthy, and in general everything is not so bad. It quickened, even became cheerful. We went to bed. I was chopped off recently as soon as my head touched a pillow though usually we laid down and long stirred, discussed something. He asked to talk to him. “Yes... of course... no... I do not sleep... almost... yes, I hear everything... to an ug... to an ug... yes. probably...“

in the Morning I something asked again

concerning yesterday`s conversation. He was surprised: “You what, you remember nothing?“. “No, I remember everything, just I specify“.“ And you remember that I asked you to marry me?“ “Yes? And what I answered?“ “You agreed“.

Well... all my silly torments and doubts vanished, He just worried that I will leave the child, but I will not remain with it. As it is silly. Instead of at once talking and discussing, posed as proud mother - the heroine... Ridiculously. It is good still that did not grow hysterical and did not expel him from - for any nonsense. And could.

We got married in January, 2004. In June the daughter was born.

Sometimes I think of how many small accidents do our Destiny and that enough to miss one of them, and everything can develop in a different way. As our happiness as our conclusions are wrong is fragile. The main thing only to believe that everything will be good and not to forget to be ready to everything.