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Become a children`s holiday!

Hello, my dear! Already almost my native reservoir froze, and I hurry to congratulate all of you on the coming holidays! My mail carrier, unfortunately, could not take all my wishes, but for you agreed to report one news. The place in which I live is inhabited densely. The different living creatures come across - elderly and young, small and big, important and modest. And here that, communicating and watching several generations of my fellow citizens on a water kingdom, I noticed: what it was more endured interesting, good by, light in the period of the early childhood, subjects bigger “baggage“ of creative forces and creative ideas is born by us in ourselves already at mature age. It is possible to tell that we “collect fruits“ from our childhood. You remember Antoine`s words Saint - Ekzyupiri:“ All of us it is from the childhood“? Our attitude, all our pleasures, internal force and even happiness - all this is put at the most tender age. Remembering kind hands of mother, gifts under a fir-tree, favourite toys and pie with candles, we feel as the happiest person on light.

Children live from a holiday by a holiday which become the center of their life as well as we live from one important event in our life to another. How many days before my birthday? When again there is a New year? Children ask such questions just next day after the scheduled celebration. They count up days to its arrival, and then again and again come back to it, remembering the smallest details. Holidays come according to the calendar schedule, and we cannot force them to come earlier, but if the child takes feasible part in their preparation, for it they will become longer. There is even a formula - “tomorrow`s pleasure“. Anticipation of a meeting with friends, expectation of joyful events - all this prolongs a holiday in time. Experience by the child of a celebration will be connected not only with a tasty table and receiving gifts, but also with the most magic atmosphere of a holiday if adults manage to create and support a festive condition of the forthcoming miracle in advance. How to create? First of all, the emotional readiness to create and react to everything so that to feel enthusiasm and sincere pleasure. There cannot be general recipes. Only you know, than there lives your kid. Present it the fairy tale, support his belief in a miracle. Several weeks prior to a festive event begin to write it on magic paper of the message (a white wax crayon on a clean sheet of paper write or draw the picture when the kid carries out on it by water color paints your letters will be shown), or prepare a magic tree with chocolate coins or gold nutlets with surprises, let the kid break on one nut every day. As a surprise there can be both small toys, and sweets, and theater tickets or the invitation in a game store or club. Dream, become the real impresario of a holiday, and you present to the child pleasure. You remember popular wisdom: “Making gifts to others, we make a gift to yourself!“ .

Time flies and already a celebration on the way. To what “reefs“ it is necessary to be ready when carrying out a children`s holiday? After the choice of a venue and definition of number of guests it is necessary to think of several important points. Here some of them to which it is worth paying attention. In - the first, hours of carrying out a holiday have to coincide with the period of activity of children. And as usually the holiday lasts long not important to choose the most comfortable time for all children.

In - the second, dresses on children, of course, have to be beautiful, but, first of all, take care of that they were convenient for kids. Children very much get used to the clothes and often new dress which is specially bought for a holiday can become the cause of conflict and the spoiled mood. Therefore warn guests that you have festive accessories to clothes of the child, sufficient that he felt the favourite suit as day off. It can be also small buttonholes from flowers, crowns from a foil, capes from silk scarfs. Add to it several strokes of a children`s make-up and the festive image is ready. In the third, the little guest can voluntarily not want to leave the brought gift. “Reciprocal gifts“ which the little owner will prepare with you for a holiday can help with this situation.

B of the fourth, all holiday table can remain untouched. Kids are very selective in food, plus allergic reactions and parental bans. Therefore in advance learn all their features of food from guests and pick up entertainments which are available to all. You can make the children`s menu and distribute it together with invitations. The children`s menu will already adjust guests on a cheerful harmony. It can be gentle cottage cheeses from the magic country, a buryonkina yogurts, the crackling nutlets from a little squirrel, vitamin salad for future athletes, a plateau the “Sweet tooth“ filled with favourite cookies, sandwiches from Matroskin`s cat and the gentle cutlets roasted in the Magic furnace, and also a gift from the Snow queen - ice cream with a fantastic filler from far Lapland. Do not forget also about one of important points in the organization of a children`s table - its registration. Your entertainments will enjoy bigger popularity at children if usual products appear before children in an image of animal or beautiful plants. For example, cut apple, orange or a pear in half, insert into them skewers, with the strung white and dark vinogradinka and here you have already whole zoo of fruit hedgehogs. The kiwi half easily turns into the tsarevna - a frog. Make a deep longitudinal section - the mouth will turn out, attach toothpicks two halves of grapes - eyes will turn out, and make a crown and pads of berries of strawberry. It is possible to make a pond with treasures of fruit jelly at the bottom, from different in a form and color of cookies and lollipops remarkable fashion hats turn out, by means of shortcake dough and usual molds it is possible to bake tasty prizes, having thrust in halves of bananas of a stick, and, having dunked them into honey, nuts or coconut flakes, and then having frozen them in the refrigerator, it is possible to make tasty and unusual ice cream. Generally, dream on health. In Karapuz publishing house there is regularly a Masterilka magazine in which you find remarkable ideas for an amusing food. Let the kid help you. Except the derived pleasure from acquaintance to culinary art, he will get experience of collaboration with you, will be trained in the account, plus will learn to take measurements of weight and time, at last, will just expand the lexicon.

When all festive dishes are ready

, it is possible to expose them everything on a table at once, and it is possible to precede appearance of everyone of “the tasty character“ by small competitions from the Grandmother - Zabavushki with “a magic basket“ of prizes for winners. To kids also Samodelkin with preparations of simple toys, and the hero of the favourite book with kind wishes - surprises for children can glance. In order that everything looked cheerfully and interestingly, you need the small scenario of a holiday, with a doll concert and a performance within which you should remember or learn several verses, songs and games. And suits which can be made will help to enter an image to you or to hire in any theatrical workshop. Books of childish sports and materials with information on how it is interesting to spend a holiday look forward to you on shelves of shops and libraries. Practically in each children`s publishing house there is literature on this subject, plus the websites, magazines and, of course, experience of your friends. Collect interesting ideas, creating an own festive kaleidoscope. Someone will prompt the recipe of the salty test for a molding (a glass of flour, a glass of salt, tablespoon of vegetable oil and water), and someone will share a secret of finger-type paints (starch or a semolina plus juice of carrots, beet or special food paints) and the made old magic paper for the intriguing correspondence with the kid (to soak a leaf in tea, to dry up, edges and to take 2 - 3 seconds over fire)...

It is possible, after reading of the last paragraph, you will think that at you nothing to turn out, you were never engaged in anything in similar earlier and your childhood remained so far behind that memory did not keep any memories of house holidays. But allow me to you not to believe. Each person in soul the creator. You better me know that who does not want, that looks for justifications and who wants, that looks for opportunities. So dare! Let knowledge will become experience. Always you remember that best of all children are raised by not our direct instructions, but our acts.

Of course, the periods in our life when we objectively have no time for the organization of a holiday happen. In this situation it is possible to invite professional actors. Especially as the number of the agencies offering services such grows every year. There are in this idea both pluses, and the minuses. Everything depends on experience, a sincere spirit, sensitivity, talent and, at last, repertoire of actors. It is not necessary “to run“ behind a beautiful sign. The bright, memorable suits - there is more to come. Surely take an interest whether there is an experience of carrying out holidays for children of age of your kid. Discuss the scenario, scenery, specify the number of characters, trace - whether there are among them no heroes with whom your kid or his guests do not sympathize or are afraid. If there is no opportunity to look in advance as actors work, ask to show video records and photos. To exclude the undesirable moments, it would be good to sign the contract in which to formulate specifically wishes of two parties with agency. Anyway the part of work on the organization of a holiday will remain for you. It, as a rule, invitations, gifts, holiday table and good mood.

I would like to tell

In end still here about what as it seems to me important. The matter is that during the first period of life on the earth, and it lasts from the birth before change of milk teeth, all events in the child`s life, all natural powers are focused and directly influence arrangement of his physical body. Everything that we do for the kid, everything that we secretly carry in ourselves or we show obviously in relation to him or to our environment - everything forms it. And so, if we want that children were not only are talented, but also are physically healthy, they have to grow up, feeling and realizing that the world is kind ! “The best way to grow up children good is to make them happy!“ . These words of Oscar Wilde can become our motto. Let`s be a few wizards. Let not only events of a calendar will paint your house pleasure, music and fun. Try to create special holidays, conceive new traditions of the family. And when time will come, and children “will depart from a nest“, memory of the joyful childhood will give them forces on vital roads. And where they were how many it would be no years, they will feel love of a home and always to seek to come back there!

Good-bye my dear. World to you and your house!