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Paper which everything Bright mothers know

for a long time understood - the most remarkable hand-made articles usually turn out from materials, seemingly improper for creativity. And the fact that children most willingly occupy the leisure not with the toys which are carefully bought by mother or the father at all is known to all parents without exception.


Try to make our amusing cards and souvenirs with the child. Especially for this purpose except own imagination and PVA glue practically nothing will be required to you. Unless a roll of that paper which is in each house simply because it cannot but be. Guessed? It is about hand-made articles from toilet paper.

the Idea arose not incidentally. I several times caught own son when he systematically and with concentration unwound rolls. Then noticed how it, having torn off “ribbon“, begins to break off it on small pieces. Gradually I realized advantages of work with these “subspecies“ of paper. In - the first, she soft (for hand-made articles it is better to buy the softest, two - or three-layer), is easily torn (so, it is available to the smallest fingers), rides in balls, sausages, tubules. Perforation allows to tear off without scissors identical in pryamougolnichka size. And still - there is a lot of it even if to give on worry to the kid not the whole roll. And as necessary it it is possible to wipe a nose (and it in winter time not a rarity at all), without coming off creativity. it is better for p to Make

of white paper, and then, at will, it can be painted with gouache any color. Remarkable fir-trees, snowmen, winter trees, izbas, ridiculous animals turn out. Here some ideas which will help to pass away the evenings which became such long.

the Fir-tree (for children of 1,5 years, by means of mother)

Prepare for

a basis. It can be, for example, a half of a usual leaf of a color cardboard or a sheet of paper zatonirovanny previously.


It is torn off from a roll three identical ribbons - approximately on 4 - 5 rectangles. We put each ribbon on perforation, imposing one rectangle on another. We do vertical cuts, not dorezy about 1 - 1,5 cm to edge. We develop a ribbon and we begin to collect uncut edge in an accordion. Then simply we tear off one of stripes, we smear with glue (better than PVA) and we twist a verkhushechka in this stripe.

From three ribbons turn out three “metelochka“. We paste them on a sheet of paper, since lower, covering the place of gluing together with the following “fir-tree tier“. It was necessary to draw snow, and the card is ready. Absolutely small children with pleasure draw snow a Q-tip, dipping it into white gouache.

of the Fir-tree happen the different size and degree of “wooliness“. At will, it can be decorated with multi-colored circles or balls from a foil. And if to invite on a visit friends (or to create several evenings in a row), then it is possible to make the real fairy forest, having lodged under fir-trees of the most different inhabitants (for kids it is stickers, children are more senior can cut out heroes from children`s magazines or to draw independently).

the Snowman (for children of 1,5 years, by means of mother)

At first solve

, your snowman an independent figure or the main hero of a card will be. For kids the second option, is more preferable to those who are more senior, - the first.


It is torn off from a roll three parts of future snowman, the different sizes: three rectangles, five and seven. We crumple in balls. If turn out not really accurate or equal, then we tear off one more rectangle and we wrap the received lump so that the ball turned out. All seams we glue PVA. Once again take for a drive already stuck together ball in hands - it will turn out more exactly. We paste balls one on another, starting with lower, the biggest. We roll small balls - “hands“. We paste on each side.

is farther than

- we decorate as it is necessary for soul. It is possible to make a bucket, a hat or hair of a crepe paper. In hands to give the broom (a stick from Chup - Chups, and from above the tiny metelochka made by the principle of one fir-tree tier, only small). The person can be drawn with felt-tip pens, paints or to paste a mouth, a nose - carrot and eyes.

A to a snowman can enclose the letter for Father Frost in other hand (you remember V. Suteev`s fairy tale “Fir-tree“?) and then all desires will precisely be granted!

the Izba (for children of 2 years, by means of mother)

of the Izba turn out fantastic, but to make such, it is necessary to show patience.

At first we tear off eight pryamougolnichok and we roll from them “brevnyshka“: we wrap a pencil, we roll up in a tubule and a seam it is glued. We remove from a pencil, having allowed slightly - to dry out slightly.

we Prepare for

a background - a color leaf of a cardboard, a zatonirovanny leaf or a ready picture with the wood where there is not enough only lodge. We define the place. We paste three a brevnyshka one behind another. Then two ready a brevnyshka we cut everyone on three parts and we paste “base“ on each side - in core the window turned out. (There it is possible to paste any amusing attractive face, even a photo of the kid.) From above we paste three remained tubules.

the Roof can be made

as a metelochka for a fir-tree or just to paste the triangle which is cut out in advance. The lodge is ready. To it it is possible to think up a porch, carved platbands or a door. The quantity of brevnyshka, naturally, can be a miscellaneous.

the Caterpillar (for children of 1 year, by means of mother)

is the simplest to Make by

a caterpillar. You roll balls from pryamougolnichok and you paste them one by one until bothers the child. The last pasted ball will also be the head. We decorate it with horns (for example, from matches), we draw eyes and a smile. It is possible to leave a winter caterpillar white or to ornament gouache. Children are more senior can roll balls and to lower in paint. And to paste when all details dry out. It is so possible to learn colors of a rainbow, for example.

By the principle of a caterpillar can spread the whole pictures. It is necessary to knurl much - many small balls. To lead round glue a drawing contour (for example, from usual “coloring“) and to paste a path from balls. And inside to paint with felt-tip pens or paints. Or on the contrary: at first to make application, and to paste over a contour with balls. The most usual picture will become magic.

Experiment, the roll will not end for a long time!

Important council : it is possible to start production of a hand-made article only when hands of mother and the kid are washed purely up and wiped dry.

Council of skilled mother : comment on ALL actions - the and the kid. Consider pryamougolnichka, balls, eyes, noses, brevnyshka. Surely you praise the kid after each executed work stage. Also do not forget to think up an interesting story about just made hand-made article or present it as a surprise to relatives or friends (whose reaction, clear, will be enthusiastic). The child has to see that his work is estimated and brings joy!