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History of the birth of Marusya

passed 8 months Now from the date of my childbirth. We have a charming daughter. And I wanted to tell the story.

We it very long waited for

- long 9 years! And everything began so: to us on 20, we are young, in love and we are going to get married. The wedding is appointed to November 3, and in the middle of September at me the stomach bottom unexpectedly ached, and I went to the gynecologist. The diagnosis - a bilateral inflammation of appendages, urgent hospitalization. The whole month me was diligent pricked antibiotics and written out. There passes week, and at me the stomach aches again - there is to the doctor, and it to me: “Yes at you, the child, 8 - 9 weeks! After such intensive therapy moreover on early term, most likely, the child will have pathologies“. According to medical indications it was necessary to make abortion in 5 days prior to a wedding! I very much worried, but time heals.

there Passed year, and we decided to give birth to the child, I ceased to drink tablets and... anything! Circulations on doctors began:“ You are healthy, young, wait.“ And we began to wait. Once for May holidays went to the village with friends, and there at me the stomach began to ache. Hardly - hardly waited to Moscow. First of all in a drugstore behind the test. Hurrah! Two strips! To me 25, I am pregnant and happy! In two weeks bleeding began, and I was hospitalized. There at once offered cleaning, I refused. Also my drudgeries on hospitals began. Each two weeks - the next bleeding - the offer to make cleaning - refusal and droppers, droppers, droppers... I knew that I will have a girl Sashka, Aleksandra. I asked it not to leave me, I prayed and hoped...

So we held on

till 5 months. I inspired in myself that I should hold on to my birthday - on November 9. I will have 7 months, and it is already not so terrible. The next bleeding could not be stopped - it proceeded two months. Every day fights began, and them stopped every time till next evening, and again all at first. But I knew that I will endure everything for the sake of it, my girl. Vessels did not maintain, on hands there is no whole vein left, pricked in legs, but I trusted in a miracle.

here, at last, I lived

I up to birthday. Heap of flowers, gifts. For the sake of such case to me even passed the husband (it was the maternity hospital). But in 23: - 00 at me waters departed, and I understood that all this. Next day I gave birth to the girl. Height is 37 cm, the weight of 1100. Doctors did not hope that she in general will be born live, but she cried at once. And here again droppers, droppers, droppers, only not to me, but it. She lay such small, with a dropper in the head, and did not cry, stared wide-eyed at me the, and I could help nothing to it. The miracle did not occur. For the 6th day she died. Her I was not given, and in an extract wrote - a late spontaneous abortion. All this that remained from my Sashenka...

to me 26. Year I drank, drank every day! I could not go outside - around me there were either pregnant women, or mothers with children. All my friends somehow became pregnant at once, and I could not share with them pleasure. There passed year... And I understood that it is necessary to live further. Time went, and pregnancy all did not come. We already thought of adoption. And here, having returned from holiday from the sea, I understood that we will have a child! Girl! And I will call it Marusya!

All pregnancy I lay on preservation, practically did not get up, the uterus strained every day, but I hoped and afraid. Every day - a small short step fortunately, and here it came, this day! A month earlier, but it is not important any more, on April 30, 2004! I have a girl, 3150 g and 48 cm. To me 30, and I am the happiest mother because I deserved and gained this right for luck!