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The narration how Masha very much wanted and the woman did not visit Museum of History of Moscow of

Once upon a time there was in one big city. Called her Masha. Age it was an average, both the not young and windy person is not old still and already. She was married long ago, to serious and dear person, and had children of two. These children were already school students, different, everyone moderately the abilities comprehended sciences. And sciences there was a great variety and ingenuities they were great! Masha, as well as all her girlfriends, went on to children:“ Gain knowledge! Form skills! Improve abilities! And that to you in life will have a rough time. Do not support yourself, you will not dress. You will know many deprivations“.

And were sewed by days behind days, year after year. But here Masha began to notice that her aunts began to miss. Though they are busy, and lost interest in sciences. All right sophisticated what, and even literature great, both history rich, and the wonderful subject “Moskvovedeniye“ do not cause sincere eagerness. And as soon as Masha understood it, began to think that a lot of things are much closer to us, than we think. That, for example, the wonderful subject “Moskvovedeniye“ can be studied, without having gone deep into the dusty book, and having on the contrary torn off from it eyes and having looked attentively on the parties! As it is simple! Only it is necessary to look correctly. And it is even better that someone showed you and explained what will appear to your amazed look.

Masha was an active woman and decided to find such expert people. But she forgot about one great wisdom, slyshanny it in the childhood: “Itself you will think up, and you will do itself, you will be punished that badly made“. Also Masha began to do.


- napervo, it went to school, but there it was answered that they specialize more and more on sciences and on education. And to look around a lack of time of

Then, Masha judged, the straight line is expensive to me to Experts, equal which should not be. Because at them such - Experts to be work. Also Masha went to the museum. And the museum that was called “Museum of History of Moscow“.

the woman Came and sees - the house the house, chambers chambers, and the building majestic, a brick red. There is in the downtown, on the one hand the Kremlin, and with another - the Duma. Inside purity and grandeur. On doors the policeman severe. Masha knew where to ask the question of experts. Went directly there, to excursion bureau. Yes there also speak to it:“ Correctly you came. We know about your trouble and we can help. Only late you, the woman, addressed us! The city at us big, is a lot of sufferers. Here places also came to an end. Next year you come again and only in good time “.“ As so!“ - Masha exclaimed, - “This year it would be desirable for us to be educated, and in the following we the second time would come“. Regretted Masha in the museum and speak: “Do not mourn. We know as to help your grief. We have one Magician, Lyubov Akhmetovna, so you ask her. It has a Magic Book where a lot of things useful it is written down. Perhaps, she will look there, and for you the town will be?“

Masha Thanked the kind woman and went to the Magician. And it was not necessary to go, thank God, far. Its room was here, in the museum yard.

Maria Enters and sees: before it the stately lady, with an intelligent face and the having smile on lips. “As it is good that you to me came!“ - the Magician told. “You pass and tell in what grief - a problem. Than I will be able - I will help“. “And so, - Masha answered, - I wanted to our class about Moscow - to tell to the mother and does not leave at me because all Experts are busy“. “As I understand you!“ - Lyubov Akhmetovna exclaimed, - “What you the good fellow. Thought of younger generation. At school only books palm off books yes on them, and they do not notice the world and do not know. Here you know, than I am engaged? I help such as you. So you got precisely to the address!“ As Masha was delighted! It is necessary as successfully it came! This wonderful woman will solve all her problems.

Maria Long talked to the Magician, in details and heart-to-heart. As they understood one another! Lyubov Akhmetovna told of the noble mission of cultural education of the nation. It appears, she not only knows children`s groups, but also carries quite adult citizens through towns and villages of the Mother - Russia. To Neva, to Volga and you never know where the leg of the inquisitive tourist still will come! Naturally, all this is followed by small cunnings (magic, of course). But as without it, “you understand“, all have the small business, even at wizards. Masha understood.“ I will attach you. You will be satisfied“, - the lovely fairy told, - “The truth not in this museum, but not in the worst, and even in more interesting. Just like that, without my help to you there never to get. There information moves in the form of magic representation. And what else is necessary for children? And I to you will order the bus, the best, with the most attentive driver“. “Yes, yes, yes“, - Masha was delighted, - “about it we always and dreamed! Make a good deed. Arrange us, please“.

should say yes still to you that the magician decided to create instead of one miracle whole two. She suggested to look at representation after excursion.“ Is at me, - says, - a kukolnitsa. Gives such concerts! Acts with Parsley and with other dolls. On different voices talks, under different masks appears. But here ill luck what: that this representation took place, it is necessary to collect a packed house of the audience. I have one class if you want, then the second you will be. And it is the best of all, with yourself call somebody “.“ Well, the kukolnitsa, so a kukolnitsa“, - solved Masha - “And kids from a parallel class we will invite“.

No sooner said than done. One phone call Lyubov Akhmetovna settled all business, and Masha went to children quite happy with the enterprise.

It was started turning - the ball of preparation for the first travel began to spin. Brought together meeting where Maria told of the future pleasure. And told about the stipulated sum, began to raise money. Nobody objected, let kids will amuse. On a parallel class too the joyful message ran, money began to flow. And as soon as the necessary sum was gained, there went Masha to the benefactor again.

That accepted it as best friend. “Let`s make out excursion“, - our Masha says, - “here and money“. “Oh - oh - oh!“ - the Magician shook the head, - “You understand, the second class refused representation so you should look still for persons interested, otherwise everything is cancelled“. “As so!“ - Maria was indignant, - “At first conversation went about the museum with theatrical excursion. And this your kukolnitsa passed as an additive to the main program! I have neither an opportunity, nor desire to look for twenty more people to fill to you the hall. In that case, the kukolnitsa is not necessary to us, let`s issue only excursion“. Lyubov Akhmetovna grew dark, she did not expect refusal. “All right, as you want. But then only your class will go because children from parallel all the same do not get to your group“. Here already Masha was upset. To whom hunting to return money and to speak why the advertized holiday is cancelled by you? But there is nothing to do, paid that remained. “And receipt?“ - naive Masha - “Well at least the receipt what asked. Money - that public“. “What tactlessness!“ - to indignation until recently the “kind“ fairy was not a limit. - “To us, Magicians, it is necessary to take the word“. But, as the client did not leave without vile piece of paper, she wrote out it. On that also left. whether

it is A lot of

, not enough time passed, and one of days is rung by Lyubov Akhmetovna to Masha home and speaks: “As you want, my dear, and without kukolnitsa nothing at you will leave. So you should go and pay excursion. To me a lack of time to deal with your problems. And they will accept you, I agreed“. “And on that thanks. Let`s be content small“, - Masha judged. Arrived and took away back the money. This meeting took place somehow tensely. The magician was gloomy and reticent. Not on - kind left, our heroine felt.

Masha already waited for

In the appointed place. Wizards did not appear there. But normal sane people was in prosperity.“ Yes, yes, we were called, and we are ready to accept you“, - told in the new museum. “So how many you people? How thirty? That you, at us at most are located fifteen! You understand, halls small, close. Kids will interfere with each other. So we can conduct tour only to a half of a class. And the rest sometime then. Though if you insist …“ “Is not present! I already do not insist on anything“, - at Masha forces came to an end. - “How so? Lyubov Akhmetovna organized to us travel on all class. She did not warn me that it is impossible“. “For the magician there is nothing impossible, expensive“, - the attendant answered, - “We will accept so many kids how many she will wish. Another matter whether you want it?“ “No, I do not want“, - poor Masha said and went home to consider happened to her.

If you, dear reader, think that it is the end of our fairy tale, then you strongly are mistaken. Also also the Magician thought, otherwise she would not be a Magician. It was necessary to prove it the power and the power in the kingdom. And how to forgive some mortal to refuse its gifts: excursions “in the close company“ and a miracle - representations of a kukolnitsa! It was necessary to achieve the or to punish ungrateful that it was untempting to others!

I Lyubov Akhmetovna here began to call Masha and to demand that for representation “failure“, for “indemnification“, she organized performance at school, for several classes! And if Masha does not agree - threatened to send on her any troubles. Conversation turned out short. Maria more her was not afraid. And what the sorcerer could make of the room in the center of Moscow? It appears, could which - that. As you remember, she reserved the bus for transportation of kids. Means, now this bus was not necessary at all, the trip was cancelled. And Lyubov Akhmetovna threatened that the school will be forced to pay a penalty for the refusal. How you think, the Strict school Administration would like it? Masha too so thought. Here got, so got! And for what such trouble on it pulled hard? For what grave sins? And only also wanted what to show to children Moscow - the mother that knew it better yes fell in love. And what left? Around it is guilty, even involved the Strict Administration. It was very bitter and offensive for Masha. Nothing remained how to go most to the Administration and to tell all story since the beginning.

was Listened by its Strict Administration and speaks:“ You did del, expensive. But there is nothing, we will cope with it. And you from now on science - do not contact Magicians“. There did not pass intrigues of the angry sorcerer with a penalty. And, as it appeared much later, in this vehicle fleet there was even no license for transportation of children!

Long Lyubov Akhmetovna rang still then

the car school. Offered the kukolnitsa. But did not invite her, did not give in on arrangements. That kukolnitsa can and is good that she acts with Parsley and with other dolls, on different voices talks, under different masks appears. That is not known to us. It is only too much problems of everyones with it it is connected. They are not necessary to us.

Masha avoids that house the house, chambers chambers Ever since, and the building majestic, a brick red which costs in the downtown, on the one hand the Kremlin, and with another - the Duma. Of course neither the building, nor the experts working in it with Masha are not guilty of the incident. They are great toilers who on particles collect history of our nice city. But, while angry wizards live in these chambers, the entrance there is ordered by many person interested.

there Passed time, and Moscow - the capital it to the children everything is showed, as well as it is a lot of other interesting places.

Now Masha does not contact Wizards. She already knows that if you want to make a good deed - do it. It is only always necessary to go on a direct path, any roundabout route can take away you far - far aside.