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The window to Europe (mulled wine return) of

If to you sometime meets the impudent person claiming that he is an owner only of the right recipe of mulled wine, can safely beat it a broom. It approximately the same as to tell:“ Only I am able to cook soup“. Mulled wine options uncountable set. Wine can be red and white, fruit in it put entirely and pieces, oranges and lemons - with a dried peel and without it. Spices - as on a market: from cinnamon with a nutmeg to cardamom with pepper and vanilla. Add cognac, rum and port to mulled wine, it can be sweetened with honey and dried fruits...

you Know

About contacts with foreigners without what component mulled wine will not turn out for anything? Without carnation? Without lemon crust? Without alcohol, at last? Anything similar. There will be to you no mulled wine without disgusting, wet, slushy weather: wind North - east, 11-13 meters per second, a frost - 28 degrees - too is welcomed.

Somewhere at the beginning of 90 - x in a cradle of reorganization and publicity in bulk was tumbled down by the foreign student. I made friends with the speckled American group which arrived to the capital of our Homeland for studying of a local dialect. Year they squandered at us money of the American state funds and own parents therefore: masterly seized that part of language which needs to use as little as possible; learned Turn; came into contact with the Russian toilet paper; understood that the cap with ear-flaps is worn not for laughter; reduced acquaintance to black marketeers and buckwheat cereal; and (not without my help) found out that vodka - not the only alcoholic drink which decent Soviet girls warm soul in the quiet November evening.

the Winter then was the disgusting, and vodka at us was just not found. But thanks to the sincere Moldavian, the neighbor in a hostel, there was a lot of red wine. Not the best, of course, but for mulled wine will quite descend, I tried to explain to dull strangers: “Mulled wine, anderstend?“ Strangers were perplexed. Even after I consulted a dictionary. The English name of mulled wine - mulled wine, - it is necessary to tell, quite strange. Generally mull is meant by “confusion“, “to confuse“. You understand, for the American ear, unusual to a delicacy of the Old World, the phrase “confused wine“ sounds at least unclear.

should have seen their physiognomies - Mr. Bin would die of envy! But after the first drink from the smoking thick glass tumbler all began to smile as pretty. And then, having returned to the useless civilization, speak, incurred culture in masses. Though what mulled wine in their solar California (see above)?

About stories

Mulled wine can be proud of the history. The last dinosaurs did not manage to die out on the earth and to blossom Ypocras (or Hipocris) - “gippokratovka“ began to absorb the first vineyards as mankind. It is doubtful that such name was formed because on this wonderful drink the old man the doctor swore not to do harm to the patients. Just in those severe times wine was much purer drink, than water, and mulled wine was necessary in the medical purposes.

In the 16th century recipes of transformation into mulled wine of a claret and Bordeaux for the first time were published in cookbooks. Were most often mentioned in them honey, cardamom, cinnamon and a root of a grass galingat (“is full“ our way). And a certain Robert Mai in the book of 1660 of the edition suggested to mix 1 gallon of red wine with 3 ounces of cinnamon, 2 ounces of planed ginger, 1 / 4 ounces of a carnation, 1 ounce of a peel of a nutmeg, 20 peas of pepper, 3 pounds of sugar and 2 quarts of cream! Of course - the wild Middle Ages...

Read mulled wine and in the Victorian England. In those days “Negus“ - one of types of mulled wine - in unlimited number gave even on children`s birthdays. It is better not to think of what happened on holidays to mothers and fathers...



About tenderness

On mulled wine as on a company sviterok, it would be possible to attach a label: “Not to boil!“ Effect of boiling in both cases one - in vain the spent money. For achievement of necessary intensity of taste mulled wine it is possible:

very long to heat
  1. on tiny fire;
  2. very quickly to heat
  3. , but to insist long;
  4. it is thoughtful to li to boil syrup with aromatic additives, and in the end to pour in alcohol.

Anyway needs to remove mulled wine from fire only after foam ceases to be formed. On a reverse side of the same label it would be possible to write small letters more small: “Not to cool!“ The cooled-down mulled wine it is necessary same and to finish drinking: its heating again, you will achieve the effect similar to boiling.

If you cook mulled wine by option “b“, it is better to put in it thinly cut off dried peel, but not segments of a lemon or orange - the white part of a crust gives bitterness. For esthetes who would not like use in noble drink of pounded cinnamon there is an option too. It is possible to take a small lemon with a thin skin and to thrust in it black butonchik of a carnation. And let it is pickled, for example, hour. Then all in the same look put it in already known mix of wine with water and sugar, and it gives it all the aroma.

Denis Sidorkin, chef of In Vino restaurant :

- Recipes of mulled wine, probably, thousands exist. I use honey, a carnation, cinnamon, the Jamaican pepper, I add slices of orange and apple. A carnation and cinnamon - indispensable participants of mulled wine. Everyone can pick up other ingredients for taste. For sweet it is possible to add not honey, and just sugar. As for a question what to choose - a lemon, a lime or orange then everything depends on sweet of wine. If mulled wine prepares from sweet wines, the lemon or a lime well will approach. But consider that a lime - more caustic and spicy fruit. The important rule - the wine which even is warmed up has to remain wine, not turn into compote.

We use quite expensive, qualitative wines therefore we do not add to it hard liquors for mulled wine. In mulled wine from ordinary, inexpensive wine it is quite possible to splash a few brandy or cognac - it will report to drink a certain nobility.

Now - about various spices which can be added to mulled wine along with the main. Ginger possesses the warming action therefore in winter time it is absolutely pertinent. And if you decide to use cardamom, then in this case can not put a citrus any more as cardamom in itself has limonno - eucalyptus smack.

should Drink mulled wine in reasonable quantities, two glasses in an evening. Business here not only that from hot alcohol you can elementary fall down under a table, but also that the active agents which are contained in it got to drink from spices demand a reasonable dosage. So it is at least strange to drink mulled wine in liters.

When cooking mulled wine should not be boiled at all, it is necessary to heat a maximum to 80 degrees. If to bring it to boiling, many ingredients will begin to break up and to interact chemically among themselves. And wine will be evaporated. As a result you do not receive either aroma, or taste, or advantage.