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New Year`s desire of

Twenty fifth of December, 2001. 6th mornings. The test for pregnancy shows two strips, one pale, hardly noticeable. After 8 years of circulation on doctors: “Unfortunately, in your case... The darling, with such diagnosis you just have no chances... Perhaps to try to adopt the child?“, tears, disappointments...

I on December 25, 2001 the 6th mornings, and I am pregnant.

Why does not feel sick me? Why I do not want pickles? Why not as I imagined all?

of 9 o`clock in the morning. All policlinic waits for results of my analyses. All worry, I joyful, excited tell old women in turn: “You represent, and said to me “no chances“.

of 12 o`clock in the afternoon. I call mother: “Mother, you trust in the New Year`s fairy tale? You trust, mother that the most treasured desires on New Year`s Eve come true? I am pregnant, mother!“ . On that end of a wire of a sobbing, mother cries with happiness.

15. 00 - cellular on a limit. The sister calls: “You well feel? You already issued a maternity leave? I in shop saw such suit on the kid!“.

Husband: “How are you? Tomorrow I will bring you to the gynecologist, do not leave the house, terrible ice anywhere, you can slip.

Two times was called by mother: “You have money? I collect a parcel how you think if I put to bank of jam, it will not break? You what want, cherry or strawberry?“

Girlfriend Zhenya: “The Lenkaaaa, happiness - that kakoyeeey! I will come around in the evening with a can of cucumbers“.

on December 25, 2001, 18. 00. The husband hurries home from work with a full bag of products, a fir-tree and a heap of New Year`s toys as Father Frost, all in snow. From a threshold: “I cool in shop saw such carriage...“ Irons a tummy:“ I know, there will be a son“.

on January 31, 2001, 24. 00 - I am pregnant, happy, pacified, with a can of pickles. There are no desires any more. Is more true that pregnancy took place successfully, childbirth was lungs, and the sonny was born healthy. By the way, why sonny?

on January 31, 2002. I am mother of a small angel, to him 4 months. The sweet, beloved, most beautiful child on light.

24. 00 - we stand with the husband near a bed and we listen as the angel snuffles and ridiculously smiles in a dream. I am the happiest woman on light. Quietly we exchange words:“ Here in a year 4 it can give birth to the sister“.

on January 31, 2003. Be afraid of the desires because they come true. About it Dasha Morsunova when she gave rise to triplets wrote. The phrase a stake sat down at me at the head. History repeats itself. I am the pregnant woman, happy, pacified with a can of pickles... There are no desires any more. Is more true: 1,5 one-year-old Seryozha puff, disassembling the new engine. The husband whispers on an ear: “Give, this year something another, well can the car new or the apartment there“. I am indignant: “What you are petty!“. The Christmas tree, in a vase a huge bouquet of roses is decorated. And words of the husband: “You at me such beauty!“ .

on December 20, 2004. In the morning the husband carried Seryozha to a garden, and Andryushka sleeps in a bed, snuffles and ridiculously smiles to me. I collect angels. I am the happiest woman on light! Soon on December 31. There are no desires any more. Or...

With coming new year all of you! Be not afraid of the desires, think, and they will surely be executed! Happiness to you, love and New Year`s the most tasty - yolochno - snow mood!