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Cheerfully, we will cheerfully meet New year!

What decorates New year and does it by an unforgettable holiday which wait for the whole year, and then long remember? The answer is obvious: elegant fir-tree and special, New Year`s image of your house or apartment. Let`s think of how to create this festive atmosphere on pleasure to and to relatives.

we Decorate with

a fir-tree


New year does without this evergreen tree symbolizing the birth of all new, light, joyful that waits for us ahead! But in the address with a pine or a fir-tree that she really became one of main characters of a holiday, there are rules.

So, in your house there was a green beauty - exhaling a New Year`s smell of needles and prickly, or softly touching your hands fluffy and equal artificial needles. What with it to do is farther?

If your fir-tree artificial, then it is desirable to rinse its needle branches under a stream of warm water - and to clear of dust, smells, possible particles of paint etc., and then already to establish it on the decorative support which is included in the package.

If a fir-tree or a pine natural, after purchase on a street fir-tree market in the winter afternoon to it as to any plant, it is worth allowing to get used to temperature condition, new to it. Therefore it is the best of all to leave a tree with the connected branches after purchase in a corridor or in a room corner on 1 - 2 day, having wound a trunk bottom with a wet rag and having covered it with something - fabric, paper etc. Consider that the temperature on the street is lower, the tree was chilled more and the more it is necessary to give it time to get used and be fluffed up. The live tree, unlike artificial, should not be washed.

the Artificial fir-tree can begin to be collected by

when its branches dry, is an important point to which it is necessary to pay attention. It is not necessary to wipe droplets as gloss of freshness from needles can be gone, and in exchange on branches there will be fabric threads which remained after a rag. By the way, from - for procedures of a wipe the fir-tree can lose the fluffy look. Do not forget that to collect a fir-tree it is worth beginning with the lowermost paws, previously having convinced that the basis of a trunk costs strong and does not shake (if it shakes, then it is much easier to understand the reason so, than with the fixed branches).

the Live fir-tree after it rested in bed and warmed, should be relieved carefully of the ropes connecting branches - be accurate as at this procedure branches can break. While the fir-tree lies, by means of meter be convinced that its height will not exceed height of your ceilings. By the way, it is not obligatory at all that the top of a fir-tree rested against your ceiling. Now you will need the man`s force and ability again: it is necessary to file the bottom of a trunk a little to remove the pitch which closed up a time, - your live fir-tree has to drink water, otherwise it very quickly will begin to be showered, dry and will get out of a shape, besides fir-trees often chop off at an angle and that to establish it, you need the equal basis. That the tree could absorb moisture, it is the best of all to remove from a trunk a little bark below, at a felling. Of course, it is man`s mission too. Now be convinced that from the tip of the chopped-off trunk to the first branches there is a sufficient distance which will allow to fix your fir-tree on a support. If it not so, it is necessary to offer several lower branches, having accurately cut off them.

Now a fir-tree the captious casting - that favourably to a tax waits for its best external qualities. Let your assistant will put a fir-tree in vertical position, and you examine it from all directions. If your fir-tree is a little one-sided, i.e. on the one hand there are a lot of fluffy branches, and on the other side of branches is not present at all, - the best exit from current situation will be to stand her in the corner of the room or to turn it so that this shortcoming was not evident. If the lawful and constant New Year`s place of a fir-tree - - at a wall, then is quite admissible from that party which is turned to a wall, to cut off couple of fluffy branches to make its ceremonial party more fluffy, - for this purpose the cut-off branch should be tied very densely to a trunk by means of a wide band.

a fir-tree can be finalized Now, and again not to do without man`s skill. The live fir-tree in the holder who is specially made for such purposes fastens. This device is usually manufactured by the principle of a small pot into which top part the screwing-in bolts are inserted, and the pot holds the account of widely placed legs. In the center of a pot the small probe on which it is necessary “to get“ a fir-tree (at the bottom) sticks out. After the fir-tree “got“ on the probe, it is necessary to screw up fastenings, only evenly that the list did not turn out. While your assistant is engaged in a technical aspect, you can estimate process esthetically, prompting in what party it is necessary to incline a fir-tree that it stood directly. Some prefer to keep a fir-tree in a bucket with sand, having draped with fabric, - in this case it is necessary to check stability of a design that the fir-tree did not fall. The very first watering of a live fir-tree has to be made after the tree is strong established and keeps independently. It is the best of all if the fir-tree already and is dressed up (at least garlands are fixed). Fill in the first time in the capacity where there is a fir-tree, with quite hot water (but not boiled water) that the pores which are closed up with pitch could be cleaned. Or water sand if it costs in a bucket with sand. Further use the settled water of room temperature. It is necessary to water a fir-tree every day. Remember that the fir-tree is higher, the more she “drinks“. Now in flower shops and in the markets it is possible to buy mixes which should be added to water when watering - such mixes will help your fir-tree to stay longer and not to lose color, a wooliness, a smell and needles.

the Fir-tree is established to

, it is time to begin it to dress up. When it is better to make it? The ceremony of a solemn dress of a fir-tree can begin hour through two after a settlement fir-trees in vertical position - it time is necessary in order that fir-tree branches which long time lay connected could be straightened, fluffed up and reach the position relying them.

the ceremony of decoration of a fir-tree is individual

for everyone and depends only on taste and whims of the hostess or host, and also on existence of these or those toys. It is possible to give some universal advice which should be considered at equipment of the New Year`s beauty.

to Begin to decorate with
  1. a fir-tree it is possible from a trunk. It is possible to wind with fluffy silvery / golden garlands or a rain accurately and evenly it on all length. Also well on a trunk green and yellow garlands - rains will look. Some use for this purpose of vatu, densely and accurately winding with it a tree trunk, emphasizing thus its silhouette. If the trunk is crooked, it is better not to focus attention on it.
  2. can buy
  3. Especially for ornament inexpensive spray or hairspray with spangles. Carry out by a uniform stream along a fir-tree. It is better to begin from top to down. It is possible to make a fir-tree brilliant everything, and it is possible strips - vertical or horizontal. Restrictions do not exist neither for an artificial Christmas tree here, nor for real, only let`s a varnish dry before start further actions, otherwise your works should be repeated.
  4. All electric garlands should be hung up to decoration of a fir-tree toys. Only at first check whether the socket is near or whether the extender will reach a fir-tree. Now think what form you want to give to the fir-tree. If you have several garlands, then that which has the smallest bulbs can outline a fir-tree contour which symmetry should be checked, having turned off the light in the room and having taken a detached view of the contour shining by means of a garland. The garland with large bulbs, candles or spheres can be hung out closer to a trunk. Remember that the first the garlands located above, than the others are hung out and are closer to a trunk. After the final version of placement of garlands is approved, wires between bulbs should be hidden among needles, having reeled up them on branches of a fir-tree and having fixed by means of a rain or threads or small clothespegs. Wires which cannot be hidden can be wound with the same rain beautifully.
  5. Now in line toys. How them to fix on a fir-tree? Usually toys hang up by means of threads. It is very inconvenient - long, it is difficult to reach to the branch basis, for certain all were convinced of it more than once. Council: it is good to hang up toys on ordinary metal office paper clips. The paper clip should be unbent, on a small hook to hang up a toy, and a big hook to fasten to a branch - quickly, conveniently, it is possible to hang up anywhere, to remove in a second. Besides on sale there are multi-colored paper clips which can be a design element. Brilliant toys it is the best of all for li to hang out
  6. not really far from burning garland bulb that it reflected light. At the choice of toys everyone is guided by the taste. If toy different in a form and color - it is the best of all to adhere to a certain form and not to have identical colors a row with each other. Other option - to adhere only to several chosen flowers, but in this case and toys have to be only two - three types. Now the tendency to decorate a Christmas tree fluffy garlands and identical, most often opaque spheres of the same color - blue, silver, gold or red is rather popular. Such fir-tree looks refined and stylish, but multi-colored brilliant toys do it shining brightly and festively - cheerful. So each owner of a fir-tree during this period becomes the fir-tree designer. Only you remember that it is better than jewelry less, than it is more, - let your beauty look modestly, than tastelessly. And do not forget yet that initially fir-trees of green color so sometimes between jewelry it is possible to leave gleams that your guests could be convinced of true color of a coniferous tree.
  7. do not forget
  8. that on each celebration of New year the new bought toy has to hang on a fir-tree. It is the best of all if the toy symbolizes the coming year. Also do not forget that the candies in a brilliant wrapper suspended on threads or silvery dozhdinka, hidden between branches and needles will be remarkable addition for your children and guests. Besides candies on a fir-tree it is possible to hang out small chocolates, icicles, chocolate figures, small apples and tangerines (tangerines should be picked up carefully a needle with a thread under a peel - only do not hide fruit in branches far to reach them it was easy.
  9. it is necessary to Sprinkle a fir-tree with confetti and the serpentine only when you are convinced that the fir-tree is dressed completely up and is waiting in the wings.

Now - safety rules which observance will help you not to sadden New year troubles of the different plan.

In - the first, do not forget that celebration of New year - the action far from observance of all measures of fire safety, and therefore if you hang out many electric garlands on a fir-tree, try that they were not concentrated on one socket. The best option - if garlands pass through the transformer.

In - the second, do not leave a garland included for the night and for a long time unguarded in the afternoon.

B - the third, check that cotton wool, paper and paper products, thin plastic, curtains etc. were not in direct contact and in dangerous proximity from burning garland bulb. If there are doubts in the correct isolation of a garland, do not hang up better and do not use it.

B - the fourth, do not use on a fir-tree or in close proximity to it the lit candles, Bengal lights, petards and fireworks.

we Decorate with

the house

the New Year`s atmosphere can be created by means of absolutely small efforts and expenses, the main thing here - creatively to look at the things surrounding you and to think how they can be changed. And it is practically possible to change all.

Lamps and chandeliers : wind fir-tree tinsel on a wire, give it any original form, fix in a sheaf with bright Christmas balls, hand bells, suspend to a chandelier, a floor lamp, but so that it was at distance from a bulb.

Eaves and doorways, arches : fix on them electrogarlands to which it is possible to suspend Christmas-tree decorations, - it is better if they are in the form of stars and a half moon. Shining, sparks will be reflected in brilliant toys, creating the required mood.

of the Curtain : by means of safety pins, tinsel or a garland create a fir-tree contour on a tulle curtain. Also by means of English it is possible to fix by a mace on a contour or in the middle of a fir-tree silhouette of a toy. Even from the street such window will be pleasing to the eye in New Year`s evening when it is brightly lit. If curtains monophonic, paste on them the asterisks suitable on color. It is possible to make such asterisks, self-adhesive color paper or a foil and scissors will be necessary.

of the Window : make on them beautiful stained-glass windows. For a New Year`s stained-glass window it is required: dense black paper, transparent film, tracing-paper, pencil, glue, knife, scissors.


Choose drawing which you want to use for creation of a stained-glass window, - its contour can coincide completely with a form of a window or on the contrary: against a window rectangle you want to create a medieval arch stained-glass window. Make a pattern full-scale and transfer drawing to a reverse side of dense black paper. Pay attention that black lines of planimetric drawing have to be continuous and not too thin. Cut out it on a contour. Then a stationery knife or cuticle scissors accurately cut out all sites which have to be color from a stained-glass window, and from a reverse side paste a transparent colored film in gleams. Paste a ready stained-glass window to a windowpane - it can be made both by means of an adhesive tape, and by means of paper glue which is easily washed away then from glass.

of the Vase and banks : take old electrogarlands which are a shame for hanging up on a fir-tree, but which, nevertheless, continue to burn adequately - and thrust them into small glass jars. Less primitive option: in advance to cover to bank with spangles. For this purpose glue undertakes and with a brush wide dabs it is applied directly on glass. From above bank falls down the cut brilliant foil and brilliant pieces of beaten toys - the most part has to be pasted. We place garlands in banks, “tails“ with plugs are pulled out and we stick in sockets. Beautifully and simply. Little esthetic advice: such “lamps“ it is better to make a little - if existence of empty jars and garlands, of course, allows - and to put them group or in a row. However, will descend also one bank - by the way, it can be put under a fir-tree. The most refined version of the lamp will turn out if garlands to lay in crystal vases: patterns will remind frosty windows, and sparks will gain the mystery suitable a case.

the Remained toys : connect one-color Christmas balls of one size in a volume cluster and suspend them on any ledge which is available in the house, a hook or attach to a mirror.

Fir-tree branches : make a garland of fir-tree branches, interweaving into it the small red balls silvered or gilded cones. Twist a garland with an elegant gold cord and fix over a door or in piers between windows. Red with green (solemnity and the nature) - a combination of flowers, very suitable for New year. Spread out on a fir-tree branch window sill, decorate composition with a red candle.

New Year`s cards : usually they very bright and beautiful, but their destiny - to lie where - nibud among papers. By means of small figured clothespegs fix them at small distance to the friend from the friend on a cord or a string in the most favorable, in your opinion, sequence, and suspend this garland to any place suitable for it.

of the Plant and composition with them : it is possible days for twenty about New year to cut off a sharp knife and to put branches of an apple-tree, cherry, plum, a lilac, a poplar, shrubby plants in water. In 10 - 15 days on branches gentle leaflets will be dismissed. These branches can be also used for New Year`s compositions. The small bouquet from dry flowers, fir-tree branches, cones can be fixed by means of plasticine on a piece of wood or a saucer. It is possible just to put several fir-tree or pine branches in a vase, having applied on them artificial hoarfrost (it is on sale in special barrels on a New Year`s market). And it is possible to make such “zaindevely“ branches. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare strong salt solution, to boil, ship in it branches for 5 - 6 hours, then to take out carefully not to shake crystals, to dry. If houses are a tambour for embroidery, then they can be wound with brilliant tinsel or a foil and to hang up on a wall. On the lower part of a circle it is necessary to fix three - four branches of a pine or a fir-tree decorated with cones, spheres, the overhanging hand bells, orange, apple cut in the form of a lily, nuts, candies in brilliant candy wrappers.

of the Candle : it is obligatory New Year`s attribute. Candlesticks it will be required much! But if in the house they are not taken so much, we choose a round potato, turnip, apple, we cut out in the middle an opening by the candle size. Around it it is possible to thrust small fir-tree branches, on the matches pointed from two parties to strengthen bright berries of a mountain ash, candy, a toy - babies.

Balloons : it is possible to decorate with multi-colored balloons a hall. Make spheres with a surprise. Before to inflate them, put inside some small gift and the wish twisted in a tubule and tied up by a kapron bow. On each sphere a marker or a felt-tip pen write a name of the one to whom it intends. When hours punch twelve, distribute spheres to guests.

the Meeting of New year in such beautiful New Year`s surroundings it will be obligatory for

successful because the main thing for a holiday is a mood with which he is met.



of Happy New year!