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From the mountain - without skis and boards of

Alternative descents in ski resorts

be not upset if did not seize skill of downhill racing on skis or a snowboard. Winter mountains and hills offer the mass of other options of the cheerful pastime which is not demanding neither serious physical training, nor even an elementary habit. Here only in names and concepts of modern mountain entertainments it is possible to get confused easily. All of them mean one - descent. A difference only in routes and vehicles. But it is a trudnoulovima. It is easy to mix the regular sledge with natural track luge, and descent of the last bears to driving on bobsled a strong resemblance - a hill which, in turn, too something is reminded. What is that - it is the best of all to understand directly in practice.

the Sled way

never to Find

the person, in life sitting in the sledge, it is impossible. Another thing is that almost all ride in the childhood, and growing up, immediately begin to think as if to the adult to move down from a hill on the sledge unpresentably. So watching it what hill and what sledge! In ski resorts sled descent usually abrupt, twisting, long: you fly - takes the breath away. Slightly on turn overlooked, did not straighten the sledge, did not lean back in time back - and already you dive into a snowdrift. Sled hills height in several hundreds of meters demand the known readiness for an extreme and to silly claim that this children`s entertainment. But from all “alternative“ it is the safest. If it is necessary to fall, then practically from the earth, and it is not terrible, and is ridiculous.

are various

of Model of the sledge. The big many-placed sledge similar to the Russian rozvaln are intended for noisy collective descents, easy aluminum sanochka bear down one passenger, but are simple in management, plastic gather the mad speed and maneuverability. And the most interesting sledge? on rollers. But it is already other history.

the Terrible animal “tobogan“

it treats winter entertainments conditionally as it is actual at all seasons of the year. The closest relative of a tobogan - a roller coaster. Make of them the route conducting only down, and receive required. Descent sometimes happens almost kilometer extent, and speed - the most fascinating. Interest also that from time to time the route sharply breaks down and the sledge flies on the railway line almost steeply. So accepted, which - where the name of an attraction? kreyz tobogan? more than it is justified.


, this most serious entertainment and and children on tobogan is not started up. Terribly? But we climb on a roller coaster, despite everything. So of what to be afraid on the tobogena? Unless heart attack on especially abrupt difference of height? Then it is necessary for you closer to the earth. Or rather, by snow.

All in nature

Generally natural track luge - a difficult sport. But we now not about sport, and about amateur descent on a special sled with narrow runners on an ice trench - the serpentine. Theoretically it is possible to rush on descent - a trench with such dizzy speed that there will be no head left indeed. Practically on public hills such risky tracks are just not constructed. Amateur natural track luge rather flat and the ordinary sledge with the removed back suits for it even. The low snow embankments limiting the route, and on especially abrupt bends - wooden boards do not allow to take off out of descent limits. Very much professional bobsled, the truth reminds? But in the world of entertainments everything is mixed. Here bobsled is called cheerful descent from an ice slope already without any sledge.

By the most real right the name of bobsleigh carries

On a plate 700 - a meter hill in Spain, between Barcelona and Tarragona. But it can hardly be carried to winter leisure - from this hill rush down (to bar with shish kebabs) on the operated sledge sliding special runners on a special covering and any snow here and it is not expected. Winter bobsled - hills are constructed practically in all ski resorts and have two features: they rather low (40? 80 m) and them constantly besiege crowds of the children and adults who are eager to sweep. Business is simple, especially for those who saw off school winters on the next ice slope, as seats using a piece of cardboard or own satchel. A difference in one: on bobsled - hills it is accepted to roll down on special “seats“ - plastic or metal similarity of an easy sled with wide runners. Pluses of a present ice slope also in the special leveled surface, strictly thought over route with uniform tramplinchik and smooth turns and to the way which is accurately limited on each side to sides. Routes differ in height, the steepness and complexity - for various levels of courage.

such entertainment all the same not to liking - is not enough for

with Some freedom of movement. For such Snow - a tyyubing is thought up.

On a lifebuoy

It is called tyyub, and in translation this word is meant by “pipe“. Nevertheless, the big and beautiful rubber ring on the contrary rescues - softens blows about ice and subsnow hummocks.

tyyub resembles brightly painted tire from KamAZ Superficially. From below “tire“ is supplied with a plastic bottom, handles that it was possible to keep and not to drop out on an abrupt bend stick out on each side.

Here where rather free fall. Twists inflatable “sledge“ and twirls, throws here and there, and every instant over horsemen threat to take off overboard hangs. That it did not happen, among passengers surely there has to be at least one person able to operate a nimble tyyub. It is not so difficult as it seems. In any case, it is not more difficult, than to rush down on the sledge. If a similar type of entertainment absolutely in wonder, it is possible to choose the safe flat route. And if there is a wish to risk, having been hit the adrenaline fountain in blood, wind in a face and couple of handfuls of snow for a collar, then forward - on development hundreds (and even it is more) descent meters. Yes, also do not forget to add risk to the list of risks to become deaf: squeal on Snow - a tyyubing costs excellent, and cries out the people not so much for fear how many from delight.

That, how much

of Where of Bobsled of Natural track luge of Sledge of Tuobogang of of Tyyubing of Elevator
of Russia, Moscow area of 25 rub/hour of 40 rub/hour of 30 rub/hour 100 rub / descent of 35 rub/hour
of Russia, Bashkiria of 20 rub/hour of 30 rub/hour of 30 rub/hour of 30 rub/hour of 150 - 200 rub. / day
of Russia, Kamchatka of 30 - 45 rub/hour of 50 rub/hour of 50 rub/hour of 50 rub/hour of 20 rub before the first descent
of Russia, the Urals of 20 - 30 rub/hour of 50 rub/hour of 30 - 50 rub/hour of 40 rub. / hour of 10 - 15 rub/hour
of Ukraine, Carpathians 2 UAH / descent 2 UAH / descent of 10 UAH/day of 4 - 5 UAH. / descent
of Austria 2 euro / descent 2 euro / descent from 70 euros/week from the 15th euro / descent 2 - 3 euro / descent from 150 euros/week
of Spain 1,5 - 2 euro / descent 1 - 2 euro / descent from 50 euros/week. 2 - 4 euro / descent from 100 euros/week
of Romania 0,5 - 1 euro / descent 1 - 2 euro / descent from 30 euros/week 1 - 2 euro / descent from 50 euros/week
of France 1,5 - 2 euro / descent 2 euro / descent from 50 euros/week. 10 - 15 euro / descent 2 - 3 euro / descent from 160 euros/week
of Switzerland 3 - 5 euro / descent 3 - 4 euro / descent from 70 euros/week from the 20th euro / descent 5 - 6 euro / descent from 180 euros/week