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The Internet - acquaintances - personal experience of the divorced mother of

First of all, it is necessary to be ready in advance to the fact that on the Internet as it is impossible more frankly all those contradictions which exist between men and women act - men see in the relations sex and an opportunity to approve the position of a successful male, the woman - an opportunity to establish a family and to give birth to the child. If you are in advance ready that you will not find in the Network of the thirty-year-old unmarried childless banker, generous and tender, then forward, dare.

I will warn At once - men in the Network are divided into two categories: those who look for communication on the Internet (I christened them virtual prattlers), and those who look for meetings in real (virtual hunters, on my terminology). Transition from one category to another happens extremely seldom - you have to interest the interlocutor - the prattler, most likely in sex that it appeared near you in real life. And vice versa - to hunters it is uninteresting to communicate with you through the Network, they the first will offer you a meeting, and do not wait that you will be able long to contact to them through the Network after one - other refusal. I do not rassmativat the first category here - anyone can be these interlocutors, I such “rejected“ on literacy, communication with them is easy, but does not answer my purpose.

So, it is given : the woman of 32 years, is divorced, with the child, with a minimum of material problems (there is both an apartment, and the car, and a quite good salary in foreign firm). The marriage is not a priority. Most likely, it is the most widespread questionnaire for the woman (not the very young girl) who is a frequenter of the websites the Internet - acquaintances. It is required by

to p : the man till forty years, for communication. It is educated, provided - according to my level.

Most likely, my classification of those who look for women in a network is not new any more, but nevertheless my conclusions are as follows: as almost everything on light, men can be classified.

Ya I reject the men choosing such nicknames as “spermodonor“, and placing a photo of intimate contents at once - dating sites with might and main dazzle with announcements with the offer intim - services. Be ready (if after reading of article nevertheless decide on placement of the questionnaire) that to you also obscene revelations will arrive. Close eyes to them - if, of course, you have other purposes.

the Most widespread type of men which I, in compliance with the questionnaire (see above), met in the Network it is the men who are looking for thrills. Middle age - from 35 to 40 years. For 90% they are married, for 95% - have children with whom can together and not live. They most often use the phrase “crisis of middle age“, they invite in restaurant already through three - four days of correspondence. Further several options are possible: or he gets drunk and begins to complain of the wife / ex-wife, or does not get drunk, but in conversation something will surely flash about the wife who does not understand, or did not understand, about the child whom he madly loves, but cannot see, about his neponyatost and “not demand“ - with the subsequent offer to go to me or to it home. They never admit the majority that the same bed about the Internet - the acquaintance for them - a way to put out the complexes of the overage loser, they are firmly sure that their acquaintance will be ready to do anything to hold such partner about herself - including sex in the first evening of acquaintance. You should not consider, however, that an ultimate goal for them - naked sex, they need more the partner who with an open mouth will listen to their stories about a hard work, the boring wife, mischief of the child - they look for some kind of psychotherapist, spobony to distract them from working vanity and family problems.

However among them can meet by

the partner if you reconcile to the position of the mistress in advance and you will find more - less clean companion, not tiresome and not greedy (and it is possible). You can meet it as much as long - it will already depend on you - if you do not hint at possible cohabitation and to ask him when he all - throws the wife and will move to you. Communication will come to naught anyway, and you will leave happy with each other. I, for example, managed to find the person who honestly at once told me about the marital status and who, it is visible, is touched by my unwillingness to listen about his dislike for the wife (I in general asked to close in our talk all subjects about his wife and the child) - now HE looks for our meetings, inviting me once a week where - nibud to sit.

Second, also very much and very rasprostanenny group of men - the macho. They look for sex on one - two times, filling up with such easy and reliable way the list of victories in the world of women. They in the majority are well dressed, know where it is possible to invite the girl, one live, and in their apartment, despite obligatory existence of women`s slippers, there is a spirit of the incorrigible bachelor.

such men attach a lot of significance to appearance of the partner - the long-legged blonde has much more chances to achieve success and to carry out one - two nights with the macho. How doubtful will be this success, depends only on your claims. With such acquaintance can be interesting to spend evening - he will fascinate by stories and compliments, will treat with the most refined dishes - but communication can end after your innocent question of its plans for the weekend: does not include in its plans to devote you in the private life.

By my experience, among such lovers very many men with problems of a potentiality are especially my opinion, I repeat, I do not apply for the statement.

These men most often tell

what they successful and successful in business, however in two hours it becomes clear that the director of advertizing agency drives Skoda Felicia, and the owner of publishing house just asked for leave from work at the angry director, etc. It is clear, they are not going to build more or less serious relations; their purpose is clear as a cable column - to charm and drag the nice interlocutor in a bed.

the Third look - men who want, but cannot. I do not know how it is possible to formulate the name for them. Most often it is men not absolutely provided, age a little more than forty years, with self-conceit in compliance with education and education. Among them it is possible to meet also the driver who uses the Internet in the absence of the owner, being represented by the boss, and the former military from the hostel... They want, very much want to communicate with attractive girls, but cannot offer either material benefits, or pleasant communication therefore they are vigilant - these people in the majority dream much. Among their announcements (most ridiculous) it is possible to find such pearls (original spelling):“ The wealthy manager of civil engineering firm to get acquainted with the girl - the Muscovite or the visitor for joint rent of the apartment “, “ the producer of television, is temporarily divorced, looks for the beautiful woman for communication“... - for every taste.

However, communication with such men is inevitable, try to treat brighter representatives of this view with humour. I was very much amused, for example, by the message of one such interlocutor (the copy from a mailbox):“ Hello, lovely young lady! I am a teacher of higher education institution, I am 42 years old, I am divorced and I live with old mother. My salary is small, and I am not able to afford to support the mistress. If you prove the desire to communicate with me to those that you will find the place for our meetings - I will be glad“. Judging from the fact that the person did not find time even to put down my name in the message (an obvious cliche), it is very widespread type which just wants to have on the party sex. But, at least, it is honest: I want sex, there is no money, look for the apartment - and I am yours.

I the last type noticed by me on network open spaces - dowry hunters. Most often it is visitors young people (till 35 years) who turn somehow in Moscow, will organize often the business, but they lack neither education, nor an origin “to be hooked“. It can be also the Muscovites most often divorced, but who do not have own housing and removing a kvatria, or living together with parents. Therefore they try to find the woman with own housing (and often even agree to presence at the child`s woman), but without special material claims as they and support themselves hardly therefore gifts from the “car-a fur coat“ series for them are impossible.

Such hunters already every other day - two communication tell that they look for the apartment for a sjem, or asks with whom you live how many rooms, etc. I managed to eliminate quickly enough all such interlocutors the fact that I “did not notice“ such questions and, therefore, to them it became uninteresting. As it was already mentioned, they agree to presence at the child`s woman, moreover, they express desire to get acquainted with this child quickly enough. Their position is clear and clear to me, they gather to live, but how sincerely at the same time they are interested in both the woman, and her child - a question rather rhetorical.

So, after a month of sitting in the Network, mine an asset:

my passive - 20 dollars (network cost).