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Festival of elements or the Eighth birthday of

I Want to share the small scenario (the program occupies about an hour) written and which is carried out by me on the son`s eighth anniversary. Plus of this scenario is that it can be adapted for any age from 5 to 10 years, having replaced animals - birds, vegetables - berries on more widespread (a bear, hare, a cockerel, potato, cherry) or more rare (a panther, a koala, a humming-bird, a bush pumpkin, a swede). This scenario is equally interesting to both girls, and boys. At us 5 children aged from 5 till 11 years took part in a holiday with pleasure.

the Holiday is devoted by

to four elements: to water, air, earth, fire. But, as we had 5 children, I added still the sun. The holiday can be adapted also for the bigger number of children. It is possible to add the moon, stars, and for 8 children 2 persons can represent each elements.

That needs to be prepared in advance:

If is allowed by time, it is possible to decorate the room, to bring elements of all elements: I drew the sun on a cardboard and suspended it to eaves, the river at us is represented on an oriental carpet (it is possible to stick together from a cardboard or just to throw a piece of blue matter on a floor). The earth is in flowerpots, air - in balloons, fire - was lit by several candles that gave to a holiday solemnity and mystery.

So, we will begin. Except the leader still the judge who will distribute counters is necessary.

Children in turn pull out the flowers which are cut out from paper from a cap. Who got what flower - it is and defines, who whom will be on this holiday: white - air, blue - water, red - fire, brown - the earth, yellow - the sun. To everyone the scarf or a scarf of the corresponding color ties on a neck, the envelope is given, the flower is attached on clothes.

Leading :
“Dear children, you of course know that we live in an environment 4 - x elements: waters, air, the earth and fire (the leader shows on each child, calling his elements). And even here, in this room we are surrounded by these elements. Today we gathered on a festival of these elements, and invited on a visit our favourite Sun. Let`s get acquainted. For this purpose you for a minute will close eyes and will present what you. And then you will tell us“.

1 competition on the best story about. Everyone tells about the elements. For example:“ Good afternoon, let`s get acquainted, I am air. I like to live everywhere, both in water, and in the earth, but most of all I like to live in a balloon, for example, here in it. All of you know me, I am in each person“.


If small children, to them it is necessary to help that they “got used“ to the role quicker. The counter receives everyone.

Leading :
“Here we also got acquainted. And now I will call different animals, and you have to show what is done by this animal, fish or a bird. If goes - you go if floats, do by movement hands as when swimming if flies - you wave hands and if any small animal can float and go (to go and fly) do two movements at once“.

So, 2nd competition. Game “Animals, Birds, Fishes“. The leader calls different animals, birds, fishes (an elephant, a swallow, a panther, a penguin, a pike, a chicken, a dolphin, a turtle, a crocodile etc.) and children run on the room and wave hands. It is possible under music. Very cheerfully! The counter is received by the one who was never mistaken.

Leading :
“Many of those animals, fishes and birds which I called now came to us on a visit, but so far hid in this room. Let`s them find!“

3 competition. Game “Find Toys“. Children have to find everyone on 3 toys: one natatorial, one flying and one going on the ground. Besides it is possible to turn on the music for the period of searches. Everyone has to prove then the choice. The counter is received by the one who correctly chose toys.

Leading : “And now we will play
the game “Where I?“.

4 competition. Game “Where I?“. Each elements (i.e. each child) in turn ask the question “Where You Meet Me?“ the others in turn answer. For example, where we meet water? In the river, a pool, the ocean, a bottle, a pipe and so forth. The counter is received by the one who gave than the answers which are not repeating on sense any more. Game repeats 5 times (once for each elements).

Leading : “We were even more convinced by
that 4 elements surround us everywhere. In three elements there live not only people, but also plants. Now we will play “Vegetables“. I will call different vegetables, and you will show where the edible part of this vegetable plant grows: if in the earth - that you sit down, hands close the head if over the Earth`s surface - you get up. So, 5th competition. Game “Vegetables“. The leader calls different vegetable plants (carrots, a vegetable marrow, potatoes, haricot, pumpkin, cabbage, a radish, turnip etc.) and children squat or get up. The counter is received by the one who was never mistaken.

Leading : “And now we will play
the game “What Can Be Made with Me“. I will ask a question, everyone about itself(himself) will find the answer, will raise a hand and will shout “yes“ if the answer “yes“ and keeps silent if the answer “no“. For example, I ask: “You can be seen?“ The earth, water, fire and the sun answer “yes“, and air is silent“.

So, 6th competition. Game “What Can Be Made with Me“. Questions to game can be thought up different, for example: “You can be touched (to throw, to draw, pour, kindle)?“, “On you it is possible to jump (to sit)?“. The last question translating to the next competition: “About you it is possible to sing the song?“ . All answer “yes“. The counter is received by the one who was never mistaken.

Leading :
“All of you correctly answered the last question, we know many songs about the earth, water, fire, air and the sun. Let`s them sing!“

7 competition. Each child begins to sing the song about the elements, all pick up and sing together. It is possible to sing songs with the words “river“, “sea“, “stream“, “rain“, “snow“ (about water), “sky“, “clouds“ (about air), “flame“, “fire“ (about fire), “planet“, “wood“, “grass“ (about the earth). Everyone receives a counter. When everyone sings the song, it is possible to continue to sing and tell verses, to ask riddles at will.

Leading :
“Children, you are just good fellows: dexterous, clever, resourceful. And you did not forget to whom our holiday is devoted today? Of course, to the birthday man, let`s it congratulate“.

Can be congratulated together with all adults. The birthday man gets up in a circle, leaflets where adverbs “quickly, slowly, accurately, safely, cheerfully, skillfully, ridiculously, loudly, quietly, vigorously“ etc. are written are distributed to the rest. The leader reads the beginning of offers, and everyone finishes them with the word.

Congratulation : “We wish
to you that you got up in the morning..., did exercises..., washed..., had breakfast..., went to school..., answered at a lesson..., sang in chorus..., etc.“ . The more ridiculous the terminations, the more cheerfully turn out. After a congratulation the traditional loaf is sung and cake with candles is brought.

Leading :
“Except cake we prepared for you the entertainments similar to each of you. If you guess, receive these entertainments. What entertainment is similar to the sun? (orange, a chup - chups). On air (popcorn, aerated porous white chocolate). Dark chocolate is similar to the earth, on water some light drink, juice, is similar to fire chili powder (it can be given to mothers).

Then for everyone 2 earned counters children win a prize (its name can be pulled out from a cap). It is possible and to give a prize for each counter, and for everyone three - everything depends on that how many at you counters and prizes. Among prizes there are different interesting and useful trifles (pencils, a coloring, stickers, felt-tip pens, notebooks, albums, notebooks, brelka and so forth)

Ya I think that on this holiday it is possible to think up not one more competition, it is possible to dream and adapt this scenario under any your desires, requirements, opportunities. At us this holiday very much was pleasant to children.