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We decorate the house together with the kid of

New year - wonderful time, especially for kids. The habitual city apartment these days becomes unusual, and it is possible to decorate it together with mother, having included the imagination and having made with ornament with own hands. Further the smallest with pleasure will take part in cheerful preparations and will try very much!

For joint creativity with the child the separate “working“ corner is better to organize

and to equip it with all necessary. It will be necessary for you: PVA glue, usual office glue or the gluing pencil, white and color paper, a cardboard, a foil, fir-tree tinsel, “rain“, the serpentine, a thread with a needle. It is also possible to use different trifles which for some reason are a pity for throwing out. For certain such trifles will be in any house, whether it be rags of fabric and fur, a box from the kinder - surprises, candy wrappers, scraps of ribbons, packings from flowers or old glossy magazines. For convenience it is possible to place all this on trays or in open boxes with divisions. It is better to dress the child before work in old clothes or to tie to him an apron - glue very hard washes off.

the Miracle - a tree

the Main decoration of a New Year`s celebration is of course the decorated Christmas tree. Usually for its ornament from boxes glass spheres and bright garlands, tinsel and brilliant “rain“ are taken. Traditional Christmas tree decorations are beautiful, but to hang up them on a fir-tree from year to year a little boringly. If grandmother`s stocks of Christmas decorations are irrevocably lost or beaten by the previous generations, purchase of new will run into money. Whether it is better to create a dress for the New Year`s beauty the hands? Your fir-tree will be unique if the imagination and work of all family, including the smallest are enclosed in creation of her dress. Remember together with the kid all a favourite animated cartoon “Prostokvashino“. What did his characters decorate the forest beauty with? Correctly, the ancient things found on an attic. So why not to hang up on a fir-tree all amusing trifles which accumulate in any house where there is a child? Brelochki, ringlets, bright beads and the costume jewelry which bothered to mother, small toys from the kinder - surprises - all this will funny look on a New Year`s tree. Here florets from the broken hairpins, packings and bows from the flowers presented to mother will go. By means of a transparent adhesive tape and a packing paper band for gifts all this magnificence accurately is glued and becomes attached on a tree. If you use a purchased tape for gifts, its ends are twisted in spiralk by means of scissors. For this purpose it is necessary to wind the end of a ribbon on one edge and with pressing to extend. For end of an image “igrushechno - brelochny“ the composition falls down spangles.

On a fir-tree can also hang up sweets. But if you do not want that the kid in the end of a holiday ate too much hanging purchased chocolate, sweets should be made. In advance buy nutlets, dried fruits and small caramels in transparent wrappers. The last can be hung up at once after purchase on a tree. And for nuts and dried fruits take foil pieces, packing paper. If there are boxes from the kinder - surprises, delicacies are put inside and are wrapped in paper. It is possible to leave at the same time at wrappers amusing “tails“ - and from these boxes remarkable toys - candies will turn out. Developing such a miracle - a surprise, the kid does not know that inside - a filbert, dried apricots, a tiny chocolate or a piece of paper with a congratulation. Only wish: if you put food in these “candies“, it is necessary to choose what long does not spoil. Otherwise the kid will be upset, having seen the dried-up cookies or the spoiled grapes under a wrapper. For the same reason it is necessary to dress up a tree just before a holiday and to remove edible toys, without waiting for “dismantle“ of a fir-tree.

can add small cookies To sweets. In its shops also it the most various covered with color glaze is a lot of in the form of animals or letters.

the child can independently Hang out and fix jewelry, under the leadership of mother, but also it is necessary to remove delicacies very accurately, otherwise there is a risk to overturn a fir-tree. It is better at once to ask the kid to do it by means of scissors or to address someone from adults.

we Create toys

it is possible to make a lot of various jewelry for a fir-tree and the house Of color paper. On windowpanes openwork snowflakes from a foil and usual white paper remarkably look. If the way of production since childhood was forgotten by parents, we will remind: the square sheet of paper develops on diagonal in 2 or 4 times. At edges opposite to a top the wavy or semicircular cut, and on sidelines - any zigzags, cuts, rombik and triangles becomes. The it is more cuts, the azhurny a snowflake, only nevertheless it is desirable that they did not find at each other. Fine exercise for disobedient fingers of the kid! The child needs to give scissors with blunt ends that he was not wounded.

Small lamps - one more familiar to us since the childhood ornament, which production in power even the smallest. The sheet of paper is displaced in the cylinder and sticks together on edge. From above the handle from paper or a piece of fabric is pasted. From below it is better to make a fringe or to paste still some detail. Further the small lamp is painted with paints, falls down spangles or is pasted over with tinsel - depending on the imagination of mother and the child.

More difficult variation - a small lamp with “short skirt“. The sheet of color paper develops in half and on the line of a bend cross cuts become, without reaching edge. That the small lamp left equal, the kid has to do cuts identical on length and width and accurate. It is better to draw previously lines of cuts directly on preparation. Now preparation sticks together as a usual small lamp. That “short skirt“ turned out, it is necessary to “splusnut“ slightly a small lamp, having pressed palms from above and from below and to try not to rumple it.“ Short skirts“ it is possible to make a little, for this purpose preparation put necessary number of times and do cuts on a bend.

From the paper cylinder turn out not only small lamps. If to it to attach tails, muzzles and paws, there can be the whole “cylindrical“ zoo. Long cross preparations especially successfully leave paper dachshunds, it is only necessary to build from a small cone a sharp muzzle and to paste to it ears. Remarkably, if it is possible to find images of animals in old books or magazines and to paste them on ready “form“. If pieces of fur and rags of fabric stayed at home, they will go for production of paper animals and little men too.

the Paper cone - one more fine preparation for Christmas decorations. All guests and family members can make amusing caps of a soft cardboard or dense paper. For this purpose cut out a segment of a cardboard circle depending on the cap sizes, then paint it, decorate and stick together. The cone turns out. Then thin tapes or elastics that “headdress“ did not fall down from the guest are passed throughout his basis. Even the most solid man or the beloved grandmother look in these caps very cheerfully.

Can prepare for

cones from dense paper, with a loop from paper or a band in the center. To paste over preparations with fur and pieces of bright fabric, tinsel, to ornament paints. To cut a bottom of a cone with a fringe and to round off it. If to connect several cones of different height, the paper fir-tree will turn out.

One more creative occupation - production of Christmas tree decorations from a papya - Masha. Starch or flour undertakes, mixes up with water and it is carried to boiling on a plate, it is also possible to use inexpensive wallpaper glue which is dissolved with water according to the instruction on packing. Old magazines are torn to small pieces. Further you need to think up a basis, a form of that ornament which you create. For example, there is an idea to do gold apples on a fir-tree. Means, you take any round subject (a small ball, or fruit), you cover it with a layer of glue and you sprinkle with scraps of magazines. And so several layers. Thickness of a product has to be not less than 0,5 - 1 cm. Your apple about days dries. Next day you cut preparation in half, you take out apple from within and at once you stick together. Paper “Yabloko“ hollow inside turns out. It is possible to attach a branch from a wire with a green leaf from fabric to it or color paper. The miracle - an apple with gold paint from a barrel or usual paints is painted. A form - a basis for such toys it is possible to think up any, and cut out it from polyfoam. By the way, it is interesting to decorate also polyfoam.

them can do

of the Garland to

of paper small lamps, having passed long tinsel throughout handles. And - to charge the smallest production of garlands from paper strips. From color paper strips 1,5 - 2 cm wide are cut. The first of them is stuck together that the ring turned out, following passed in a ringlet and also stuck together, the chain will not turn out yet. The strip can be cut from old multi-colored magazines, then the garland leaves motley. In general in a garland connects anything: the paper toys of any form which are cut out from a foil of “star“, found on walk acorns and cones. These finds especially well look if to paint them with silver or gold paint from a barrel. Garlands are hanged out not only on a fir-tree. From a chandelier in the middle of the room they can be stretched in corners and to attach to a wall or eaves.

in each room

Krom of the main fir-tree in a place of honor in the room several fir-tree branches are good to deliver to

the Holiday in water. If to place such “coniferous vases“ on all apartment, the smell of New year will get into all corners of your house. Branches are decorated with several spheres and “rain“. If there are not enough spheres, it is possible just to paint a branch from a barrel silver color. It is desirable to make it just before arrival of guests because the painted branches quickly are showered.

On doors New Year`s wreaths from fir-tree branches remarkably look. Production of such wreath requires a circle from a dense cardboard. On it small holes, couples, at small distance at the edges become. Now it is necessary to take several fresh fir-tree branches and to fix them by a thin wire on a circle. The wire is passed throughout these holes, clasps a branch trunk, is passed throughout a hole nearby and twists on a reverse side. At you the cardboard circle in a frame of fir-tree branches has to turn out. The middle of a wreath is decorated with spheres, tinsel or even the family photo. If in the house there are a lot of unnecessary shining a compact - disks, it is possible to break and make them a remarkable mirror mosaic which also well looks in the middle of a circle.

From dairy packages turn out original lodges - mobiles. They are hung up also on a fir-tree, and just on a chandelier. The package is pasted over with color or white paper, it is one “roof“ better to paste the cotton wool sprinkled with spangles is snow. The child is more senior itself will cut out windows with the closed stavenka and a door. Inside it is possible to put an old rattle or to suspend a hand bell, the lodge will tinkle quietly at the movement. If there is a small electric small lamp, too place it inside, then in the dark in a miracle - a lodge light will burn. In a window lodge small animals or dolls from toy “collection“ of the kid.

If in the early childhood you abused the child for attempts to cover with drawings walls, give such opportunity at least in honor of New year. Only it is better to direct its creative rush not to new wall-paper, and to windowpanes or a transparent kitchen door. Gouache paints are perfectly washed away after a holiday, and the children`s pleasure from an opportunity to engage in hooliganism slightly with mother will not be the end. Surely declare the requirements to drawing:

  • it has to be on a New Year`s subject,
  • whenever possible to paint over not all glass that it passed a sunlight,
  • idea should be represented previously on a usual sheet of paper, to coordinate with parents and only then to embody on glass, considering their comments and additions.

New year - a remarkable holiday both for kids, and for adults. And still a fine opportunity to develop taste at the baby, to show how to create a cosiness and the festive atmosphere, to teach the child to many important and interesting things: cookeries, to application, design. And unless it is not healthy that it is possible just to communicate! Often children lack communication so.