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The Black Sea miracle of

At our wedding was not the person who would not wish to young people of a fast meeting with a stork. And even game which to me was most of all remembered was on a children`s subject. The host brought polzunochka with the trouser-legs intertwined with blue and pink ribbons. Guests, wishing us the child of the defined sex, threw a money into the corresponding trouser-leg.“ On the boy“ outlined more. But I, lighting the family center, dancing with the beloved husband by candlelight, then did not think of the kid. We just enjoyed love and with each other. And children surely will be where they will get to? Especially as we were not protected.

there Passed several months. We went to the Black Sea, brought the mass of pleasant emotions and a lot of photos. And the kid as I thought. The sea, the sun, vitamins and our love surely had to lead to desired and natural result. But after a while I had to get the next laying from a pack. Then - that also crept in in my soul doubt - and whether there will be at us everything how we conceived?

One month was replaced by another, and conception did not happen. I became uneasy, nervous, badly slept at the nights. Sex began to have only one definite purpose - to conceive the child and ceased to bring pleasure. In half a year of such life we did not sustain and went on doctors. We made happy with the money all paid clinics of our provincial town. Doctors, analyses, surveys replaced each other as in a kaleidoscope. The verdict of doctors was same: you are completely healthy, wait.

Only the one who passed through it, will understand me. I saw off eyes young mothers with carriages and kids in blue and pink kombinezonchik. I could not look quietly at pregnant women and listen to stories of happy girlfriends. As a magnet pulled me in children`s shops where I long considered bright and unimaginably small caps, baby`s undershirts and pinetochka. I could not work normally, allowing terrible mistakes and causing anger of the administration. I hardly restrained from tears on infinite questions of relatives and friends: well when? At night I dreamed nightmares, and I woke up in cold sweat with thought: I will never have a child, nobody ever will call me mother. The husband, as could, calmed me, he as if easier transferred our childlessness, or pretended not to upset me even more. He just did not know what was known by me. He did not know that already long ago to married schoolmates the terrible sentence “Childlessness“ is pronounced to two of mine. He did not know that the acquaintance to me on work lived couple ten years without children, then the wife, at last became pregnant, carried herself as a crystal vase, but... The stood pregnancy in 13 weeks. And to them already for forty. All these stories depressed me, and I began to think of the adopted child...

In a year, in September, we went to the South again. I already lost faith that we with the husband sometime will have own child. Eventually, on light there are so much unfortunate kids thrown directly in maternity hospital. And if God does not give me the child, I will take him from people. Having accepted to such decision, I calmed down and relaxed. In the south we began the second honeymoon. I began to perceive sex as the fairy tale again, but not as a way to become pregnant. Arrived home - slush, rains constant, and mood joyful for some reason. Also the forthcoming campaigns behind references do not frighten that to adopt the baby. The husband like too, let`s take the boy, speaks. And me all the same on whom the look will stop, that also will be ours. At work all noticed that I became cheerful, everyones began to ask questions, those that earlier to tears irritated. And I smile only. And it proulybatsya the whole month.

Somehow during week-end the husband left on hockey, and I began to do clear-out. In a case I dust, I look - and I have packings with laying there intact lie. Began to remember when I last time got them. Counted a delay even in 5 weeks! Tests I am enough (and at me them was much), I do two at once. On both such accurate two stripes were shown. Here, so as: we will have a sea child, precisely the girl - the Marine. All day at me all from hands fell, legs with happiness were turned in, and for nervousness even zatoshnit. How to tell the husband? And here he comes home, notices nothing, I feed him and I think: yes as he does not see that I am pregnant? And he usually so behaves, took the newspaper, turned on the TV. Here I also blurted out: at us will be murzik! And in tears. He did not understand in the beginning, thought, again at me the hysterics began. And I on tests to it stick into stripes, I roar, I cannot utter the word. Reached it, at last, embraced me strong - strong, rained kisses. And stayed having embraced till the night, thinking and speaking about our Kid. And from the next day Life where there were no more tears and experiences began. Only infinite happiness and a miracle - my long-awaited and conscious pregnancy. But it will be already another story altogether...