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Why to the person vacation?

“Then to have a rest!“ - it was so sung in a song from our childhood, so we considered, studying at school, also our children so think. You have other opinion? You still cherish hope at last to go in with the child for mathematics, Russian or English? Then present that during your holiday the chief would suggest you to improve the professional skills at a leisure. How to you such prospect? Here - here. Vacation - time not educational, time idle. But if it is reasonable to organize them, the child will receive for the development much more, than being engaged with the most talented tutor. What the interval of time from European till orthodox Christmas can be useful?

Have more than

, than a suit

Preparation of a carnival costume to school (or house) to a holiday it is capable... to enrich the child intellectually and emotionally. However, it will demand participation of all family members. But will not take a lot of time. With mother it is possible to touch favourite literary characters and to choose whom to be. To discuss shape of the hero, his habit, a behavior manner. With the grandmother - to think up actually a suit, and at the same time to listen a story about the one whom in the childhood she what suits she sewed then to the children dressed up. To design such sophisticated headdress as a mushketersky hat, only technically gifted father will be able. And to find the necessary requisite or materials, perhaps, it is necessary even to ring round the family and acquaintances.

What is received by the child?

Confirmation that it is loved by all family members, though differently.

Skills of designing and modeling, idea of a cut, experience with tools (scissors, a pricker, the hammer, the sewing machine), and also with materials, various on quality (a cardboard, skin, fur, etc.) .

New tactile feelings.


enriches a lexicon, literary baggage, the figurative thinking trains, spatial representation develops.

the Fir-tree with history

From a New Year tree can take

advantage not less! Monotonous jewelry, fashionable now, certainly, supplements an interior and creates mood the adult, and the child? It appears, children love those toys which and the truth it is possible to play: lodges, little men, vegetables, fruit, animals. Looking at them, holding them in hand, children go to that fantastic world which creates their imagination. And it is so fine already useful - to be able to dream!

We stuck to do Christmas tree decorations by the hands. And it is less other occasions to occupy children with manual skills us within a year. And it is very useful. Paint together cones with gold paint, stick together chains from color paper, from goffered - put garlands, make toys in style of origami - and your child will enrich the ideas of color and a form. And even as a result of laborious work as hands at school students handwriting is usually adjusted and the thinking improves.

Self-made toys more warmly, and more pleasantly. For certain in a box with Christmas balls, cones, icicles which you will get from mezzanines there will be such things which decorated not one year family fir-trees. Tell about them to children.

This ship once in the childhood were stuck together by you, and here such - made of cotton wool or a papya - Masha - toys were issued at the time of your great-grandmothers, they remained from prewar time. And here a garland of bulbs which your parents built in old and far business trip, in the military camp brought by snow... As many new subjects for talk appear over a box with Christmas-tree decorations!

It is good if near at hand there is also a family album with photos - that the kid could see all heroes of your stories. “Here my mother in a ridiculous flannelette coat at a fir-tree at Red Square, and here the grandfather sits on handles at the father, and this unusually beautiful girl - my three times removed paternal grandmother in a suit of the elf...“

Such evenings when decoration of a fir-tree intertwines with memoirs - the best digression to the past, to history not only families, but also all country. The child has to know the roots, has to feel that behind his back - generations of ancestors, and in his hands - threads of the future. There is nothing more valuably for the moral, spiritual development of your successor.

What is received by the child?

of Knowledge of history of the family and the country.

Feeling of reliable family “back“.

Food for the imagination.

Skills of manual skills, experience with paper, glue, etc.

Time of good deeds

But here the Christmas tree is decorated by

. What now? Let`s not forget that Christmas (which in orthodox culture follows after New year, and in the Lutheran and Catholic countries - precedes it) - a holiday light and kind. In fiction there are a lot of works, written about Christmas holidays and by Christmas. Sit down at a fir-tree, take the book in hand, read together special, “Christmas“ pages. It is possible to choose suitable chapters from “War and peace“, it is possible to re-read “The snow queen“ of Andersen and other winter fairy tales of the famous Dane or “Nutcracker“ Hoffman, it is possible to worry magic moments of Christmas night together with Selma Lagerlof and her well-known book “Legends on Christ“.“ Evenings on the farm near Dykanka of “Gogol “, Volshebny doktor“ Kuprin“, Christmas stories“ Dickens are written so fascinatingly and simply that exactly from them it is good to begin to acquaint the child with classical literature. And if you are fans of more light reading, then remember that Mikhail Zoshchenko has a fine story “Fir-tree“, and Arkady Gaidar has “Chuk and Gek“. Reading should not be long, tiresome, but it perfectly creates the pacified, kind mood, so necessary for a fulfillment of good deeds.

you surely have to make by

these days together something good, make the joint act of kindness. It is possible to congratulate the lonely grandmother - the neigbour or to present something to that schoolmate of your son or the daughter who has some misfortune in a family. And how many now the children who are brought up under the care of the grandmother - in each class there is such! Explain a situation to your child, find time to descend together with it in such family with home-made pie. It is absolutely optional to sit there over a cup of tea or at talk. Simply - congratulate, it is simple - present. Make it for the sake of the child, give him installation on sympathy and love for the neighbor. There would be a desire, and the good deed will always be...

What is received by the child?

Studies sympathy and on a literary example, and in real life.

Broadens horizons, joins the book.


Than the snowman

is useful to

your little son some sluggish? Smiles a little? And is upset not often? You build with it snowmen. Expression (as well as to control) emotions should be learned too.

you will Very seldom meet by

now the child who reacts to the taking place events emotionally adequately. One does not react in general, his emotion - a vinegary smile, another so laughs loudly at the slightest pretext that though close ears. And here the snowman, and his face has no expression yet. What we will make it? Sad, crying, dissatisfied, aggressive, cheerful, happy! It is possible to experiment as much as necessary! Let`s raise eyebrows a lodge, we will lower mouth corners - a twig, we will stick eyes - pieces of coal on a forehead. But surely positive emotion has to be the last expression of this “face“.

Than the snowman is still useful to

? He will help to be guided with own body. You are surprised, but many 12 - 13 - summer children not always clearly imagine where they have shoulders, forearms, a cinciput, a nape, a waist, what hand the right, and what left. Besides, pottering with snow, the child feels its humidity, a krupitchatost, density. So the perception of a subject to the touch develops - and it is one of means of our communication with the outside world, one of ways of its knowledge.

I there is more to come. Molding snowballs, rolling snow spheres, the child develops motility, brush muscles, and it will help his hand not to be tired during the letter and not to lag behind schoolmates during dictations. It turns out that one built snowman will solve a set of school problems.

should not be afraid of

that your child is still too small or, on the contrary, too big for such entertainment. To winter “all age are obedient“. And fresh air is so necessary for the growing organism! Yes you will know that only color of white snow already in itself raises a brain tone. And if the sun still shines! And if light frost! It is possible to go to the pool all the year round, and skis, the sledge, skates, snow fortresses - only in the winter and only at us.

you Will tell

, waste of time? As if not so! Skiing not only learns to breathe correctly and by that increases cogitative working capacity, but also helps to establish cooperation of hemispheres of a brain, and it will improve abilities of your child in reading, the solution of tasks. Skating - a beautiful view of a hardening, again - promoting saturation by oxygen of the vessels of a brain raising its power opportunities.


on vacation only one day! One day, free from work, quarrels, kitchen, garage. Mother, the father, children, skis, the sledge, snow, the camera, good mood - and then memoirs till the summer.

What is received by the child?

Will raise power of a brain.

Learns to operate

the emotions and the body.

Develops large motility, coordination.

Becomes tempered.

Thinking over winter vacation, you strive for a variety. Nothing so tires how monotony, boredom. Days of rest should not be similar one to another. And let cheerful ski walk is replaced by a ceremonious visit of theater, children`s tea with competitions and an amateur concert - silent reading at a desk lamp, noisy “fir-tree“ - a warm family dinner. And let it will be obligatory such day when nobody goes anywhere when since morning it is possible to luxuriate in a bed, slowly to have breakfast, draw, watch the lovely children`s movie, to sit near mother on a sofa, to talk to the father about dinosaurs, to look through the new book presented by the grandfather - to feel a cosiness and rest of a home.

A when such vacation will come to an end, the child suddenly unexpectedly for you will start talking that he, apparently, missed about school and looks forward to the first school day. You will feel soon that you tried not in vain: the well rested brain of your child is ready to absorb in itself knowledge as a sponge, and what was not given at the end of a quarter, will easily be acquired at the beginning. Vacation will leave such bright mark in memory that the child will wait for the following winter holidays with even big impatience and delight.