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Finland: On the village to Father Frost of

Finland - the most winter country on light. At least because there lives Santa - Claus. But even without its participation the Finnish vacation will turn out cheerful and tasty - all these ski descents and aquaparks, the Finnish sledge and saunas, drivings on deer and discos, cloudberries pies and a smoked salmon...

the Eternal holiday

the Winter in Finland is an eternal holiday, bright and joyful. It begins on December 1 when Christmas villages and markets open. Then there comes also long-awaited Christmas, behind it - New year and Christmas orthodox, and on January 13 Day of Saint Cnut is very useful. And all this time residents of the country young and old decorate a Christmas tree - in apartments, on balconies, in the yards, on streets and in the woods.

the city of Turku which was once the capital of Finland which carries an official rank “the Finnish city of Christmas“ becomes the main festive scene. On December 24 thousands of people gather on the square in front of a cathedral. Exactly at midday when on a cathedral hours beat, there is a mayor. He delivers a speech and declares the Christmas peace. For residents of the country Christmas begins from this point, and the world is taken very literally: all are reconciled, forgive each other and are seated at holiday tables. Till the night concerts continue and Christmas chants sound, the streets are walked by hundreds of Santa - Klausov, on - Finnish - Yolupukki.

But the main event of a holiday - a magnificent Christmas feast. Tables are laid not only in houses, but also in the mayor`s lock, in the Museum of crafts, in an ancient drugstore. Restaurants roll up Christmas feasts about which inhabitants speak then the whole year. The holiday Finnish table literally bursts with dishes - flashing salads, fish and caviar, a game, vegetables and desserts. The main Christmas courses - the gammon baked in an oven and a turkey with a stuffing and a plentiful vegetable garnish. Indispensable attribute of a table - the dried cod “lipeakat“. It is soaked in beer, milk and lye.

the Finnish table very strongly depends on a season. It is accepted to eat in the winter caviar of a whitefish and a burbot which is served with pancakes. However, and fish eat too. The person who knows how to cook fish soup from a burbot is held in general respect: it costs much above on a ladder of public opinion, than the neighbor, the unsurpassed master of soup from beef and root crops, or his wife, the large specialist in pea soup. Only the one who can cook a fish soup from a salmon in two ways can be compared to it: on transparent broth and on broth with cream.

in the Winter also eat with

the game got on autumn hunting. Finns, as well as Danes, love slightly sun-burned carpaccio from a roe, an elk or a deer. Respect also hares, and partridges prepare “on - Suvorov“. The love of Finns to deer extends also to a gastronomy. They dry cervine gammon not on a fire, and on a frost, eat venison in all types, and grow up deer on farms as cows. The main delicacy - cervine language in juniper sauce.

By the way
Finnish cuisine

the Widespread way of preparation of dishes from fish or meat - a grill. Sausages - a grill are considered as a national dish here. Fry them and on stone ovens in saunas. The most tasty - the stroganoff sausages in which instead of meat the sausage cut by small pieces is put.“ Stroganoff“ - not the only Russian trace in Finnish cuisine. Here do pelmeni, saslikki, borssi and kulibjaka.

in the Summer over Finland the fragrant bluish smoke floats - everywhere prepare fish in smoking sheds. Unlike other Europeans Finns gather mushrooms. The season of silent hunting begins with spring strochok, and comes to an end with autumn honey agarics. By the way, here it is possible to pick mushrooms and berries anywhere - even in private possession. As, however, and to ski also the snowmobile - carelessly, with a breeze, for a distant hill, and then for following that in the evening to throw off skis, to go to a sauna, and from there - in restaurant where the fireplace burns, and cheeks at girls flare from a frost and fragrant mulled wine...

Where there lives Yolupukki

there is no

on light of winter more romantic, than Lappish. In November in these regions polar night which Lapps call “the blue period“ begins and consider as a separate season. At this time everything is painted in blue color here, becomes illusive and mysterious. Day and night equally light-- from snow, stars and the moon - and the polar lights plays in the sky, being reflected in distant hills.

In February everything changes: there is a sun, lights snowdrifts in thousands of fires, and all Lapland sparkles as jewel.

the Official name of romantic Lapland - the province Lappi. It borrows a third of all territory of Finland, and this territory - the most sparsely populated. It is possible to go three days on dogs and not to meet any person. In Lapland there are more saunas, than Finns. And it is even more - reindeers, wild and manual.

But the most important - in Lapland there lives Yolupukki, national property of Finns. His magic house stands in the town of Sovakoski, on Korvatunturi`s hill, that is “Ear“. However there he lives only when there are no tourists. And with their arrival Yolupukki moves in the staff - the apartment to Rovaniemi, the Lappish capital. More precisely, a staff - the apartment is in 9 kilometers from the city, and the village of Payakyul. In the same place also well-known “Santa - park“ with all its attractions, roundabouts and New Year`s representations is constructed. Santa has no time to have a good time: it works in a workshop, accepts visitors at office and sorts letters by the mail.

New year is celebrated by

in Rovaniemi is noisy and is cheerful: hundreds of people gather on Ounasvaar`s mountain, in ski center. By this time there build the ice lock and put plagues where shamans guess on the melted horseshoes. All are warmed by hot mulled wine and dances, the sky is decked by the polar lights and fireworks. And fans of less mass fun celebrate New year at restaurant in the village of Yolupukka, in the middle of the most present fairy tale. By the way, a house specialty of this institution - cervine language.

One more village of Yolupukka is in Kaynuu`s province, in the city of Kukhmo. In the spring, in the summer and in the fall this settlement is called Kalevala and represents a live illustration of the famous Karelian - the Finnish epos. Since December 1 Kalevala turns into the Christmas village of Youlukyul inhabited by gnomes and other fairy tale characters. They accompany guests during walks on the magic wood where under trees small oil lamps burn, and Santa - Claus waits for them in a forest izba, stirring slowly in a pan mulled wine.

One of Kukhmo`s sights - restaurant of Kalevala hotel. Its glass wall comes just to the magic wood with the live sparks trembling under fir-trees. And over tops of trees these warm glowworms are echoed by the cool polar lights.