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How to make cards by New Year of

Self-made cards always conceal a special charm. In them there is a touch of hands, the imagination created and even a piece of his life - in the choice of materials for finishing.

it would be good

as in old times, joint occupation with children in the evenings. Children will be necessary for our cards first of all.

So, prepare:

Give to the child a sheet of paper - and any drawing accessories. Tell that it has to cover with drawings a leaf on New year. The composition to us is not important, the main thing that drawings were small, plus patterns, strokes, branches, snowflakes - everything that will want. On a clean sheet bright felt-tip pens, splashes of a water color and gouache will well go. On dark - gouache and handles of light tones. Let will have fun with all the heart. The main thing that drawing (drawings) were not squeezeed out, fresh and the ziyena - the novogoyena - fir-tree subject.


what size there will be your ready cards. If you give them personally, the size practically does not matter. If you send, check what size you have envelopes. If you have sheets of a writing format - the simplest decision - to cut them in half and to put a double card from each half.

If you are able to knife

on a ruler, cut paper so. If is not present - draw a line on a ruler a pencil and scissor. Find the middle of your card and on a ruler carry out, strongly pressing, the line an empty ball pen. You will have dent on which the card will develop easily and accurately. Keep in mind - edges of a card will coincide only if you draw a line at right angle to edge! If you want that the card was not jarred on, and the line of a bend was accurate, bend a card in the direction of fibers. It is all the same that the share line at fabric. It is easy to find it - try to twist paper in a tube - in one direction it will turn out easily, in another the pipe will resist. That pipe which is twisted easier and will show you on the length the direction of fibers.

Paper not necessarily has to be white! Cut color - blue, green, yellowish. Poprikladyvayte to it pieces of different paper, smooth and figured, a foil and a cardboard.

the Child can finish with

the drawing at this time. Wait until it dries. And then cut on small pieces - rectangles and squares. Also the whole small composition and just a piece - for example, fir-trees with jewelry can be included in the picture. You are surprised how well and pieces of drawing can effectively look, even with abstract lines and spots! Children usually do not lead up the image to the brim. You can unusually select song, a corner - and your picture will be cut accurately off at the edges. Any little artist will be extremely proud - his work will be the main decoration of a card.

pick up two Now - three pieces of paper and a cardboard which well approach the cut-out pictures. Be not afraid to experiment. There are no illegal combinations, and it is so easy to shuffle pieces of paper, trying on and trying.

Paste the picture on the first chosen background. You know that “paste“ it? If you have thin paper and can warp, is better use a glue pencil. We put the picture on a clean sheet of paper and it is accurate, we coat with a thin layer edges. If you have a thick piece, almost a cardboard, take PVA glue and along all edges (otstupya!) we put tiny glue ends. Now drawing with the applied glue we put on the necessary paper, we cover with other clean sheet of paper and we iron from above. Never smooth just with hands - you can grease glue, soil the picture and to spoil everything. Prepare a lot of unnecessary paper - and use it at a sticker!

it is the best of all than

if you have a bilateral glue tape. It is cut off by the necessary pieces, is pasted by the glue party on the cut-out detail, then the paper substrate is removed from the top party - and everything is glued into place. Any leaking glue, the smeared hands and paper, even the thinnest paper will not warp, and transparent will be pasted imperceptibly.

Now the picture at us on a substrate. We take a knife and a ruler - and we cut off from all directions, having left a narrow frame. You are afraid of a knife? You draw thin lines a pencil and you scissor. If you have scissors for figured lines - they can be applied with big effect.

we Repeat operation one more or two of time with paper of other color. The main thing, do not forget to try on to the prepared card. But it does not matter, if the size does not approach - it is possible to make a card under especially successful picture and if you are not stopped by the envelope size - can do a card though from the artist by size.

Now we take preparation for a card and drawing on double (or threefold) to a substrate. The pieces for a background under the picture are thicker - the are more beautiful and more volume there will be our card. Find, at least, one more papers, silver, gold figured or smooth which will approach both a card, and drawing. Cut out strips, rectangles, small small squares. Move them on a card background, imposing from above the picture. Perhaps, you will paste a tape or a piece of a beautiful band. In the simplest option leave only the picture in the middle of a card.

When to you already everything is pleasant to

, note thin pencil lines of border of details. Paste all details in the necessary order. Impose them at each other - let emphasize the color and the invoice. Do not forget to cover with a clean sheet of paper the stuck together details at a proglazhivaniye a hand!

it is a high time for p to add details, gloss and conviviality Now. Impose and try on on a background and details any small jewelry - asterisks, spangles, snowflakes, beads, buttons, perhaps, feathers if you have a card with a rooster, wire detalk, beautiful threads and laces. If you have a narrow and beautiful band and shnurochka - festive, with gold and silver, tie small bows and cut off the ends - these bows too wonderfully decorate cards. Paste all this on PVA glue. Just drip a dense drop on the right place against and accurately press down a small feature there. Better do it in such order because if you try to smear at first with glue a tiny detail, then to inform of it the place, and then and to hit the necessary nail - you, most likely, will be bedaubed, will smear everything around, and the spangle all the same will escape from the shivering fingers and will land on a floor. One of accurate and easy options of work: you take a toothpick, PVA you drip on an unnecessary piece of paper, one end of a toothpick you scoop PVA and you drip on the right place against, you lick other end: - and it easily clings easy smooth detalk - and very precisely transfers them to the place of a prikleyka.


patterns with small spangles Very much decorate a card. Here we will be helped by PVA again. Let`s squeeze out to the technical place dense PVA, we will need a little, about a coin. By the same toothpick it is drawn convex lines - we spread PVA a high shnurochok. It is possible to put droplets in drawing of your child, to draw snow on branches, patterns in a window, asterisks, circles and snowflakes against - and if you are sure of the hand, to write 2005 largely in the middle. It is necessary to do all this quickly that the surface of glue did not dry up. Immediately on a surface of glue drawing we pour out densely spangles, properly we shake off them drawing and a little podozhdya, we pour spangles on unnecessary paper. From it spangles need to be poured back in the container. When drawing finally dries (do not hurry!), brush away it with a soft brush. As a last resort, knock with an end face on a table. It is not necessary to brush away hands - but not that you can spoil drawing.

Here you also had unique family cards moreover with children as the main participants. Sometime they will find them at the grandmother and will marvel: “We were such good fellows?“ . Even the smallest can just carry with inspiration pencils or felt-tip pens, and the pieces which are cut out from drawings will look courageous and unusual abstract art. If you have no children - it does not matter! Wake the child in yourself, take paints, pencils and handles - and a razmalyuyta a leaf. And now decorate with the cut-out card pieces - and accept delights from recipients!