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Magic dress or as little girls become princesses of

Already and the first day of winter behind, and is not here snow and is not present... Where they, the first snowflakes and fluffy branches of trees in a swan fur coat?

In kindergarten was declared the coming holiday - New year. Told that girls will be Snowflakes, and boys Parsley.

- Mother, and winter it as? - my little daughter asks me.

is when much - a lot of snow, trees stand in the elegant furniture, kids ride from hills and play snowballs.

- And I will be the Snowflake on morning performance? And Snowflake it who? Daughter Zimy?

- Yes sweetie pie, the Snowflake is a daughter Zimy, the Princess Zimy!


Of course, in our present modern world in shop it is possible to buy a dress for every taste and color, various style and registration. But for some reason, when New year comes, with such ecstasy and admiration you remember the childhood, the first holidays when mother created a carnival costume from incidental materials, and I with a sinking heart monitored work of skillful mother`s hands!

Ya I will present to the daughter this holiday! Magic New Year!

Having taken wonderful white matter which is poured on light in hand, I already see what there will be my Snowflake, I simply feel it... And already process began. Carefully the pattern of future dress is selected, with special grace there are necessary options of registration - beads, pastes, tinsel... And already the first sketches of a magic dress are ready. The daughter cannot wait to measure, as a result of her diligent attempts it is necessary me anew nazhivlyat details, but I already see how its eyes from an anticipation of the fact that she will be a Princess shine!

So far my baby sleeps, I begin to decorate already outer garments. And already on it asterisks, snowflakes, intricate and fancy patterns light up. Found the application and tinsel, and even a beads for a fir-tree:. Anything superfluous - all to the place. There is a wish to finish today while the sincere rush and tenderness of the created image is felt. Behind a window there is an impenetrable night for a long time, and I create everything...

there Came morning. All night long I dreamed wonderful dreams in which my daughter was turned about a fir-tree in the new dress. No wonder, sat up with a dress long after midnight. And this morning the first snow dropped out! Here it came winter! Likely it because tonight the small Snowflake - the Daughter Zimy was realized!

the Daughter opened the eyes and did not believe them! Nearby the wonderful airy dress which was poured hung on a hanger and shone, soared and inspired!

- Mummy, it to me? It is my Snowflake - the Daughter Zimy?

- Yes, my pleasure, have a look in a window! Your Snowflake arrived and there came a magician - Winter! Therefore we will go to ride the sledge today, to build a snowman and to play snowballs!

Without hesitation, my baby put on the new magic dress, then long danced on the room and sang: “Winter! Winter!!!“, and then climbed on a window sill and long looked afar at the snowflakes which are turned in air. I with affection looked at the little Princess and thought that she will sometime remember the childhood as well as I and to sew the Snowflake for the daughter:.