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Computer games for children of

In our computer century, each person, in my opinion, has to be able to handle the computer. Very joyfully the fact that on the Internet there are websites for young parents where it is possible to share experience, to ask council for the concerning problem, to find a set of information on the subject interesting each of us, it is possible even to consult at various experts.

I do not carry

of to experts. In due time, being a pregnant woman, I found a set of information on pregnancy, childbirth in the Internet, and also on care of the child. I obtained especially valuable information in forums because there people will always give a valuable advice. I decided to make the small contribution too, to share the experience.

I would like to make by

In this article the small review of childish computer games. Why I decided to write about it? Ability to handle the computer for certain is useful to the child in the future, besides games can enrich the kid with such knowledge as the alphabet, the account, logical thinking, and will help to develop the imagination. Perhaps, some readers will object me that the small child has to spend time at the computer. But I also think that there will be also those who as well as I consider that 15 - 20 minutes at the computer to the child will not damage.

At first I want to tell

about the family. To our son 5,5 years. He plays on the computer with 3 - x years. As our father the programmer, the child wanted to play too. At that time there was no such wide choice of computer games for children, but something all - managed to be bought. At first it was difficult to it to seize a mouse, but gradually he learned to operate it. And business took a turn for the better. I want to tell that computer games did my son good. He began to learn figures, letters, and also to draw pictures on the computer, learned to think how to arrive in this or that situation.

Now I want to make by

the small review of games which we play, and I will tell at the same time as we do it and what learned.

“The planet of numbers for kids“ Game is intended to


for children from 3 to 7 years. There are two levels of complexity. Game learns to find differences, to distinguish colors and forms, to the account and such concept as it is “more-less“. Game at first was pleasant to the child, but as soon as he passed all tasks, it quickly bored it and now it plays it only from time to time. Game is beautiful, everything clear speaks, really gives knowledge.

Game is intended to

“Magic toys“ by

for children from 3 to 6 years. Besides the developing game. Contains puzzles, labyrinths, logical tasks, such as “to distinguish sounds of animals“ or “to find the soulmate of an animal“. Also there is a game for memory. I will not tell that the beautiful game and quite boring. It is possible to collect puzzles, to play musical instruments, to pass labyrinths on machines. Very quickly bothers.

“Cheerful Alphabet“

of Kvestovaya game where the hare, being going to school, looks for on the letter wood, performing tasks that to receive them. Quite boring game, but learns not only to letters, but also sounds. It was not pleasant to the child.


Learns to sort objects of various signs, also to find a subject on the screen, develops imagination. Too boring game, uninteresting and ugly. Played few times and threw.

“Neznaykin the diploma“

is A little geography, it is a little mathematics, it is a little fairy tales and all in a game form. Interestingly, but quite difficult for the child, for example, it is necessary to place on bowls of scales of animals that weight was distributed equally, or it is necessary to specify in what geographical belt there lives, for example, an Indian. We play from time to time.

“In kindergarten with Winnie-the-Pooh“, “Winnie-the-Pooh - 2 and the Tiger too“

Very beautiful toys on the basis of Disney`s animated cartoons. Game tells a story, it is in passing necessary to perform tasks. These games are pleasant to the child from - that they are made very colourfully, cheerfully and interestingly, tasks simple. But minus everything is is - tasks where there are letters, it is difficult to kids to pass as letters English.

“The king`s secret“

of Any tasks does not need to be carried out. The end of the game is same, but it is possible to come to conclusion in the different ways, it envy from what decision will be chosen by the child. In my opinion, it teaches the child to make decisions independently. Absolutely simple and cheerful game. The small can play, we also began with it.

“The Lion King - 2“

Besides based on the animated film of the same name. Beautiful game with cheerful games. It is not training game, the child can play without thinking, just to have a rest. Game includes cheerful arkanoid, labyrinths, a shooter game berries in crocodiles. We play it constantly, a peculiar relaxation after kindergarten. Nothing difficult and is cheerful.


From the name everything is clear to

“Mickey Mouse“. Teaches letters, the account, flowers and forms. Besides minus - the English letters, but everything is made colourfully and therefore it is pleasant to children.

“Freddie`s Small fish - 5“

Beautiful and interesting game. A small fish Freddie and her assistant have to learn who disappears in a coral bay, and to make investigation who offended a sea monster. Very interestingly, simple tasks, beautiful underwater landscapes. We play constantly.

“Lego the Racer - 2“

Can be told

, the car simulator for children. Interestingly, it is necessary to pass races in five worlds that will meet the champion and to battle against him for a rank of the champion of a galaxy. To get to the following world, it is necessary to win against the chief racer at this level. Even the adult not always manages to make it. Our child just rides on the worlds.

“Shrek - 2“


, as an animated cartoon, only Shrek, a donkey and a cat you operate. Quite difficult game, the adult will not always take place, but it is pleasant to the child because it is cheerful.

“Drakonchik Gosha rescues turtles“

needs to rescue turtles, performing tasks. Teaches the account, letters, forms, flowers. Interesting game, only very small, several tasks and at the end so-called “turtle billiards“ which actually appears a turtle pinball.

“Snow White and seven gnomes“

Almost the same, as “The king`s secret“, only here the end of the fairy tale depends on the chosen way. Contains fairy tales:“ Snow White and seven gnomes, Little Red Riding Hood “, “ Hans and Greta“. It is pleasant to children from - that it is possible to do everything as you will want, but not as in fairy tales. Deviations from a plot are also interest of game.

“History of toys - 2“

the Game made according to the animated film. It is necessary to carry out BAZ Svetika through all obstacles that it could save the friend from the collector of toys. Very big minus - game in English. And it is quite difficult to pass.


Arcade. It is necessary to jump on lianas, to collect coins and bonuses, to battle against angry gorillas and a tiger. The average level of complexity, my child likes to play, though not everything turns out, I cannot pass final level.

Here our main games. I hope if you decide to buy your child game on the computer, you will read my review.