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The New Year`s fairy tale in the city apartment

the Scenario of a children`s holiday

As it is unfair

that in the most magic night of year children should sleep! Really for them this wonderful holiday will be is limited to be poured banal morning performance in kindergarten? We can prolong the fairy tale to the kids, parents. It is necessary only for a while to turn into wizards. How to make it? Not so it is not enough opportunities.

New year in the bosom of the family

About New year remains to

week. The atmosphere of a holiday is already felt. Show-windows of shops are decorated with garlands, big Christmas balls shine, we plan where and with whom to meet New year. Also we prepare a holiday for the three-year-old son Mischa. On New Year`s Eve he will sleep, but we can celebrate a holiday with it slightly earlier.


I today the letter is already time to write

to Father Frost. We are seated with the little son at the table, he displays pencils, stretches me the handle. I write under his dictation “Father Frost, bring to me, please, a gift under a fir-tree - the railroad“. He draws in the letter, and we seal an envelope.

- Mothers, and our letter on mail we will incur? there is no
- our letter magic, it should be put in the coldest place in the house, and it will depart to Father Frost.
-? And where we have the coldest place? Mothers, refrigerator!! No, mothers, deep freeze!!!!

Put the sealed envelope in a deep freeze, went to the father with questions when it brings a fir-tree because “Father Frost should put gifts somewhere“.

the little son decided to check

In several hours whether his letter departed. Glanced in the freezer - the envelope was not. “Father Frost took away, will bring the road!“ - with satisfaction the kid noted.

the Christmas tree was decorated by all together in the evening 29 - go. The son got from toy boxes, gave to the father that that hung up on the top, and decorated the lower branches. On walls hanged out paper snowflakes, under a fir-tree put toys - a snegovichka and the Snow Maiden.

Included a garland, and at once it became cozy and good.

Remembered the poem which the son learned for New Year`s morning performance in kindergarten:

- Before a holiday the winter
For a green fir-tree
Sewed the Dress without needle. with
the Fir-tree with bow
I Shook off white snow
costs more beautifully than all
In a dress green.
to It green color to the person,
the Fir-tree knows it.
As it on New Year`s Eve
is Well dressed!

A next morning!

We recorded beautiful music with the tape recorder in advance and prepared New Year`s poems. And now we included that record and we read verses:

- Hi, a fir-tree as we are glad to
That you again to us came
I in zelenenky needles
the Freshness of the wood brought!
On your branches of a toy
I small lamps burn,
Multi-colored crackers,
the Beads different shine!
Behind a window it is snowing,
Means, New year soon.
Father Frost already Long to us to it to go
On snow-covered fields,
On snowdrifts to ways,
, on the woods. it Will bring to
a fir-tree
In silver needles.
will wish us
I gifts to us a Happy New Year will leave.

For now we wait for Father Frost - it is possible to play!

Game “Fir-trees happen...“ The father speaks: “Fir-trees happen... big, high, wide, thick...“. And we with the son have to show it, and the father does other movements to confuse us.

it was ridiculous everything!

Game “Catch a Snowball!“ We with the son in hands on an empty bucket, at the father have a sack with a certain quantity of “snowballs“ (tennis balls). On a signal the father throws snowballs, and we try to catch them a bucket. Of course the father specially threw up balls to the little son, I specially missed, generally, our child caught snowballs more me and won!

were counted So far by snowballs, the call to a door was distributed. The father opened and, without having seen the guest yet, we heard his voice:

- Hello!

Happy New Year you, friends,
At last I came to you.
Is far to you the road,
to Have a rest to me a little.

- Mother, mother, Father Frost!!! - the boy exclaimed and ran in a hall to welcome the guest. I heard as he tells about a fir-tree, how it was dressed up, and that he knows Father Frost and is not afraid at all.

Three of them entered the room. Father Frost, and in combination our neighbor, was very friendly, stood a big bag in the corner, winked at me and continued conversation with the son. Asked about friends and about favourite toys, about what the boy did in the summer and where will go in the winter. to me it was interesting to p to listen to

as the son talks to the unfamiliar, in general, adult, what events of last year of steel for it significant what he waits of the future for. But talk by talk, and we have a holiday!

Ya I suggest all to join hands together:

- the New Year tree
In the room costs,
the Fir-tree burns with Sparks.
we will take Father Frost

I about our fir-tree
By hands the Song we will sing.

We all together I will eat

“In the wood the fir-tree was born...“ then Father Frost asks us to tell something to the ziyena - New Year`s, the little son:

- our fir-tree is good,
our fir-tree is high!
is higher than the father, mothers are higher,
reaches a ceiling!

I remember and I sing the song about three white horses, and the father, it was allowed to them to use a crib, read the poem from the collection of verses of Agniya Bartho:

- Business was in January,
Stood a fir-tree on the mountain,
A near this fir-tree
Wandered angry wolves.
Here is how - that time
the Night-time,
When in the wood is so silent, Leverets and a doe hare Meet by
a wolf at the foot of a hill of
to Whom hunting in New year
to be fallen into clutches to a wolf!
Leverets were rushed forth by
I jumped on a fir-tree.
They pressed ears,
Hung as toys.
Ten little leverets
Hang on a fir-tree and are silent -
Deceived a wolf.
Business was in January, -
he Thought that on the mountain
the Decorated fir-tree.

“Ah what all good fellows, were prepared by New year!“ - Father Frost praised us.

I suggested us “to guess one after another my riddles“:

- Arrive to us in the winter
I Very easy fuzzes are turned over the earth
Is white...

- Snowflakes!!! - the son with the father shouts.

- We stuck together a snowball,
made the Hat on it,
attached the Nose, and in a moment.
Turned out...

- the Snowman!!! - the son already with me guesses.

- Two little sisters, two pletenka
From sheep wool thin.
How to walk - so to put on,
That did not freeze five yes five.

does not have

a rhyme Here - hints, the son is silent and thinks. Father Frost reads once again, more slowly, and the little son guesses - “mittens!!!“

“Well done! - again is praised by Father Frost and continues, smiling: - So you the letter about the railroad wrote it to me? I brought it to you! Give - get, start!“ - also stretches to the kid a big box. The son jumped, grabbed a gift, began to unpack it and called Father Frost to play together. I suggested our guest to have a bite, rest too, but Father Frost hurries: “Hot at you here, though it is good. But also other children still wait for me, perhaps, I will go!“ He gets up, takes the kid on hands, wishes it to grow strong and strong and transfers to the father. Then takes a bag in hand, waves to our little son at parting and promises to come in a year. The kid was upset a little, but Father Frost has so many cares these New Year`s Eve days! We suggest Mischa to tell somebody about visit, and he runs to phone and calls grandmothers - again reads verses, tells how he drove a round dance and sat on hands at Father Frost.

New year

Went a year later

to the companies year, and we think out a cheerful holiday for our kid again. This time we were called on a visit by Mischa`s friend Seryozha. We go to it 30 - go December. The company our small - Mischa, Seryozha and the girl Lisa. Age of children of 4 - 5 years. In advance we choose and we prepare gifts. To Lisa - a sundress. We packed it into a beautiful envelope, decorated with a tinsel piece. We will present to Seryozha a videotape “Treasure island“, it was wrapped in bright paper too, pasted a New Year`s otkrytochka. And still took with themselves jewelry for a fir-tree - the boxes which are wrapped up by a foil from a chocolate and a couple of balls - we will decorate with these toys a fir-tree at Seryozha.

the Fir-tree at Seryozha high, harmonous! It is a lot of - many branches, it is very convenient to hang out toys. And what our children beautiful today! Lisa in an elegant dress, long, very festive. Boys in light shirts, the real gentlemen!


It is put all prepared gifts under a fir-tree (still there will be time to get them), we hang out the brought toys, we consider those which Seryozha hung up even in the morning with parents. In our ranks revival, mothers lay a table therefore kids can have a bite slightly fruit, sandwiches. By the way, we prepared delicacies and prizes for kids in advance. Mothers thought up the menu, and products for a festive entertainment, small chocolates and inexpensive toys for prizes bought some days before a celebration, by sharing the cost. It turned out absolutely not expensively!

So, we begin to play!

the Competition with the prizes “Collect a Snowman“.

First of all we suggest children to collect by

a snowman. For this purpose we have three sets of paper preparations - white circles of the different size, orange noses - carrots, eyes and buckets. It is necessary to stick together on a single sheet of a snowman, and the one who will make it accurately and quickly will win. On command “Start!“ children begin. Look back at each other and at the same time attentively do the work. Did not pass also five minutes as at us three snowmen are already ready. All beautiful, more - less equal and the speed of production was at all decent. Therefore “the mother`s jury“ decided that all won and prizes are won too by all!


It is hanged out the received applications on a wall, there will be a Christmas decoration.

we play the game “Who Will Gather Snowballs More“ Now.


It is scattered on a floor snowballs from cotton wool, we hand everyone baskets and we tie with a scarf eyes. We turn on the music and while the song sounds, children collect snowballs. Sometimes meet head-on, sometimes fall, but it is all the same cheerful! Mothers prompt:“ more to the right“, “more to the left“, “squat“, “take“. As a result more than all snowballs Seryozha gathered, and then we put all these wadded balls under a fir-tree, having filled up it with “snow“.

after that decided to calm down a little bit. Sat near a fir-tree and talked about what was last year that good brought. Each child told what he learned that he learned what important and memorable in his life events took place in the expiring year. We with great pleasure remembered both our general trips, and visits of grandmothers, and purchases of bicycles. And Seryozha reminded that on birthday presented him a soccerball. We decide to use right there it, playing “tails of words“. Of course we choose as a subject “New year“.

we Take seat on a floor, in a circle. A ball at Seryozha. He rolls it to Lisa and speaks “to Snego...“. Lisa catches a ball, says: “Snowman!“ - also transfers a ball to Mischa, saying: “Mischa...“ - the Bear catches a ball, “Tinsel“ says and adds:“ Almost like Mishuta, it me mother so calls“, then rolls a ball to me with the word “girlya...“. I guess that it is “garland“ and again I pass on baton to Seryozha. So we play still some time, and suddenly we hear a call. Serezhin mother goes to open a door, and we hear its voice:“ Hello, you pass, please, as fine that you came, we have children here“. Children stood, directed the views of a door. And there already in all width of an aperture there is big Father Frost whom we, having also raised money, ordered in firm in advance. It in a red sheepskin coat and valenoks, is seen a big bag behind the back, and in hands a staff, and he talks such bass! Children became silent, and Father Frost suggested to get acquainted. Began with the little lady. Lisa at first it is shy, and then answered questions more and more surely. Boys joined conversation, and already Father Frost does not seem such unfamiliar.

After acquaintance the fantastic guest suggests to guess his riddles and to win for it a prize from a big bag:

- Call

- children,
Month in this here to a riddle:
Days of its all days is shorter,
of All nights is longer than night.
On fields and on meadows
Till spring laid down snow.
will pass Only our month, We meet
New year.

- the Sound board - and - abr! - amicably children guess ours.

- Good fellows what! And here still:
- What for asterisks through
On a coat and on a scarf,
All through, cut, you will take
A - water in a hand?

- Snowflakes! - children smile.

- If the wood is covered by snow
If smells of pies,
If the fir-tree goes to the house,
What during a holiday?

- New year!

- It Appeared in the yard
in cold December.
Clumsy and ridiculous
At a skating rink costs with the broom.
winter got used To wind
our friend...

- the Snowman!

Kids were tired to sit therefore Father Frost suggests them to play “kangaroo“. It is necessary to clamp a ball between knees and to reach a fir-tree. We find three small balls, Father Frost gives the Start! command and children jumped. Mischa came running the first, Seryozha on the road lost a ball. Decided that it is necessary to be supported a little. We go at a table, we invite Father Frost, he looks after mothers, opens champagne. Children with wishes of happy New year ring glasses with lemonade. After hot tea Father Frost suddenly speaks:

- Oh as hot became me,
I did not get used to live in heat.
of the Snowflake - a holodinka,
silver small pieces of ice,
Rather to me you fly, cool Moroz`s

we Turn on the music (it is possible any waltz, we put music from the movie “My Tender and Gentle Animal“). Lisa at once begins to be turned in dance, boys join too, but their movements more naughty. And Lisa dances beautifully, smoothly, we admire the girl.

Father Frost says that it became much better for it, he cooled down, and praised performance of children.“ Give still, show that you know and you are able, maybe, who about me will tell the poem?“

Mischa asks me to help

, and we in couple dance “Bugi - vug“ - he studied this dance with children in kindergarten. Lisa tells the poem about winter, Seryozha acts with verses too. Father Frost praises all children, gives them gifts from the bag and suddenly asks about time. Having heard that already nearly three o`clock in the afternoon, it begins to gather - many kids wait for it, many houses should manage to be bypassed before New year. Promises children to come surely in a year.

we See off the guest, and Serezhin mother reminds that under a fir-tree gifts still lie, but nobody watched them!!! We run to a fir-tree, we get boxes and boxes, we unpack, we show each other. Lisa tries on a sundress, Seryozha, having received new game CD, asks to turn on the computer. But we agree that all this will be a little bit later, and now it is already time for us to gather home. Mother suggests to choose Serezhin from an ornament fir-tree to hang up them on our fir-trees of the house - let it there will be small hi. Lisa chose to herself the gnome, Mishka took a little mouse. We put on, we go outside, it is snowing - fluffy and beautiful.

to us brought to

A in several days after New year a package of photos since this holiday, we display them in an album and again we endure pleasant moments of children`s fun. There is a wish that New year was remembered to children not only a paper bag with candies, but also that feeling of close friends, warm meetings and cheerful games of which there is the most favourite holiday.