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Holiday as a gift

New year - always a celebration in which put heart and soul. Prepare for it, considering tastes and characters of favourite people - all - all... even the smallest. The child lives in a fairy tale anticipation.


to Each child needs an individual approach. Let the celebration will become the embodiment of its cherished dream, will strike with an enchanting spectacle of paints, magic of wonderful transformations and surprises. Our councils can be useful to you: choose from the listed epithets that with which you most often award the son or the daughter:“ mad“ the child, the lassie - the child, my clear head, the sluggard, the visionary.

the “Mad“ child

you can see

punching-headed its snowdrift, with concentration picking out eyes at a doll or quietly dragging candies from a fir-tree... The Shkodlivost and thirst of new feelings, inquisitiveness and emotional excitability, carelessness and a spontaneity - here baggage with which your child rushed into this world, - we do not know, to congratulate you or it is sincere to you to sympathize... One is obvious: serious test fell to your lot. From such child it is impossible to achieve something bans and restrictions, “whip“ him not to tame (even switching off of the computer or video with animated cartoons will not help). Mobility and chatter he demented the nurse, forced the grandmother “to run away“ for work, and - contrary to beliefs - to a certain extent subordinated you. Who whom brings up?.

Council . The best way of fight against this copy - to relax and to observe patiently, “securing“ it, of course. When he grows up, you will understand that excess of energy - chance which will help it to promote and present you a careless old age.


Ways to spend it is as much as possible energy

of “Association“: two go beyond a door - the leader and “inventor“. The inventor calls keeping the word, and that tries to show a pantomime him to the rest... Who the first guessed, that also drives, and the leader becomes an inventor. And so until does not bother your madcaps.

Violence of energy can be directed to

also to dances. Create a disco situation: color bulbs, incendiary music, spacious room. And atmosphere of freedom...

the Surprise under a fir-tree . You will not get off with the book with pictures. But also a “fancy“ undershirt - not option if only on it the favourite hero of the popular movie is not represented or if it is not covered with pastes - “more abruptly, than at Dashka in the yard“. Supersneakers with unusual fasteners or tineydzherovsky trousers with numerous pockets (do not forget to put in them surprises) will be accepted with a bang! Alternative - skates or rollers, computer games with “shooter games“ or the “advanced“ toy novelties.

Carnival costume . Suits of famous “bad boys“ will approach: Freddie Kruger, Dracula, form of the American special troops, attire of space newcomers, robots. whether

to Invite Father Frost ? It is enough to bring together the child “on a fir-tree“ in the nearest Recreation center. Not characters, and a holiday are interesting to it: round dances, games, crowd of children.

of Game . At once tell yourself that you will not do a cult of silence and an order. And it means that everything is possible, or almost everything: to shout, run, stamp and hands to clap. Provide to the children`s company the safe room for active games. The best way to entertain them - not to entertain in any way. To such children does not happen boringly, but games on imagination and acting skills will be interesting to them.

the Lassie - the child

If the child quietly sits near the grandmother on a shop or quietly shakes on a swing even if nine-year-old mother meets him from the school located two steps away from the house do not doubt: parents worship it, tutors and teachers will not be extolled, and friends of the family enthusiastically give smacking kiss to the top. It is also necessary small for “poslushayka“: tender and appeasable, he tries to obtain an arrangement to himself and so receives a lot of the things, vital for it: sweets, gifts and other pleasures. One “but“: it should be ironed on a hair. It is impossible to raise the voice and to punish: will not understand, and will be upset and, most likely, plaintively will start howling...



games - checked and cheerful

Who quicker on hands will carry out by

a ball? Or blindfold without hands will eat the apple suspended on a string. Play “A cheerful zoo“. Driving represents an animal, and all guess what. At preschool children not the rational perception, but figurative, game prevails. The child has to act in a clear or tangible role. For example, to jump as hare, carefully to go on a rope as the circus monkey. It has to be clear to it who is he and that from it is required.

Council . Accustom the child to independence even if it is easy to you to do everything for it, differently to pension you will drive it for the handle.

the Surprise under a fir-tree . The package of sweets will bring the lassie into sincere delight.“ Dig“ in candies small soft toys, “the kinder - surprises“ and useful school objects: sharpeners, las - tics, ridiculous pens. Puzzles with a New Year`s plot - too it is healthy! Will be what to be engaged in days of vacation.

Carnival costume . Heroes of the Russian fairy tales are well familiar to these children. Your child - ready Ivan - Tsarevich or Vasilisa Prekrasnaya. They will want and to turn into ridiculous animals: cats, mice, pigs, birds. Do not forget to buy body colors to paint favourite “attractive faces“. whether

to Invite Father Frost ? He waits for it. It is not obligatory that the grandfather was “company“, it is enough to dress up, for example, the neighbor. The main happiness - in a bag! The gift should not be one, it is better - a little that “old man“ every time when your lassie deserves, something pulled out from a bag. Buy the ticket for a fir-tree “without troubles“, the child will be delighted to any cheerful action.

of Game . If in the children`s company there are a lot of boys, stage a contest of paper samoletik. They should be put from paper and to test for flying range. Prepare riddles, and for solutions you give prizes. If there is a lot of children, it is possible to hurt them into two teams and to arrange relay.

my Clear head

Such child in world around feels

as the astronaut in a space suit. It has the isolated microcosm with favourite habits, toys, books and thoughtful reflections. Behind each phenomenon he tries to make out its reason therefore he is always busy with something and is shipped in something. He asks nothing, forgets to eat, is indifferent to ultrafashionable children`s novelties... It is severe, strict and basic. Such child - to parents not a hindrance, to teachers - hope and a support, and for schoolmates - the loyal friend.

Check of intelligence and ingenuity



for me“. Two teams are necessary. Children serially draw “flourishes“ on the sheet of paper attached to a wall. Everyone has to become continuation by that that was made by his friend before it. Each child has to know that he is going to represent. It is necessary to draw silently and quickly - “for a while“.

U of whom will turn out more interesting, that also won. With interest will play such games as “Heat - is cold“ (searching of objects) or “Ugadalka“ (to the child tie with a scarf eyes and suggest to recognize to the touch the caught participant). The main thing, you do not hurry children - let they will be fond of process.

Council . Alienation has tendency to collect over the years. That the beloved child did not turn in heartless “cracker“ or “a blue stocking“ (girl), from the early childhood do not allow it to get used to loneliness: take on hands, you sit with it in an embrace on a sofa, discuss movies and books and by all means be interested in its personal problems. Touch it more often, express love and create to it holidays even if he about it does not ask. Force it to laugh more often or to smile at least. Not indifferent relation is necessary for it! You will open for him the world of pleasure and happiness, and he will thank you care till the old age.

the Surprise under a fir-tree . In advance take an interest that is not enough for it to feel happy. If the child draws, buy a sketchbook, it is keen on biology - a microscope, the computer fan - new virtual game and useful accessories. And it is obligatory - informative literature.

Carnival costume . It is desirable that the kid participated in creation of a suit. From you the assessment and a praise are required, he will make the rest independently: will think up and will develop details. If you decided to buy a New Year`s dress in shop, give it the chance to choose. Let will show independence. Point to a suit of the astrologer, the “multipurpose“ robot. Try on professional: seaman, fireman, doctor Aybolit.


to Such children have to like suits of inanimate objects - the computer, the mobile phone, a cheerful pen... whether

to Invite Father Frost ? If yes, that the most professional that inquisitive the baby did not solve “setup“.“ The grandfather“ has to be an oster on language: jokes it will distract your good girl from reflections, “why it from - under fur coats jeans stick out“. With tickets for “a big fir-tree“ you do not stint. Present to the kid the most grandiose show in the city.

of Game . If there is a lot of children, it is possible to stage a contest of collective drawing.

the Sluggard

“I do not want“

- its favourite phrase. Under your windows and doors his age-mates are not trampled down and do not call the friend to walk even if snow dropped out or filled in a skating rink. it is simple to p to Organize


, to play interestingly

Play with children “Good hearing“. All close eyes. You a pencil knock in some subject... What was it? Guessed becomes the leader. Or in “Feelings“. At a table all hold hands. The leader turns to players a back. Began: sitting with edge squeezes a hand to the neighbor on the right, that in turn squeezes a hand to the following etc. Leader word “stop!“ stops game and tries to guess on whom handshakes stopped. If guessed, “exposed“ becomes the leader.

In school, and to section such children go to courses on a habit. Homework is done till the dead of night: will write the word and five minutes behold a wall, still the word - ten minutes of thoughts... Progress is average, it is difficult to influence them. Easily agree with requirements of adults, but you will turn away - and again the child does not want to do anything. At PTA meeting you heard more than once that your child - the clear head, but could study much better.

Council . Occupy it at full scale. Do not worry - it quite successfully will be able to execute the same affairs, as in the presence of a large number of free time.

Let houses it will have at least one duty. But here not to do without praises and encouragement...

the Surprise under a fir-tree . Such children like to read and watch pictures. It is possible to buy several “clever“ books with illustrations. Carry away it new business, having presented the real camera, a film and a photograph album, and entrust to remove independently a holiday and friends at school.

Carnival costume . You should persuade: it without delight will accept your ideas and will begin to help hardly. The simplest - the image which is brought most closer to “human“. For boys - the robber, the pirate, the cowboy. Girls with great pleasure will change clothes in a men`s suit, will paste moustaches, a beard, will put on glasses, a hat or a wig. whether

to Invite Father Frost ? As you want. It is possible to change clothes of the father and to turn an unexpected “meeting with the grandfather“ into a joke. Buy tickets for a fir-tree surely (several ideas best of all).

the Visionary

the Most comfortable for them a state - mentally to be where it is ridiculous and interesting, - in the fictional world - it can be the past, the future or dream. You run away for work, having asked the child to descend behind bread... You come back in full confidence in the evening that he also did not remember your assignment (naturally, bread was bought). The child often forgets replaceable footwear in a locker room, loses pencils, handles and everything that falls into his hands “full of holes“... However do not despair. Weak concentration of attention - a hindrance only in mathematics, your child is quite capable to get on well at other objects not worse than others.

Council . In the future “the transcendental visionary“ - the valuable narrow-purpose expert, but only the loving parents and good teachers can understand it. The child demands an individual approach to training. Realize it as soon as possible. Think whom in the future would like to see the child, and do everything possible that the child agreed with you. Do not try to make of it the accountant, “as the grandfather“, or “the designer as the uncle“. He is a strong humanist, and all here!


of Occupation for creative persons

For example, “The most beautiful sandwich“ or “A vegetable fir-tree“. Bring edible ingredients from kitchen, put before each participant in equal quantities and tell: “Start!“ .

the Main thing governed

- do not disturb! The holiday will be pleasant if children are heterosexual. They, most likely, will separate from adults and will conduct the conversations, to listen to the music, to play the games.

the Surprise under a fir-tree . The main thing that it was really the surprise. Even do not hint about a gift, put it in a box and by all means beautifully pack - the intrigue excites imagination of the child. What to present? Something from a set of details: Lego, case, colourful puzzles, board games and cosmetic sets. Such children very much like to dress up. The clothes will be pleasant surprise.

Carnival costume . Romantic character adjusts on being beautiful and a little not it as all. Spare no expense for brilliant New Year`s attributes. The hair glitter, color varnish, wigs, false eyelashes and magnificent dresses of princesses and knights, musketeers and malvin, magicians and fairies, hobbits and beautiful elves will be put to use... whether

to Invite Father Frost ? Try to find agency where Father Frost and the Snow Maiden are magnificent and reliable - the child believes in fairy tale characters. Carefully choose also representation. The child is more senior than five years it is possible to conduct on “a big fir-tree“ where hundreds of children gather, and on a scene create magnificent show.

of Game . It is important to such children to show to adults the opportunities. In advance plan the concert program (from everyone - according to number), prepare creative competitions.