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When material problems are more or less solved, it is possible to begin to invest money in memoirs. Today many parents can make for the child what any school will not allow it - to take the child on “time machine“ on mankind stories. In our collection a set of unexpected places for visit. It is called “the most surprising corners of the planet“. And it is not Louvre, Versailles, the Tower or the Dresden gallery where any guide, and the museums, monuments and events which scarred in the history of the countries will help to reach.

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, even horror!

B of Finland, absolutely close to us, the village of Neanderthal men - the settlement restored in all details in a consent with prehistoric times is. And near it the first-ever zoo is located.

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many words about horrors of war, for example, at visit of Verdun. There took place one of terrible battles what the tower from human bones testifies to. If to go there at night across France, then when headlights highlight this tower - what was seen will be remembered well.

the Museum then is good

when excess words are not necessary. The most curious place - Heureka is brought closer to borders of Russia. In Big Helsinki there is such museum where at an entrance there is a model of the naked person. Behind the handle sticks out and if to pull it - the rectum will be pulled out. Finns have a peculiar humour, so they teach anatomy. Tens of computers transfer images of the person from youth till an old age. Further you will be put on the bicycle as equilibrist, and under a ceiling you will be able to comprehend laws of physics. You will hear chatter of different birds, sounds of different adverbs, plunge into a collection zapakhov:. There is a lot of such museums in the world. The well-known museum of Perelman in St. Petersburg which during war moved to Bryansk where its collection partially became puzzled was a primogenitor. But in this museum it was possible to enter in a biological cage and most visually to see a life structure from within. whether

A you want to look at a grave of the wood goblin? It is a natural pressure chamber where to reach not easy. There is it in the town of Hjyuvyastla where through a bog footpaths are laid, and on them there are stands with geographical data. From these tracks you get to a cave of Ice Age with the rocks leaving somewhere up. Such primitive silence any more you will not hear anywhere. Speak, exactly there was a Curved seashore.

Slightly to the north of these places located New Valaam. In a tabernacle you will not be let, but will allow to look through ancient Russian books. If to pass by bus in the wood, under Koopio, then you will see tombs of the Russian monks. There already Russian speech is not heard, but locals put in Russian apiaries and cook wines according to the Russian recipes. In Helsinki there is a Russian-language library, best in the world, - the museum. In the center of Finland there is a Bell museum. There bells of all people are collected. And it is possible to ring them.


of Times a year in Copenhagen all gather on a main square and loudly laugh loudly. Copenhagen declared itself the most cheerful city of the world long ago and regularly holds the festival of laughter. Germans have “business card“ - Oktoberfest (a festival of beer).


It is clear that all mad number of festivals in Europe cannot be visited, one Film festivals here about three hundred. But it is possible to make so a route to see an opera festival in San - Marino - one of the most prestigious on the planet, and then to glance on a carnival of fools. It is useful to see also the city of artists of Fiskars located between Helsinki and Turku. There live about seventy people, and there come to them about hundred thousand a year. Here the craft settlement where smiths, potters and woodcarvers work functions. Other similar place on the earth is the French town of Vil - Fontaine who appeared about 25 years ago as the satellite of industrial Lyon. The picturesque place and a successful arrangement pulled bohemia, writers, actors, painters, sculptors here at once. In this experimental Parnassus not dull life boils as in a copper because a hobby of the young mayor - to arrange various carnivals.

the Card of the World behind the looking-glass

Finns are enterprising

and in each their district there is something unique: the village of fools or samogonno - the berry enterprise, the ice arena of love or something else: The Rovaniemi project is a residence of Santa Claus in the capital of Lapland. For a fantastic sum the military equipment in the mountain dug a vault which makes for the country of Suomi enormous profit. Here millions of letters come from all corners of the planet. For their processing carriers of all languages are employed. And there are not enough hands all the same any more.

In the Central museum of Sweden seemingly worthless district map where tags noted different musical instruments hangs and it is designated who on them plays.

In the North Italian town of Tamangur can practice in the thinnest forging on silver and in science of medicinal herbs. On the earth hardly you will find the place more similar to what is described in the book about the young wizard Harry Potter. Here unless on brooms do not fly. Northern Italy is also ancient gloomy monasteries as in the movie “Rose Name“, smells of the Middle Ages here. The surroundings of the underground tunnels punched in the Alps quite strongly beats consciousness of the beginner. For children this city - incarnate magic though there live adults who thought up to themselves such habitat here.

the Second entrance to the fairy tale can consider by

the tower externally similar to Saruman`s palace from movies on Tolkien. A certain rich man decided to retire from people at the turn of the century, constructed this construction where he died in the Finnish woods. Later time the tower was found, restored and made the center for tourists.

Digression for a dessert

is A lot of places on the earth which are peculiar museums of futurology. There it is possible to get acquainted with various innovations. In the context of the worsening ecology it is terribly attractive. Here both waste-free agriculture, and various options of utilization, and rural communes for citizens. Settlements of new robinzon - peep of world fashion and certain “waxworks exhibition“ for remained to live in megalopolises. Plus profit to local treasury. Ecological refugees - than not the museum under the open sky. At least, it is amusing.

Near Milan, for example, the settlement of the former university workers who abandoned everything for the sake of primitive life located by


the Dwarfish states are unique

: Liechtenstein, Monaco, San - Marino, Vatican, Andorra: There is other, toy life. These cities live in the basic due to tourism and banking services. Besides in Monaco it is worth visiting the huge and beautiful museum of Oceanology.

Greece is penetrated by mythology. Here will show a cave where Apollo communicated with muses. Near the Acropolis it is possible to spend the night directly in a flank - the pithos, quite volume construction similar to beet. In it there lived Diogenes. Nearby there is a large market so noisy local dealers will not allow to sleep till a lunch to you. On travel across Europe it is better for p not to forget

about enterprise - everywhere there are free museum days. The museum - business expensive (to 200 dollars), however, if to remember privileges and discounts, it is possible to save the considerable sum.