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Two pieces per customer of

“To the son half a year, I show it cards with letters, and he does not want to look, creeps away“.

“To us three and a half, we study two years English“.

are phrases from real conversations and reader`s letters. Parents cry, are afraid, run on neuropathologists: why at the girlfriend Masha already speaks “mother“ and “father“, and I have no Dasha yet? Study techniques, carry out comparative analyses of Zaytsev with Seal, swear at grandmothers - grandfathers and with each other, want to develop talents of the children as much as possible: suddenly will not take in good school? Suddenly will not enter to the university? My God that then?

We also endured

, standing in an infinite Soviet queue for import shampoo: will bring - will not bring and whether will get to me, and whether there will be enough money, and still these jump the line, and there illegally take out! What means - bothered to stand? You will ache - you will remain dirty.

We as the desperate refugees in Civil war, we seek to squeeze into the last leaving echelon. We will not enter - so though we will push through children, through knots, bags, through the heads, will leave without us, and we as?

or not, there will be money or not - goodness knows, so it is necessary now while there are time and money, now to learn, now to create notorious competitive advantage! We got used to what all can take away, - but knowledge can it is not necessary take away, so nagrest as much as possible while there is opportunity. We cannot imagine what future expects us, but persistently invest in it.

“And to you, how many - four? And you to what circles already go? And where you prepare for school?“


French courses for three-year-olds“.

“We have a tutor on mathematics, on stories, on Russian, I think, maybe, it is necessary to take in biology?“

Since the birth prepare for school. The school prepares for higher education institution. The higher education institution prepares for work. Coming to work, understand that everything was vain, and begin to perepodgotavlivatsya and to train the children. Still without realizing to what. All prepare - and we prepare, otherwise it is indecent, it is impossible. The preparation purpose - only one: not to give itself to bypass. To the fact that all - will bypass and the child will not get to an abrupt garden, elite school or prestigious higher education institution from the first attempt, for some reason we do not prepare. And every time it is accident, comparable with a doomsday.

the Most part of our society does not want to study

, cannot and does not love. But other, its smaller part studies for two, for three, for four, promptly studies, hysterical, as though being enough deficiency: two kilograms per customer, number 635 on a palm. No, to us will be a little, Wan, get in a queue once again. Kindergarten with development of the speech, logic, mathematics, English, history of arts. The school badly learns, so we after classes on the second language, tennis, drawing, music; on training courses, to the tutor, to two, to three, in the external studies, in lyceum, in the international bachelor degree, in university, to England, to America, will not be enough for the Olympic Games, we will not be in time! That collapsed, study give, late will be! Two the highest, three the highest, business - school, kandminimum, the fifth language, I create to myself advantage, I am afraid that I will be bypassed! Where here give the best? Grazhdanochk, you did not stand here! Well as it did not stand, I from six in the morning here, we from the fifth class with the tutor!

Rectors, vice rectors, deans and high school teachers reached the social status of the director of shop at the Soviet power: perhaps will take out a piece of fillet illegally, perhaps will sell bypassing the general turn.

But all - education - not shampoo and not sausage, and life - not only one competition. And advantage in it is provided not with the volume of the information poured, enclosed, got into the unprepared infantile head and not the number of occupations in a week and which is not strengthened by food or training. These are even not investments into the industry. And huge capital investments, time expenditure and works involving all hands you will achieve nothing, except children`s neurosises and a parental depression here.

education has to have a purpose and sense, and also system of methods for achievement of this purpose. And this purpose not in collecting all possible certificates and to attend all possible courses. And even not in bringing up the child the CEO of multinational corporation.

this Purpose - all - in growing up the personality who knows who is she what trusts in on what principles he costs what aspires to. The personality who understands how to try to obtain it and how to endure failure. Which is ready to life in society, wants and is able to work for the sake of its benefit and own. Since two years and to the third to the highest on psychology it has the most remote relation to English.