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Rules of a tortostroyeniye

Originally decorated dishes do a holiday table especially attractive. Tatyana Filippova tells about options of New Year`s registration of cake, sous - the chief of confectionery shop of restaurants of Sheraton Palas hotel

Snowmen from meringue

of Meringue and a meringue are the French and Italian names of the egg whites beaten with sugar. There are three ways of their preparation: French, Swiss and Italian. Whatever you chose, watch that the yolk or fat did not get to protein.

French way . This way still is called “cold“. Beat 5 whites, gradually adding 200 g of sugar. As a result homogeneous, dense, magnificent mass has to turn out. Fill with weight a pastry bag. Using different nozzles, squeeze out contents on parchment. For fixing for a while put meringues in the oven warmed to 130 - 150 º The Village

can make snowmen Of ready meringue. For this purpose prepare several balls of a different form. Greasing everyone with the kindled white chocolate, fasten three balls. Draw with the kindled dark chocolate cheerful mugs. When chocolate stiffens, place figures on cake. By the way, it is better to fasten meringues with kindled chocolate - cream from - for the humidity can soften the crackling meringue.

Swiss way . Pour water in a pan and bring it to boiling. Lower fire. Install on a pan a bowl with proteins. Shake up them with sugar. That mix got warm evenly, periodically turn a bowl around. When beating proteins on a water bath it is not obligatory to put ready meringues in an oven. They will very quickly stiffen in itself.

Italian way . Connect 250 g of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water. Bring syrup to boiling at 115 - 120 º With also you cook before test on “a soft ball“. Remove from fire. Beat 5 egg whites in dense foam. Continuing to shake up, gradually enter sugar syrup. The meringues prepared in the Italian way - the most brilliant. the Cake decorated with meringues

to Prepare for

meringues in the Italian way. To place weight in a pastry bag and to squeeze out on festive cake. It is possible to put it in an oven for giving of a golden shade or to give just like that.

The cake decorated with snow-white meringues looks on - New Year`s. If you want to flavor meringues or to change their color, beating whites, add to them cocoa, small polished dried peel of a lemon (orange, a lime) or small cut pistachios.

the Caramel dome

Sugar syrup - a basis for impregnation of cake, and also for sugar glaze and caramel. For a start - several general recommendations about its preparation. Fill in sugar with water, stir and put on fire. While syrup cooks, do not stir it. You watch that fat did not get to it, and on walls of a pan sugar did not crystallize.

Impregnation of cake . You need 100 g of sugar and 150 ml of water. Bring syrup to boiling and you cook at a temperature of 115 º Since no more than 5 min. Then cool. Dip in it a brush and grease cake. Wait until syrup is absorbed, and do the same once again. For aromatization of impregnation and giving of taste on 100 g of sugar syrup take to it 50 ml of juice, rum or liqueur.

Sugar glaze . Take 500 g of sugar and 150 ml of water. Bring syrup to boiling and you cook at a temperature of 115 - 120 º C. To check readiness of syrup, a little it drips in ware with cold water. Get a drop from water. If it remains soft, but keeps a form, syrup is suitable for glaze preparation. Remove a pan from fire. When syrup begins to get denser (approximately in 2 min.) pour out it on a cold baking sheet or a ceramic board. Collect by a rake the spread syrup from edges and mix it until he does not turn white. Knead the thickened mix hands. Create a sphere and wrap up it food wrap or wet towel wipes. When you need glaze, the sphere will need just to be kindled on a water bath.

There is easier way of preparation of glaze - from icing sugar (only in this case glaze cannot be stored). Sift 150 g of icing sugar through a sieve, add 1 tablespoon of warm water and stir. Pour in 1 more tablespoon of water and sprinkle mix lemon juice. Stir to a uniform state.

Cover cake with glaze or make drawing on its surface. the Cake decorated with glaze

to Prepare for

sugar glaze. To cover it with part cake. Confectionery molds to plan a drawing contour. To make kornetik, having curtailed a parchment small square into a paper bag. To fill it with the kindled chocolate. To close a paper bag and to cut off the sharp end. To lead round the planned drawing contour chocolate. To paint the remained sugar glaze in the necessary color. Red it will turn out if to add to it beet or cherry juice. Yellow - carrot juice or the water painted by saffron stamens. Green - spinach juice. To fill pure kornetik with the painted sugar glaze and to paint over drawing in a contour.

Caramel . It is necessary to take 500 g of sugar and 125 ml of water. Bring syrup to boiling and you cook at a temperature of 160 º With till characteristic golden color. Syrup should not be digested, otherwise caramel will taste bitter. Therefore periodically check a sugar thread.

Keep in mind that it is possible “to work“ with caramel only while it is hot. Besides, products from caramel cannot be stored in the refrigerator - from humidity they begin to thaw.

We offer two options of jewelry of caramel - by candlelight they will begin to sparkle multi-colored sparks:

1 - y option. Dip fruit and nuts in ready caramel: pieces of apple and pear, walnut, filbert. Then put them on parchment and leave there until caramel stiffens.

2 - y option. Spread a pergament leaf on a table. Dip a spoon in hot caramel. Draw with syrup a grid or figures. For this purpose, allowing to flow down syrup, you drive a spoon over parchment. Let`s caramel stiffen.

Ornament from sugar threads

  1. the Brush moistened in water remove the sugar raid which is formed on pan walls when boiling syrup.
  2. Spread parchment on a table and put on it ladles.
  3. In 15 min. after color began to change, scoop a little syrup a spoon. If it flows down drops, boil still. If the thread is not interrupted, caramel is ready.
  4. Remove a pan from fire. When boiling stops, dip a fork into caramel. Now it is necessary to drive vigorously, here and there, a fork on ladles. Already in couple of seconds the sugar thread can be collected.
  5. Create
  6. from a sugar thread of ornament for cake.
    • Oil outer side of a ladle vegetable. Apply with a spoon on it a thread of sugar syrup. Let`s caramel stiffen.
    • Then cut off the hanging-down threads and accurately remove caramel from a ladle.