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Intolerable ease of joint life

Bosses different are necessary, bosses different are important. The main thing - the nobility as to get on with them.

Quite often defining factor of career development good relations with the administration are em>. How to construct them? For a start estimate specific features of the chief. How to make it? We suggest to investigate character of the boss on a temperamental sign. This classification is convenient that it is based on the qualities which are shown in external behavior: reactions, experiences, manner of communication, openness degree. Temperamental properties are steady, genetically set and are not subject to serious changes.

are distinguished It is known that by four types of temperament: choleric, flegmatichesky, sanguine and melancholic. In reality also the mixed types meet, but domination of some one temperamental property is, as a rule, very noticeable. And even if your chief under the influence of circumstances learned “to mask“ by means of role behavior and self-checking, in extreme and stressful situations its internal qualities become dominating: the choleric person begins to fuss, and the phlegmatic person falls into a stupor.

Mr. emotionality

Diagnosis. The head - the choleric person possesses very high performance, endurance, activity and initiative. Its actions are effective also in conditions when the situation changes. Seeks for formal or informal leadership, independence, responsibility. Most often it strict and even authoritative head who loves implicit submission and does not suffer dissent in team. Differs in the high speed of thinking and experiences, hypererethism and emotionality, it is capable of unexpected change of moods during the day. Choleric persons love difficulties and are able to overcome them, obstacles and problems increase their vital energy and aspiration to self-affirmation. In certain cases they with own hand create to themselves and the subordinates problems - that life and work did not seem excessively boring and monotonous. Adore giving to subordinates a set of tasks even if previous are not executed yet. The head having choleric temperament is quick-tempered and irritable, quite often has the lowered self-checking, often dumps the emotions. Quite often he dares to shout at subordinates, to stamp legs, even to be thrown in them by documents, folders, handles, phones.

Recipe of a survival. The choleric person is quick-tempered, but is easily appeased. The main thing - not to react to his irritation and criticism.“ Having cried out“, he will approach you. Also will quietly discuss a working problem. Pretend that everything is all right.

Learn to do everything quickly - to think, understand, remember, perceive. The choleric person is irritated if the subordinate is not in time behind him. The staff of one large company which is headed by “the pure choleric person“, speak:“ He runs on kilometer ahead, and we trudge behind“. Affect “an advancing“.

to Work as

with the choleric person - means to become the workaholic. It is capable to function actively almost round the clock, comes to the office early, leaves after all and sincerely does not understand what else is in life interesting except work. It is hazardous, likes to struggle with competitors and to defend the position. And waits for the same from the subordinates.

On interview the choleric person models a stressful situation and estimates reaction of the potential employee. Do not dare to lose “war of nerves“.


to It like active and vigorous subordinates of the same temperamental type. But with them there are conflicts - such people do not love sharp tone and unconditional submission to the management. If the nature created you just like the chief - study flexibility and diplomacy.

the Choleric person adores all new - ideas, programs, technologies, information. Keep up to date. And in due time report to him about novelties.

He is easy for

on rise, likes to strike up new acquaintances. Therefore show constant readiness for departure in business trips and on useful parties.

I the last. Think over as you will be restored after the long working day which is carried out side by side with the choleric person. Develop the antistress program of self-support, regularly visit the pool or the gym, get houses a cat. Otherwise the fatigue and overfatigue are guaranteed.

of People in a case

the Diagnosis. The head - the phlegmatic person - the quiet, reliable, thoughtful and thorough person. It is inclined to a privacy, isolation, does not love the conflicts. In management it is democratic, shows self-checking and self-control. Does not shout, it is not irritated. It is patient: it is capable to repeat several times same the dull subordinate, without testing at the same time internal tension. But it is at the same time sluggish, long makes decisions, it is capable to reflect for months over an urgent problem. Waits from the employees for the highest quality of work - practically perfection. The subordinate who is quickly formulating ideas and instantly performing tasks causes feeling of uncertainty and envy in the phlegmatic person. It should redo work several times, improving sometimes even insignificant details.

the Boss - the phlegmatic person - the person closed. Externally he does not show the relation to a situation or the employee, but is capable to accumulate a dissatisfaction. He explodes, maybe, and infrequently, but it is very sharp. Does not love an innovation, strives for stability and stability that sometimes results in stagnation in work of the company.

Recipe of a survival. Hold your horses. Delay will say goodbye. Unlike mistakes and an inattention to details.

you Tell

quietly and slowly. Learn to hold a pause to give to the boss time for thought and decision-making.

If the stubborn phlegmatic person took out the negative conclusion, take a time - a miss and only later some time try to influence carefully a situation if, from your point of view, the decision of the boss is wrong.

Regularly report to the chief on the course of performance of a task. It needs constant feedback: reports and service records.

you Learn to notice displeasure of the boss on such signs as intonation or a look. He can not state obvious critical evaluation of your work, but will draw the corresponding conclusions. If its dissatisfaction with you collects, and you will not feel it, then be not surprised, having found the surname in lists on reduction.

the Phlegmatic person is inclined by

to a privacy. If you appeared in business trip together, try not to bother it with the excessively active presence. After work it makes sense to say goodbye - that the chief could roll about on a sofa in hotel.

you Hold an emotional distance. He does not love personal contact, goes on it extremely seldom and only with very close people. Do not tell anything personal about yourself, ask nothing it. If the boss is silent on the plane and the car - it does not mean yet that he treats you badly. He is a taciturn person by the nature, accept this feature and become the quiet and reserved person.

Almost perfection!

Diagnosis. The boss - the sanguine person is active, vigorous, hardy and efficient. Than it is very similar to the choleric person. But, unlike it, it is capable to block the irritability and irascibility. It is sociable, cheerful, well transfers overloads, it is emotionally steady against troubles and a stress. Perhaps, he can be considered as the ideal boss.

Recipe of a survival. The sanguine person - the businessman. It is capable to form effective team, appreciates professionalism. Therefore constantly improve the professional skills and pay attention to additional training.

needs to Talk to such head efficiently, without excess emotions. It is pleasant to it formally - business communication, he is irritated by the employees who are getting stuck on personal subjects, liking to complain or take offense. At work he does not suffer talk on family problems, cats - dogs, fashion, sport and so forth


: if at a corporate party in Moscow region boarding house you perfectly took a steam bath with the sanguine person in a bath - it still means nothing. At office it is necessary to return to especially business relations.

Timid fallow deer

Diagnosis. The melancholic head - an unusual occurrence in rigid Russian reality. What is unsurprising - the melancholiac differs in emotional sensitivity, long endures mistakes and failures, is sensitive. In crisis and stressful situations shows high uneasiness, does not like to risk, it is inclined to a heart-searching. Meets in the spheres connected with a creative (design, marketing, journalism, advertizing, PR): here creative abilities and intuition very to the place. Melancholiacs appreciate the positive working atmosphere, devote to formation and development of corporate culture much time.

Recipe of a survival. Build the sincere, positive and open relations with the melancholiac. He thinly feels falseness - say the truth, only the truth and nothing, except the truth.

your vulnerable boss needs emotional support - do not forget to show admiration of its achievements and to pay a compliment to a successful hairstyle.

Identification of the boss


successfully to adapt to the head, determine what of the listed types it concerns. Find one which most of all suits your head in each group consisting of four statements. Mark out him plus in the protocol. On each line there has to be only one such sign.

Mood of the chief...

  1. often changes, it is easy to enrage it;
  2. almost always cheerful, cheerful. What is transferred to subordinates;
  3. as a rule, equal, it it is difficult to discompose;
  4. most often bad, smiles seldom.

your head...

  1. it is active and vigorous in everything;
  2. speaks in a low voice, the movements, gestures and the speech slowed down;
  3. quickly moves, has the hasty speech, sometimes begins to fuss;
  4. tells
  5. and the voice - equal and strong moves slowly.

At failures...

continues to work with
  1. in the planned direction, persistently moves to the purpose;
  2. begins to look for other ways of a solution;
  3. long endures
  4. ;
  5. quickly forgets
  6. about them and continues work.

in the course of work...

  1. quickly is tired, does not take out working overloads;
  2. with
  3. it is capable to work long and tensely, without feeling exhaustion;
  4. prefers to
  5. the work which is guaranteed bringing success;
  6. undertakes performance of any work, shows an initiative in interactions with the top management.
Criticism perceives


  1. violently. And respectively reacts to it;
  2. it is quiet. Does not like to argue, can repeat the same mistake;
  3. it is attentive. At once corrects the allowed defects;
  4. it is heavy. Is nervous and worries.

before work...

  1. is thought over by everything in advance, carefully plans and counts;
  2. by
  3. at emergence of difficulties it is easily reconstructed on achievement of other purposes;
  4. starts business at once;
  5. indecision can show
  6. .

Making the decision...

long deliberates
  1. and reflects;
  2. having got into a difficult situation, it is capable of an impulsive act;
  3. from - for the sluggishness experiences difficulties in a difficult or inconsistent situation;
  4. quickly finds a way out of a difficult situation.

In communication...

  1. is shown by flexibility, a step and sensitivity;
  2. it is active and vigorous, seeks to hype up all, does not love monotony;
  3. closed and unsociable;
  4. very much kontakten also seeks for new acquaintances.

of Offense and chagrin...

  1. violently, but quickly everything forgets;
  2. it is deep and remembers long, but externally it does not show;
  3. long and painfully;
  4. for
  5. it is easy, forgets quickly, is able to hold blow.

treats humour...

  1. it is positive, not against if employees play a trick one above another;
  2. it is theoretically good, but at work prefers the serious, strict relations;
  3. it is positive, itself likes to joke with employees;
  4. jokes seldom, does not support jokes of others.

Choleric person : And C B C of A C B of D And And

Sanguine person : B A D D C B D B D C

Phlegmatic person : With the D A B B of A C C B B

the Melancholiac : D B C A D D And A C D