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The creative holiday

Child - the little, person full of strength - promptly learns the huge world. Not to spend this precious time for nothing, wise parents impart to the children taste and skills to creative occupations. Children very much like to draw, mold, build. But above all children love holidays! Use it and be engaged with the child in creativity, playing. Preparing for a holiday together with the child, you teach it to acting skills (if you put a small performance) and the fine arts (if you create festive scenery).

the Most fashionable and effective material for registration of a holiday - balloons. The separate direction of design is connected with them. And as for children “ball“ was and remains the holiday embodiment, a source of pleasure and an embodiment of happy, cloudless life, it is clear why the younger part of mankind is fond of balloons on an equal basis with adults.

Creation of compositions from balloons quickly wins admirers. In many cities of Russia and the neighboring countries there take place children`s festivals of balloons. One of the most remarkable, large-scale holidays - a children`s festival of balloons “Color Sky“ in the capital of Karelia - Petrozavodsk. This year it passed already the fourth time. Seventeen children`s and family teams participated in a competition on the best fantastic sculpture from balloons.

should have seen

with what hobby children and their parents, and in certain cases and grandmothers, learned to inflate correctly spheres, to tie them (it is science too), to spin from them garlands, to create big fantastic figures. The benefit at this time in Karelia the white nights worked till the morning. All teams won incentive prizes. Winners received valuable presents, and winners, as always, three.

First place was won by composition “Heat - a bird“. The second place is awarded to a sculpture “Temptation of summer“ - a huge beautiful butterfly. And the third place was received by the most charming, most popular animated hero in our country - Winnie - Down.

Looking at these works, it is not even believed that all this fantastic beauty was created by children from 10 to 15 years. Work on the festival platform was for them not only intense struggle for prize-winning places, but also an unusual adventure, a joyful event - cheerful creative experiment.

we Suggest you to join this creative movement. Works on Petrozavodsk a festival really difficult. Therefore for a start we will learn from art directors - designers to do simple figures of balloons on the basis of a usual garland. How to spin a garland you learn from our previous article.

the Invention 1 How to make this amusing clown by a children`s holiday to us told


the decorator Ekaterina Zaytseva.

- x meters to you balloons of production “Latex Oksidentl“, Mexico will be necessary for

For creation of a figure of the clown about 2 high:

  • the Pastel, yellow 12 inches, 8 pieces - legs and a collar;
  • the Pastel, 9 inches, yellow 4 pieces and green 24 pieces - a trunk;
  • the Pastel, 9 inches, white 2 pieces - palms;
  • the Pastel, 5 inches, yellow 18 pieces - elbows and cuffs;
  • the Pastel, 5 inches, red - a nose;
  • Pastel, green torpedoes No. 418, 8 of pieces;
  • White panch - Ball.

Auxiliary materials and equipment: the compressor or the pump for inflation of spheres. If there is neither that, nor another, use the home vacuum cleaner. That spheres were the identical size, they should be calibrated. Take a box from products, draw on it a circle of the size necessary to you (1 inch - 2, 54 cm) and cut out an opening. Having inflated a sphere, insert it into this opening that it passed through it if the sphere is more than opening, lower a little air. Do an opening of caliber one inch less than the real size of a sphere. For example, 12 - calibrate inch spheres as 11 - inch and so on. To knit a garland you need a scaffold. When you tie a small weight to the first four, attach to it one end of a scaffold, the subsequent fours you will attach by means of a scaffold. Here the scaffold can be not bound in a vertical surface, freight will hold an axis of your garland.

Connect by

the four from 12 - inch yellow spheres. Insert a sphere into a sphere and fill with water - it is your small weight which needs to be tied to the yellow four below. Further knit a garland: 1 - I am the four - 3 green, 1 yellow, 2 - I am the four - 4 green and so on, all the fours from 9 - inch spheres there have to be 7. Further you bind the four from 12 - inch yellow spheres. It is a collar. Bind panch - Ball. You inflate torpedoes not up to the end and in pairs you connect among themselves, having overwound them in places of “elbows“. Insert torpedoes between panch - Ball and the four - a collar. Tie the fours from 5 to “elbows“ - inch yellow spheres that there was an opportunity to turn hands of the clown as it will want to you. You tie to the ends of hands 9 - inch white spheres (palms) and you decorate with “cuffs“ - the four 5 - dyumovy spheres. Attach a red nose on a double adhesive tape. Eyes and a mouth can be cut out from a mirror or to draw with a water felt-tip pen. Chubchik make from 2 - x yellow balls for modeling.

the Clown will welcome with

little guests, instantly creating mood of a holiday and the fairy tale.


A if by a children`s holiday to you needs professional registration, look at a rating of designers with balloons of the Moscow region and choose for yourself the artist.

the Invention 2

How to work with balls for modeling and to determine the sizes of these spheres you learn

from our previous article.

Here such rabbit was made of the Mexican balls for modeling (M170) by Dmitry Tishchenko, “Sphere Company“, Moscow.

has to be

of Rabbits two. One of blue and white ShDM, other of pink and white. Farther make heart, put this couple in love on heart - receive stylish ornament by St. Valentine`s Day. Decorating a children`s holiday, it is possible to make several rabbits and to give them in paws bouquets from spheres.

we Do to


we Do to by forepaws.

to by

It is done hinder legs.

the Head and a trunk are made of a pink and white sphere. The white sphere will be a muzzle and forward part of a trunk.


It is measured two fragments of the identical size

the white sphere Is bound.


It is cut off excess tails and we tie them

It is fixed forward and back paws

we Do to by a nose from 5 - an inch sphere.


fixed a nose.

we Bend forepaws in an elbow and we do a tuck. If rabbits have to be seated, in the same way we bend hinder legs in knees.

Such toys are good for any holidays.