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What to buy?

you expect a baby. This happy expectation does, probably, any woman a little pensive. And if you have it for the first time, then along with an anticipation of a miracle there are also especially practical questions: in what he will sleep in what to walk what clothes to wear how many it is necessary... You should resolve an issue of diapers: whether you will use pampers or the ancient way of swaddling is closer to you.

my future baby was presented by

to me touchingly small. Therefore I bought to it much - very very lovely baby`s undershirts, it is a lot of romper suit (and one 68 - go the size). And even connected couple of bootees.

there Passed several months. And here we houses. In day of an extract the husband bought - the bed chosen by me, the carriage stood on a balcony too, but from the mattress relying to a bed, the child came down to edge and rested the person against lattice rods. As a result, the mattress had to be changed in the emergency order for another. The carriage was scary inconvenient: heavy, slow moreover not on springs, and on belts which were torn at the most inappropriate moment. Diapers it appeared catastrophically a little, there were not enough diapers; baby`s undershirts which I so liked to consider were strongly big and fell down from narrow shoulders, caps, on the contrary, in two weeks became small. But, the most important, I understood that about shopping out of the question. There was no time. In general!!!

Care of the child - work with which mother will cope whatever excessive it seemed. But here preparation for appearance of the kid on light needs to be organized competently. It is desirable to paint who that will buy (if you, of course, do not object to two carriages instead of one bed).

Here my personal list of things for the baby: 25 easy diapers + 25 diapers, 5 warm diapers; 56 - go size: 2 - 3 baby`s undershirts, 1 suit, 2 caps; 62 - go size: 2 baby`s undershirts, 2 - 3 panties, 2 caps; 68 - go size: 3 T-shirts, 3 - 5 polzunochok, 1 - 2 cap; 72 - go size: 2 T-shirts, 3 - 5 polzunochok.


Since 68 - go the size, for economy it is possible to buy things through the size.

will be enough

of This list approximately for the first half a year of life.

the Bed has to be convenient, wooden. It is good if it is a bed - a rocking chair. Kids cry much at night and therefore, trying in shop whether the bed easily shakes, do a discount for what forces you will have a little. It is good if the side at a bed has a sheeting, then your kid will not gorge on paint and varnish shaving during intensive growth of teeth. Beds, as a rule, have two - three levels of height.

can find

matrasik with the most different fillers In sale (wadded, porolonovy, with wood shaving, with a sea grass, with coconut straw). You decide what is better, only do not forget to check as far as it equal and elastic. The first two months of life kids roll down at the slightest bias. And the weak backbone is harmed by too soft mattress.

At the choice of carriages needs to consider several factors: its weight, the size of wheels (they should not be too small), material of which springs are made (belt are often torn), convenience of washing of rag parts to which the child contacts. If in your house there is no elevator or special a rail for descent (rise) of a carriage, it is necessary to pay attention to that how many steps of a ladder take wheels - the number has to be multiple to one (not 2,5, but 2 or 3), differently it is necessary to drag a carriage on itself.

I Hope, these councils will help you to orient in the first months of birth of your child.