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Preparing for receipt in foreign educational institution, potential students and their parents seek to obtain a maximum of information on him: nobody wants to pay for disappointment. One prefer to act, others address to educational agencies.

the Russian educational agencies are engaged in consulting and sending students abroad: in higher education institutions, schools, on a summer language course. In only one Moscow of such companies about fifty, and in each of them can give advice at the choice of the training program and relieve of efforts on the organization of departure.

Mobility of pupils of all age increases everywhere. For the last five years of the last century the number of foreign students increased in Australia by 3,2 times, in Canada - by 3 times, in the USA - by 13%, in Great Britain - for 7%. However from time to time these indicators decrease. Sometimes economic shocks or tragic events become the reason for that. But there passes year - another, and the number of the students moving from the country to the country starts over again increasing. In parallel demand for services of educational consultants grows. Those who think of career prospects usually want to know at least two languages and to have in addition to the national diploma at least the certificate on foreign training, and it is even better - the diploma of the master of English-language higher education institution or international business - schools. It is natural as there is a process of globalization of economy and the international labor market is formed.

Payment of study of children abroad parents consider

as investment into the future. Their efficiency in figures cannot be expressed. Equally as it is impossible to estimate benefit which is brought to a family by councils of the consultant in quantitative indices. However practice shows that clients come back to the same agency again and again, bring the friends and relatives there. In long ago the working firms according to oral recommendations of acquaintances about 60 - 80% of students come. Existence of long “client chains“ can be considered as the proof of high-quality and stable work of educational agency.

Activity of the consultant for foreign education formally is considered

intermediary: it serves as a connecting link between the student and foreign educational institution. But that this chain worked effectively, it is not enough to agency to have in a staff of the tour operators providing departure: experts by training abroad whom pupils and their parents can interrogate for hours with addiction are necessary.

the Main objective of the consultant - to provide to

the fullest information on educational institution, I was best of all with the comment “there, saw everything, is familiar with the director personally“. In addition it is necessary:

Even if it is not about years of study at expensive private school or higher education institution, and about the short summer program, parents need to talk to the competent and responsible person. The agencies organizing departure of group of children for the summer surely arrange PTA meeting and give the chance to be whispered with the teacher who will accompany group. After this meeting in a notebook of the attendant marks it seems appear:“ Dmitriyev - fitness is paid, to watch that did not shirk, chocolate is impossible. Goats - an eye not to lower! Disappears. Pavlova is the dirty creature, sensitive, to remind about shower and laundry, is only silent. Smirnov fights, to pick up the phlegmatic neighbor“. Besides it is impossible to expect how the children who are going abroad for the first time will react to cultural shock. On material which collects in educational agencies it is possible to write theses on children`s psychology.

to the Consultant should be at the same time the manager, the psychologist, the translator, the country expert and the teacher. He studies in the course of work: in Russia there are no programs of vocational training as “an educational consultant“, and it is still possible to rely only on the experience gained for years of practice.

- x it seemed to

at the beginning of 90 that the World wide web will nullify activity of educational agencies. The educational institutions interested in foreign students entered the educational market without intermediaries: posted at themselves on the websites registration uniforms, addresses and phones of coordinators, introductory requirements, bank details. The student visits the website, fills, sends, transfers money, receives the invitation, makes out the visa, flies. However several years of school later were convinced that their websites are visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors, and only 10% of foreign pupils are directly enlisted. The others, having rummaged around thousands of the websites and zakhlebnuvshis information, address educational consultants: advise, I do not know what to choose. Parents who pay study of children abroad also prefer to deal with local agency: want to make secure, ask that it supervised the child during all term of training.

But the Internet educational consulting as the fax did not bury did not cancel mail. Educational agencies opened the websites, laid out on them data on foreign schools which present at the domestic market. Respectively on the websites of the western schools it is possible to meet now lists of the foreign companies and representations where it is recommended to address.

the Tripartite alliance “The Internet - agency - educational institution“ led

to emergence of new style of educational consulting.“ We already send 80% of clients to study abroad without uniform meeting with them: all work, correspondence, transfer of documents is conducted through the Network“, - the staff of the Canadian agency Voyages Tour Etudiant says. The Russian firms too mastered long ago work with clients in the online mode. And also would not know many by sight if not such exit procedure as interview in embassy.

When any embassy declares

change of rules of issue of the student`s visas to Russians which in the forefront are eager for information - educational agencies. Their business depends on a visa regime sometimes in such degree that the firm practically stops work with those countries where it is difficult to receive the visa. Expecting difficulties on interview, the consultant will recommend to stock up with the documents confirming that the applicant after study will surely come back home that it is solvent and not privy to crime. Or the agency will try to find the suitable program in other country.

the Geography of student`s preferences depends not only on a visa regime. Persons interested to have the diploma of the British higher education institution persistently besiege our educational agencies and consulate of UK though it is difficult to receive the visa there and to study there expensively. There is a steady demand for free higher education for foreigners in the Czech Republic on Czech, in Germany in German. One more factor - an opportunity to work during study. As soon as the country adopts the law allowing foreign students to earn additionally their quantity in this country immediately increases, and consultants have new folders with data on vacancies and payment.

also the demand environment Exists. 10 - 12 years ago departures of the Russian children by the closed groups were the typical phenomenon: at language school they sat in one class, stirred in Russian and from a foreign language acquired little. Now this practice became obsolete, but demand for individual trips and training in the teacher`s family grew.

to Ship outward group of children is one, and to arrange the businessman in business - school on the MVA program - absolutely another. At a wide range of inquiries in agencies there is a differentiation. One expert works with the British private schools, another will organize business - seminars and courses of professional lexicon, everything knows the third about summer programs for children, the fourth studied the international agreements on recognition of educational documents and helps to arrive and be transferred to foreign higher education institutions.


Information on foreign educational institutions provided in the Internet is available to all. The client comes to agency prepared: retelling of official data is unnecessary it. The consultant has to offer bigger. Where to take it? Educational fairs at which agents and representatives of schools meet are held in the large cities of the different countries constantly. Annually arrange such meetings of The International Association of Language Centres (IALC), Association of Recognised English Language Centres (ARELC). Hundreds of agencies become participants of the educational fairs ALPHE and ICEF. The annual autumn route of a trade fair doing business - Top MBA Tour schools passes through 20 world capitals - from London to Tokyo, including Moscow. On such actions the consultant can ask any questions directly to representatives of schools, conclude the contract, agree about personal visit to school. From the first meeting at a fair before collaboration the educational institution and her foreign representative go a long way which breaks if one of the parties does not fulfill the obligations. For example, the school did not provide the promised hostel or late sent the invitation, and the student from - for it was late by the beginning of occupations. Two - three such cases - and the agency ceases to recommend school: from the conflicts one losses.

to Educational institutions and the companies it is favorable to p to be on friendly terms: to divide publicity expenses and to issue joint booklets, to together hold the educational exhibitions wandering on the cities. And discounts for excellent students, free prize-winning places any educational institution has grants practically. Schools use them for encouragement long ago and well working foreign agencies: the prize-winning place can be raffled. Such actions make impression and for a long time draw attention both to the company, and to educational institution. Mutual trust and collaboration of agency and school - the testimony of their reliability and professionalism.