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What is sung by finance?

to your kid only several months. You are anxious with the choice of suitable diapers and food from which at the baby diathesis will not be played., It seems, there is no sense to think of that moment when the child goes to higher education institution or will marry in a hurry! Be not under a delusion - time will fly by much quicker, than it seems to you. Also it would be quite good to create financial base for these, very difficult from the point of view of the family budget, the moments in advance. What to begin with? To get acquainted with the current situation in the market of the financial services addressed to children.

Only very wealthy people with the income not less than 500 thousand dollars a year are able to afford to employ consultants for management of family finance. Those, be sure, will plan in what securities to make investments of the client to save up money to arrival of his beloved child in university. All other parents should become house finance directors. Unfortunately, to imagine what will occur in the financial market in eighteen years, it is very difficult. And therefore you will not find here detailed instructions in what bank to bear savings. You decide how to dispose of your income when time comes. But to arm with useful information to reflection in advance to consider it and in time prevents to make the effective decision, certainly, never. What courses undertake banks to draw attention of parents? In what pluses and minuses of this or that offer?

“Long“ ruble


that relatives in every way try to provide to younger generation material welfare, banks seek to diversify services in deposits, trying to give them long-term character. It is favorable to have at the order “long“ money to bank. At the same time and the client in offense will not remain. To make a long-term contribution attractive to the investor, banks charge on them percent higher, than on current from which funds can be withdrawn at any time. And the some of money, the it is more percent. Percent can depend also on the sum on the account.

the Typical long-term “children`s“ contribution is an accumulative contribution to advantage of the minor. The investor, is more faithful “vnositel“ as call it in bank documents, itself appoints the moment when “beneficiary“ is able to withdraw money from a contribution. However have value and conditions of a contribution established by bank. Most often the following makes a reservation: the moment of removal should not come before majority. But happens that 14 years can become such term also.


Attracting clients, banks offer different options of savings accounts and the accompanying services. The minimum sums of initial deposits differ. Some banks do not demand from a vnositel of proofs of related communications with the minor. Somewhere percent can be taken quarterly, somewhere they are capitalized and given with the main sum.

also more interesting marketing mixes Happen. For example, the Samara FIA - bank gives to the addressee of a contribution an opportunity to take the credit on favorable terms, that is under smaller, than acting, percent. And the Investsberbank increases the percent added on a contribution “School“ depending on progress of the owner of a contribution: bankers check each quarter the diary of the child. The excellent student can get an award in 4% to a base rate of 10%. So parents in fight for good marks receive powerful allies.

also others, besides accumulative, long-term deposits on children Exist. For example, the Yuniastrum bank developed Unigrant contribution. It is a contribution for a period of five years. Monthly from it the certain sum reducing the main sum of a contribution is paid to the child. The size of payments depends on that how many adults will put into the account initially. And on the money which remained on the account, as well as for any long-term contribution, percent are charged.

Of course, an opportunity to create for the child the reserve for adulthood is quite good incentive in order that adults entered the long-term relations with banks. However, before bearing money it is necessary to carry out to the bank offering the special “children`s“ account nevertheless marketing by own efforts. It means what needs to be glanced in bank ratings, to find data on history of concrete bank, to study average interest rates on any long-term deposits and to compare them to those that offers bank on “children`s“ deposits - it is known that too good conditions have to guard the investor.

With risk or without?

also alternative ways of accumulation Exist. So, insurance companies offer clients an accumulative insurance on children. This tool is, however, less profitable, than a bank deposit, but nevertheless possesses a number of advantages. In - the first, solid insurance companies reinsure the deposits in some not less solid company, often foreign. So these accumulation are better protected from the troubles happening in the financial markets. In - the second, an accumulative insurance - all the same an insurance. The client will receive on her compensation if, God forbid, to the child there is a misfortune.

reckless parents can play

A investment with some Mutual investment fund. It is risk, of course, more, but the potential prize is higher.

Education on credit

Most often relatives open an accumulative contribution on the child in order that to that was what to study as. But there is also one more option to provide to the young man of funds for study. It is the educational credit issued for a period of seven till eleven years. Choosing between accumulation now and the credit in the future, it is important to formulate for himself strategy of management of the finance. When it is easier to clean monthly contributions from the budget - it depends on many factors, in particular on stability of your work and prospects of office growth.

in favor of the credit also the following reason can play

: one of banks where it can be received, is a Sberbank. Sberbank branches can be found in any point of Russia that cannot be told about the majority of the banks opening savings accounts. The main thing that can distinguish procedure of receiving the credit for education in commercial bank from similar procedure in Sberbank, - smaller labor input of registration. In Sberbank either the guarantee, or pledge, and also references are obligatory. And in many commercial banks use the questionnaires made cunning. By them financial position is determined much more precisely, than by certificates of a “white“ salary.


Childish sports?

you want to acquaint the child with the world of big money as soon as possible? In the Moscow center “Toy Store“ the children`s bank - “Deltalend“ is open. While parents run on numerous sections of department store in search of the necessary purchase, adult uncles and aunts teach their children to how to use plastic cards how to take the credit how to open a contribution. In bank with the Russian children plays solid credit institution with the foreign capital the Delta - bank. Business in general, useful to both parties. The bank brings up future client, and the child finds valuable skills of life in the modern world. And for good progress parents can present it the “real“ plastic card of VISA with special “children`s“ design here.

Little “gamblers“

among the banking services addressed directly to children - plastic cards. Not all banks create special “children`s“ design for these cards, but in many banks give them. And everywhere they are quite “real“. Children can use them as means of payment or for removal of cash. As a rule, banks make out cards for the children who reached fourteen years. But there are also exceptions. The delta - bank will issue the settlement VISA card to the child of six years, and is even free. The Soyuz bank also believes that the six-year-old child has full authority to pay off for the kinder - a surprise with a credit card.

the Parents who decided to issue for successors of the card, first of all, want to protect with

children from the troubles connected with use of cash: cash is easier lost, it is easier to steal them. On the other hand, loss of a card threatens considerably with extensive damage, than loss of pocket money. Therefore the child should give accurate instructions: found loss of a card - call by concrete telephone in bank or to mother and the father - to block it.

the Most serious parents pursue also the pedagogical aims: to teach the child to spend money intelligently and to watch expenses. Fortunately, adults have an opportunity to check expenditure of children. The matter is that to children till fourteen years so-called additional cards are given. They are attached to the card of one of parents. You can limit the sum of removal of cash or the sum of single purchase. Other way - to determine the maximum sum which it is authorized to child to spend in a month. And especially suspicious ancestors ask bank to send them on mobile the SMS - the message every time as the child will facilitate their account.

However, pleasure of finding of “the“ card to the child the cashier in a supermarket who suspiciously treated that the baby stretches VISA in payment of a chup - chups can spoil

. However, banks also thought of it. The delta - the bank for promotion of the children`s card program agreed almost with two hundred shopping and entertainment centers - for example, “Toy Store“, Star Galaxy - about partnership. Not only that the child with the card is recognized as the full client here. For children`s cards the special program of discounts works that, according to bankers, has to be very attractive to the child:“ Here Petke did not allow a discount, and I was given“. Besides, the lucky has chance to receive besides a discount also a sticker, thereby having finally embarrassed neighbour`s Petka. Yes so that this Petka will not lag behind the parents until those provide him the same access to desired prizes.

So, opportunities to take care of the future of the child at parents it is enough. But once again we advise: choosing the financial institution suitable for itself, get acquainted at first with ratings of banks, insurance companies and share funds which are periodically published in business magazines. And then already you inquire in the bank.