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Excursions situated near Moscow for school students of

School excursions - a pleasant way to distract from textbooks and to gain new experience and bright impressions.“ A picture is worth a thousand words“, - we say to ourselves are pupils of the third class and their parents - and we go to a way. Today we will tell you about two excursions across Moscow area which we visited recently. We hope, you want to follow our example!

Travel to the New Year`s fairy tale

the winter with a frost, snow and expectation of the most favourite holiday - came New Year To Moscow again! The city began to dress up. Festive fires are already visible, tinsel, show-windows of shops change in magic illustrations to fantastic plots. And, of course, on streets and squares beauties - fir-trees in New Year`s furniture grew up! Muscovites, both big, and small, live in expectation of New Year. Therefore it is no wonder that these New Year`s Eve days we decided to go to the fantastic place where the magnificent image of the New Year`s celebration - on plant of Christmas tree decorations is born.

our choice fell on JSC Elochka located in the Klin district of Moscow region. At once it is necessary to tell that it was not our first excursion and we are already “skilled“ tourists therefore remoteness of object from the city (more than 100 km) did not frighten us. The road took about two hours, the benefit that traffic jams this day were practically not.

I here we on the place! We were met at once, broke on pass - groups, and excursion began.

It appears p, the city of Klin and its vicinities are long since well-known for the masters - glass blowers. Their art still remains hereditary and passes by inheritance from father to son. Before in Russia began to produce glass Christmas tree decorations, decorated a New Year`s tree with gingerbreads, sweets, nuts. But gradually they began to be forced out by glass toys, habitual for us. Trade arose in these parts thanks to existence in the local soil of quartz sand. At first handicraftsmen - singles directly at themselves in log huts were engaged in it, then, they united in artel, and in the XIX century there was the first glass plant here.

Modern production keeps the report with 50 - x years of the last century. In the museum we saw how production in decades changed. Many found there toys which pleased them in the childhood and even decorate a house holiday to this day. It not only spheres of various forms and the sizes, but also garlands, figures of Fathers Frost, little squirrels, hares, astronauts in the form of candles on clothespegs, is tops and stars, lodges and fir-trees.

I here us was led in shop! Children, keeping the eyes glued, observed how from a piece of a glass tube the samovar, either a snegovichok, or the sphere bent with one side is born. It is necessary to tell still that it occurs in the twilight, at the lit torches. So the impression amplifies singularity of a situation. Then we learned how napylyat “silver“ and paint toys in primary color.

we felt the Following shock in shop where toys paint. Whether it is necessary to say that not only children, but also mothers looked at all process as bewitched! All artists have the work, the task. Someone carries out gold patterns on scarlet spheres, someone draws the person to a hilarious pig, and someone showers with a golden shower of a snow-white angel! To us even allowed to strew with gold dust some balls!

the Last and prepare for sending for a warehouse. Even there we saw something interesting. We are very grateful for it to our guides who with huge love told us about the enterprise, showed us all production phases and were very attentive to that it was well visible to all that nobody stumbled, was not wounded.

Upon termination of excursion we with big enthusiasm made attack on shop where we carried out time not less, than in shops. And as we could not buy a part of that magnificence which was born before our eyes! Especially as the prices disposed to it. Now we for many years will have memory of what was seen.

Unfortunately, on our counters lies, generally the Chinese goods on New Year`s subject. And it does not come within miles of what is produced by our Moscow region handymen. Toys of the Klin masters are the real works of art! And not only because it is hard manual skills. It is beauty created with all the heart and as a hobby. We hope that our children felt it.


When needs to reserve excursion

Is obvious that visit of the similar enterprise moreover and in anticipation of New Year - dream of many Muscovites. Therefore it is necessary to register in excursion in advance, namely at the end of summer. Though it is possible to try the luck and now. Perhaps, someone will refuse the reserved trip.

Address of JSC Elochka.

the Moscow Region, the Klin district, Vysokovsk, Vladykin St., 32 - B

of ph. - a code for Moscow (224), across Russia (09624) 637 - 13.

excursion Cost

Excursion if to order it and to pay at plant, will cost you 50 rubles for one visitor of any age. If you order a trip through the tour agency specializing in similar offers you pay 250 - 270 rubles from the person.

the African ostriches on the earth Situated near Moscow Why to us are so interesting to


ostriches? Can be because these African inhabitants - a rarity in our severe land, and they are interesting to us by the appearance and habits. Or those that this big and strong bird is cultivated and the whole ostrich`s herd can hold on a farm. And maybe, because they so stridently look at us the unusually sad eyes under huge fluffy eyelashes?

In Europe ostriches is parted for a long time, more than ten years, and consider this business extremely favorable. The African ostrich as a meat source, causes interest for several reasons. In - the first, he very effectively breeds. According to informal data, one egg of this bird put in elite Moscow restaurant costs from fifty to seventy dollars. The adult ostrich weighs about hundred kilograms. These are about fifty kilograms of tasty dietary meat. And ostrich`s meat contains one and a half times less cholesterol nine times less fat, than, for example, beef, and does not concede to it to taste. Almost daily the female brings on egg weighing one and a half kilograms, and she can lay eggs within 35 - 40 years. Feathers and skin also bring decent money.

Usually ostriches live herds on 20 - 30 birds. But during nesting they form the families consisting of one male and two - four females. What does the ostrich differ from a strausikha in? Males - it is black - white, and females - brown. The male digs out a pole, and each female lays in it 7 - 9 eggs. Eggs at ostriches very large, weighing almost like 30 chicken, to 2 kg, and 150 mm long. The male nasizhivat this collective laying at night, and females in the afternoon within 40 days.

Though an ostrich - the southern bird, but in our climate feels well and in food is unpretentious. At liberty they eat a grass, leaves and branches of bushes and drag one and a half kilograms of pebble in a stomach that to crush all this. They manage it only thanks to special intestinal microflora. On a poultry farm ostriches eat cabbage leaves, a lucerne, a silo, compound feed with appetite. Also grow quickly, daily putting on weight on 400 - 450 grams.

there live ostriches in not heated wooden sheds in the Winter, and in 20 - a-degree frost quietly walk on the shelter. Well warm their own feathers. The only problem - ice. If the ostrich slips, can break to himself a leg or a neck. And in this case the road one - on meat. Ostriches though strong birds, but are very thoughtless. It is important to save them from swallowing the foreign objects which incidentally got to the shelter, especially brilliant. At the women who came into the shelter they can pull out ear rings from ears, tear off brilliant buttons.

That we saw on an ostrich`s farm

the Farm which we decided to visit, is near Moscow, near Mytishchi. Approximately in 10 km from MKAD. It is the closest farm and, in my opinion, the most interesting. As except survey of various animals, lecture and purchase of souvenirs (that is offered also in other places) it is possible ostriches here also to feed!

At first us was led to rabbits. They sat in the cages and, as well as all rabbits, peacefully snuffled. Children began to put to them carrots and cabbage. As far as rods of cages allowed, ironed them on a soft hair.

Having enjoyed society of rabbits, children went to a fox. But here they were waited by disappointment - the fox did not leave but only slightly put out a tip of a muzzle and right there hid. Here such cunning.

during our stay on a farm us were constantly accompanied by small birds - pheasants. They absolutely were not afraid of us. Even allowed to be photographed with themselves at the minimum distance.

At last we saw ostriches! There is a lot of them, and they already approached border open-air cages waiting for a forage. We were strictly instructed as it is necessary to feed correctly ostriches that they did not bite. It appears, it is necessary to put a piece of carrot or cabbage on an elbow and to approach sideways to the open-air cage, having stretched a forage to ostriches. The most courageous could sell pieces on the extended fingers. Some kids these surprising birds bit a little, but it was not sick at all, and is rather ridiculous. It is interesting that at such narrow throat ostriches manage to swallow quite decent pieces of vegetables and bread. And the norm is not known therefore can eat more than put. How many the laughter and pleasure was! What surprising birds!

Having said goodbye to ostriches, we went to a small structure where to us gave lecture about where ostriches live in the nature, than eat as bring cubs as they are grown up in bondage. Then there was a quiz which winners won memorable prizes of ostrich`s subject.

at the end of our excursion we had an opportunity to get souvenirs. There were both cards, and ostrich`s feathers of the various sizes, and products from leather of ostriches, even ball pens with an ostrich`s feather on the end.

we returned To Moscow happy, with freight of pleasant impressions.


That it is necessary to take with itself

  1. the Washed carrots cut on pieces on 5 cm
  2. the White cabbage at the rate of one forks on 6 people.
  3. Bread large pieces.

When needs to reserve excursion

If you plan to visit farms with animals in the spring, in April - May when it becomes warm, you should take care of it in February - March. Otherwise the whole days will be taken. But, perhaps, you will also manage to find “window“ if someone refuses.

If to you weather conditions are indifferent for

, then at you can take the order and in 10 - 14 days prior to the date planned by you.

Where in Moscow area there live ostriches?

  1. In Moscow region state fur farm “Saltykovsky“.
There ostriches located by

in 1998. The director of state farm brought several young families from Finland. Now on an ostrich`s farm about hundred heads. There is an incubator. The modes of incubation and diets of feeding of all age groups are fulfilled.

Address: The Moscow Region, Balashikha r - N, Kuchinskoye Highway, State fur farm settlement (6 km from MKAD). Tel/fax: (095) 521 - 0285.

  1. On an ostrich`s farm of “Lemek“ located in Moscow area on the bank of Klyazma. There live hundred ostriches, rabbits, a fox, pheasants, a peacock. Ostriches and rabbits are allowed to be fed. Duration of excursion is 1,5 hours.

Address: Mytishchi district, of Pirogovo. Ph. (095) 925 - 6212. The price without lease of the bus - 80 rubles.

  1. ostriches and in Prioksko - the Terrace reserve in the south of the Moscow region, on 12 km to the east of Serpukhov Are.

Address: Prioksko - the Terrace reserve, the settlement of Danka of the Moscow region, the Serpukhov district.

How to reach:

  1. In the Russian Ostrich company which is engaged in professional cultivation and cultivation of a black African ostrich since 1999. The company is the owner the first and the specialized farm, largest in Russia, on cultivation of black African ostriches and hunting pheasants with a full cycle. Pass - lectures are given by guides of travel companies. Animals are not allowed to be fed.

Address: Simferopolskoye Highway, Old Kuzmenki. How to reach: excursions will be organized by travel companies. Price: with lease of the bus - 85 rubles; without lease of the bus - 185 rubles.

  1. On the Ostrich`s farm “Strafer“ located at distance of 85 km from Moscow on Gorkovskoye Highway. The farm was created in 2000, enters into association of strausovod of Holland and is engaged in carrying out selection works, industrial cultivation and cultivation of the African ostriches. The parental herd in number of 80 ostriches is broken into 8 groups. Each group is placed in the certain room with walking in the open air.
Also there can meet by

a bull, pheasants, peacocks. There is a pony who can be fed. There is a pond with ducks and swans. Unfortunately, ostriches will not manage to be fed.

Excursion with lecture continues about 1,5 hours. On a farm there is a shop where it is possible to buy souvenirs.

Address:. Woodcutters, Orekhovo - the zuyevsky area. Ph. (095) 968 - 64 - 59, (8 - 24) 25 - 80 - 85. Price: without lease of the bus - 80 rubles.

of travel Pleasant to you!