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In each new place we first of all find bookstore and library in America. And arrival here, in a small town under San - Frantsisko, was not an exception. At first we joined a city public library, the benefit it was at once round the corner hotels. Then in library of school where our child studied.

the based belief Is unclear

on what that we the most reading nation in the world, however, was confirmed. Let`s take Carlson. Carlson - our everything! If I quote it in the family or among interlocutors - will understand and will pick up everything. I suddenly understood that people of one cultural level at us by all means read the same layer of books. It is possible to start raskavychenny quotes or to insert into the text of a hint - you will be understood.


the librarian that is read here whether there is the same general circle. It appeared, no. Though read quite a lot.

Public library usually one on the small city also settles down somewhere near the city center. Any first floors of old houses, for each library the beautiful certain, unusual building is designed, it is frequent with sculptures before an entrance and a small garden.

it is very cozy Inside. Even if you are not written down, it is possible to come and spend the whole day there, reading, considering reference books and using the Internet.

For record have enough proof of accommodation. We were given beautiful cards on which it is possible to take books both in children`s, and in adult department. Children`s and adult libraries are in one place. On the street special boxes - if you return the book after closing of library, you just lower it there, there a flat tray on which books accurately move down down.

In the library the dobibliotechny part, to electronic vorotets is. There it is full of stands at which the lot of information is placed: leaflets about events in the city, about activity of different groups - the help to children, elderly, fans to write verses and so on - everything is covered. The whole table with leaflets and brochures of any financial aid - how to fill in the tax declaration as to make out business - a set of grants and instructions plus addresses of the organizations that help. A big box for donations - if you want to present books or magazines to library - you lower there. Give much, sometimes there are baskets and boxes on a floor additional. Then the stand along a wall where the library sells the written-off books and magazines. Cost little - in a paper cover of 50 cents, in firm - dollar, magazines sometimes both on 20, and on 5 cents. You lower money in bank from - under cookies and you take everything that you want. Right there news of library, event, competitions, meetings with writers.

Then electronic vorotets and a big counter with service - computers and workers. It is simple to hand over books - you lower in a box cut to them - they constantly take away also make out.

nobody limits to

of the Book - it is possible to take as much as necessary, and I constantly saw people with piles height to a chin. Make out them for three weeks and it is twice possible to prolong if you want. Total - nine weeks at most.

To the left of an entrance at once. Regiments and cases were low there, and in the middle a table a huge round table, low, with the scattered wooden puzzles too. Even absolutely with tiny children it is possible to sit, porassmatrivat books there, to wander along shelves. Though our child was not absolutely the baby any more, we took the first books to her exactly there. Large letters, simple sentences.

the Russian parents say here that they bring the books, but kids prefer American - even if do not understand in what there business. Books are made by other principle, than in Russia. It is the history which - is thought up with some turn, often amusing very much, sometimes touching and such... not “about what“, and “about feelings“ - love, loneliness, friendship, the book - mood. The text not the main in the book, it is equal with illustrations. Illustrations are very good also them much in the book, actually it is a thread of pictures with texts under them. For masyavka it is one - two lines, for is more senior - the paragraph. To read and watch it - continuous pleasure. Most closer from our books Suteev`s fairy tales with pictures are similar to it. Here do not suffer art ambitions and self-expression, than our illustrators so often sin. Books for kids are issued exactly as it is pleasant to kids - with the large, clear, bright images lovely and clear.

Further the section with books for school students goes. Fiction and non - fikshn. If I small could go to such library! Abundance of bright marvelous books on all areas of interest - from breeds of turtles to cuts of medieval buildings.


, however, was not:-).

Ya I think, it is so popular with us from - for the animated film. Americans have a ledger of Astrid Lindgren - Pippi (though it was even Pippi at all!) Dlinnyychulok. About it there is also a movie, and mulfilm, because and books about it are costed by a floor - regiments.

Everywhere on the hall are cost by tables and computers. Children at tables do homework, write reports to school, roll somehow. At the computer in a children`s zone there can be only children or the adult accompanied by the child who is not able to print and needing the help.

the huge spreading hall of adult literature is farther than


art everyone, divided into sections - a fantasy, a mystery, modern, a romance novel, adventures, classics Is. There is a huge section non - fikshn. There biographies, art, memoirs, history, housekeeping and that can only be thought up. There are all magazines which are issued in America, well, or in vicinities - female, man`s, specialized: political, scientific... There is a section of audio - a heap of music classical, the jazz, children`s, national. There is a section of video - there it is possible to take free of charge, unlike hire. There are mostly feature author`s films, it is a lot of classics, there is video educational - from yoga to cookery, from cat breeds to National Geographic.

the department “Books on audio cassettes (or disks)“ Is. Many listen to them in cars - to go long, the highway does not demand maneuvers - and listen to the classics read by good actors - with clear, correct language. I everything wanted to take such book together with the text. Took the Hobbit, but the disk was not reading, but a radio performance - ooochen good, but unusable for my purposes.

at the end of the hall “referens department“. There very friendly people, and behind them the very tall cases filled by encyclopedias and reference books sit at a table. I cannot just go there. On the house they are not given, it is only possible to suffer at a table in vicinities.

People from help department very lovely. At first I them terribly operated everything. They to me helped to find materials for the child that she learned language rather. They showed and advised me much everything - from books to cartridges and computer disks with different games, quests and imperceptible studying of words. On disks there were heroes of favourite animated films and programs - a blue doggie Blu, Dora with the monkey Butsom, inhabitants of Sezam Street.

of Tables and chairs where it is possible to read or be engaged, a set on all hall. In the center there is a block of tables with computers and Internet access. In total at first I came there to read mail. Computers are not the most modern, but access free. Over each computer a card with figures - how many minutes it can be borrowed - of five minutes on search in library catalog to an hour. In a visible place itself you write down time when sat down and you work. Those who expect turn bypass tables, watch at whom remained not for long until the end of term and are attached behind the back. It is necessary to tell, irritates slightly. Any page can be sent to the printer in the center of a table. Nobody to you considers, it is simple if you unpack more, than the page from library catalog, put coins in the prepared bag - on 10 cents for the page and leave at the exit. The same if you make the copy of the page from the book.


Having chosen books, you make out them at very friendly aunties or itself at the automatic machine. You carry out by a card, backs of books - and everything came to you into the account, books degaussed, and you received the check with the indication of names and term of their return.

needs to pay

For expired books a penalty, but my shivering knees - will abuse now! were vain. Nobody swore, all still smiled, for a disk or the cartridge take dollar for day of delay, for the book - 25 cents. Over time I was accustomed to prolong books by phone or on the Internet, and this problem disappeared.

At all libraries of our “county“ the general Internet website. Convenience of Internet services here simply incredible. I can trace the account - what books at me when to them delivery term, I prolonged them or not. Search in the catalog is scary convenient too. I can find any book and look in what libraries of the neighboring cities it is. Its status - on hands or on the shelf - too becomes clear at once. And further - or to go behind it if we have it. Or to order. If it on hands and in our library, it is not given anybody upon return, and will call me. If the book in other library, it is just ordered to me on interlibrary delivery, and it will arrive to me soon too. When I helped at school to do homework on art of rococo, to me just pood albums of all Fragonarov came.

of Children is encouraged to read in the most various ways. In - the first, at school there is a library lesson every week. I made friends with the librarian Mrs. Miller, too obtained a card and access to school library and spent there much time. Library in the big cozy hall, with carpets and tables, with a mass of books and reference books. We even found the shelf of books about Russia when the report was written about the country. One just amazing, I from there about history read to the child the Russian, she is made Russians, experts of the different museums and academies. It is Or rather, made Americans, but written by Russians therefore there is no cranberry there, very beautifully issued - as an album with a collage of very qualitative reproductions and texts between them. But there are cranberry - “One day in the Russian city“, there terrible photos and signatures. The family is such... the coalminer - the driller, on all faces the degeneration press, around a table, on which a salad bowl, buckwheat and Bush`s legs - and the signature:“ The traditional lunch consisting of an apetayzer, boiled grain and a bird in a typical Russian family“...

In day when children have a library lesson, all bring books from the house. Books leave in a small basket, it is born by the person on duty in library. All go with light baggage, in library sit down on a floor a semicircle, and the librarian reads them some book. To kids - nurseries with large drawings and signatures on pages, to children are more senior - a story about children and teenagers. Children it is always excited, laugh loudly and gasp if small. Then they discuss the book a little and go to take new to themselves. In the center of the hall there is a table on which a vase with rulers and cards of children - plastic cards with color photos. A ruler it is necessary to take and go for searches of books, books stand in an ideal order on regiments and that not to break it, it is necessary to put a ruler, to wring out it books, to take out the, having left a ruler on its place for the period of viewing. If you do not want to take the book, you return it on the same place, you will not be mistaken. Those who chose - do not rustle, sit down quietly to tables or on a floor and read. When all chose - go to make out. On a table in the center there is a press with ink, children put a stamp of day when they have to return the book - all very much like this procedure. Then take a card and follow to a table, the librarian the computer there, carries out on the scanner by the book and a card - and everything automatically registers in your account. To me as adult, it is possible to take not one, but four books, and not for a week, and on three.

After all issued books, queue up in single file to a door again. The teacher speaks: “What it is necessary to tell?“ - and all chorus shout: “Thanks, Mrs. Miller!“ - also leave, showing to the librarian at an entrance a stamp which was put.


Organization of all processes here just tremendous, so much it is thought up not to spend time not to lose a thing, not to arrange vanity and a crush.

In reading is involved in all ways. At school there is a program such “Reading is a key!“ . Every day children write down in the diary among other tasks for the house: to read. Everyone has a diary of reading - there they write down everything read - the author, the name, the number of the read pages in day. For everyone 50 read pages give to the child an asterisk - a sticker - and they paste it on the key. The big keys which are cut out from a black cardboard with a color photo of the child with the book - on this key they hang on a forward wall, under a blackboard, and glue brilliant asterisks. For each 500 pages the right for the picture on an undershirt is granted. Everyone has an undershirt - with the lined small squares on a breast. They hang in a class on a special hanger. After 500 pages give a leaflet where the child draws an illustration to one of the read books, and then redraws it on an undershirt special felt-tip pens for fabric. Watch it and mothers - volunteers help. At some children by the end of the year all breast is covered with drawings, at some two - three pictures. These undershirts are put on any events connected with reading.

A of events weight both at school, and in city library.

In city library give parties, with the scenes from books played by actors. Or reading for the smallest, with puppet theater, songs and fun. Constantly competitions for children. Ours participated in a competition of bookmarks. All children could take a template, draw the bookmark and hand over it in library. All bookmarks participated in a big exhibition on a wall, and several best became official laying of library the next year. They were printed on bright paper and spread out on the hall everywhere. Ours did not become a winner, but became the winner and gained the special diploma and the invitation to celebration.

in the Summer to keep a habit to reading, libraries hold competitions with stages. In our summer it was the competition “Seize a Dragon by a Tail“ (a word-play with tail and tale). Children were given out according to the big poster - drawing of the draconian mountain, to it the path from pebbles conducts. You read 20 minutes - you paint over a pebble. Two intermediate stops - you bring the poster - you are given a prize. You reach mountain top - a big prize. Prizes - stickers, coupons on pizza on dumping of the half-price, pencils, and at the end when you won against all - a transparent green inflatable dragon with a flame and whistle. Everything is free if only read.

the Competition of bookmarks took place

during big week of libraries and reading. Different interesting people came every day to school, talked to children and read them aloud the brought books. I was present when two cops came from local police, detectives, told about life, then read aloud, and then presented everyone a calendar card with the photo. My child delirious with delight was because constantly plays pursuits and captures, it has the detective agency, the father bought it a full toy set - with a metal plate, a handheld transceiver, guns and handcuffs. And here living police officers! (In my opinion, a little svinoobrazny, here all well-fad - but the child did not notice.)

Came and the mayor, the lovely woman with a ridiculous surname the Tatar read aloud. She read too, then answered questions. Children with delight asked - how to become the mayor that at her every day for affairs. She read the book as the boy came to a class - Hungarian Laszlo and as his children poisoned - for the fact that it another - and as all made friends eventually, with idea - all of us different, but it is necessary to look for the general that unites us. My child shone and whispered - she for me such book chose it!

this week were two days old of reading in a class - silent and noisy. In silent all brought blankets and pillows, favourite soft animals, arranged themselves nests on all class and read, rolling. And in noisy day there were the same a fulling on a floor, but they gathered small groups - everyone told about the favourite book, showed it and read from there. Onsha the child carried away the darlings of “38 parrots“ there.

to me will lack

this the mass, general with friends, of the read books behind shoulders. But very much the set of opportunities for reading, friendliness and convenience is pleasant. You remember feature of our libraries? All good books were somewhere in back rooms, behind the librarian`s rack, them it was necessary to elicit or be on friendly terms with librarians that to you allowed to come there. Here I have a constant feeling that I walk freely on these to back rooms with treasures...