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Two fairy tales

the Beads

Were at one woman a fine beads, such beautiful that both foes, and girlfriends envied it.

All beads were strung by

on one thread, and each of them was good in own way.

But only everything together they were pleasing to the eye and caused admiration.

When on them the sunlight fell, they sparkled is dazzling brightly, each side reflecting beams.

At electric lighting they flickered softly and mysteriously, precisely beads were strung on a thread, and on the Milky Way.

Here such it.

to Live to them and to rejoice, but, alas! Beads argued among themselves which of them is better and more beautiful eternally. Day and night their disputes did not stop, and each of beads threatened to leave the others. Beads did not notice at all a thread on which all of them kept.

you Will think a thread! Unless the sparkling beads to attention to it, a simple severe thread could dare to condescend.

- Yes for anything! - beads thought.

But once a thread was tired to listen to their infinite disputes and tore. A beads scattered bright fountainlet and scattered in different directions.

One of beads fell in dust, another in a pool, the third was gone in a dense grass, and the fourth, fifth and in general goodness knows where were gone...

their hostess Wanted to collect

, on a new thread to string and where there! Looked for, looked for and did not find any. She condoled, condoled and waved a hand on an old beads. Went to shop and bought new.

A of a bead lie now separately - forgotten and to nobody necessary. They with bitterness remember former times when flaunted at all on a look.

- Ah why we argued? - beads sigh, - why they did not live in peace on one thread?! We were together a fine beads. And who by did not go, on us the delighted look stopped! And separately we became small helpless beads. From our former gloss nothing remained. The rain wets us, dust covers, the sole of the passerby presses into the earth.

a beads Complains of the destiny, grieves and complains. Yes who will hear them? Unless a snail who according to a leaf green creeps? Or a butterfly what fragrant fell by a flower? Or wind in a dense grass rustling? Yes only what they will help beads?. Perhaps will sympathize, or perhaps will think that beads are guilty of everything.

of the Bead all hope that somebody will find them, will collect, from dirt - dust will wash, on one thread will string, and they will begin to shine in former magnificence.

Well, the hope, as they say, dies the last; and all - before to quarrel with palsy-walsy, does not prevent to think - and what to one under winds and heavy rains?

Only strung on one thread, beads become a beads!

the Saucer for a dessert

In one village among green hills and water meadows the old wooden house stood. Tone in the 19th century was cut down.

In the old house the ancient buffet stood.

A the saucer for a dessert lived in ancient buffet. It remembered still Peter the Great`s times.

the Present hostess of a saucer.

the Saucer remembered it absolutely very young girl, and, however, apparently, only yesterday she was a child...


the grandmother Now, every summer for vacation brought the grandson to it.

the Grandmother liked to treat the grandson to tasty berries from the garden. Also she imposed them on an ancient dessert saucer. So it happened several times in the course of the day.

the saucer to the boy Became attached and fell in love with it.

Early in the morning with the first beams of morning light it woke up and waited, here - here, the door will open, the old woman will enter, will get a saucer, will fill on it the washed-up berries and will go to awake the grandson...

Behind a window were sung by birds, bees buzzed, butterflies froliced. Wind brought aroma of flowers which in a grandmother`s flower bed was probably in open windows - is invisible.

But gradually days became shorter, the sun luxuriated the down bed from dense pink clouds longer in the mornings, and somewhat quicker hurried to be behind the horizon in the evening.

birds Became silent, butterflies ceased to frolic.

yellow and orange leaves began to fly Instead of them from branches.

In the house all only was also told - will come on September 1 soon! It is time to come back to the city!

the Saucer did not know

why on September 1 it is necessary to meet in the city.

It had no idea why it is impossible to go to school here, in the village.

to it it was clear to

One - the boy will leave soon. And the saucer became sad...

But nobody paid attention to it. All were busy with collecting.

here, at last, everything was ready

I to departure, sat before the road a little.

the Grandmother kissed the grandson, and they went to a door. to

I here! The saucer overflowed with love broke from a table, soared up up and departed after the boy.

to the Saucer it seemed to

that from love at it wings grew! But, alas, it did not calculate the forces, fell and broke.

the scared grandmother Screamed, it was inclined over a saucer and sighed - what pity, from great-grandfathers got, its wind, perhaps blew off?

A the boy lifted splinters and bitterly began to cry, - a saucer, a lovely saucer how I will be without you the next year when I arrive to the grandmother?!


Suited the boy`s father, looked at the split saucer and promised it to stick together. Told, - as new will be!

Can be


As often we do not appreciate what we have, and then bitterly we cry over splinters, alas!