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Heats, but does not shine

of Cold in Russia come as always unexpectedly. And we begin to freeze in our panel houses with cracks in window openings which you will not hammer with any heaters. The central heating, as a rule, works unevenly - and if still the neighbor from above puts modern radiators and will not read the instruction as to handle them, - at all fails. But our compatriots got used to rely in everything only on themselves long ago. For those who prefer to be warmed in the ways, less traditional for Russia, than acceptance in strong drinks, in shops by winter expand the range of heaters.

Warm glass

Actually, even the usual glass plate connected in the “correct“ way to electricity is capable to warm your room. It is not a fantasy, but a fact in evidence: having carried out by the corresponding scientific researches, the British company Pilkhington Ltd. together with NOBO, created a glass electric heater of Safir. Its design is simple and elegant - two thin glass plates are connected, one of them carries out protective function, another is applied on a surface an invisible electroconductive layer. When the device turns on in the socket, this layer begins to allocate heat which “spreads“ on all surface of an electric heater. Power of heating depends on the sizes of plates, the biggest Safir 60 cm high (that corresponds to power in 1110 W). These heaters at desire can be hung up even in a bathroom - they are supplied by bryzgozashchity. At emergence of an emergency the electric heater is automatically disconnected. Their cost is very democratic - on average from 500 to 800 rubles.

Similar heaters can be carried to interesting novelties. The classical market offers traditional models of electric heaters where the palm is strongly held by oil heaters.

Office option

the Principle of action of an oil heater is simple

: in a metal radiator there is a mineral oil, - it is that and heats a special element. Heated oil gives the heat to the case, and then warm air fills your room. There are devices with the built-in fan heater - with its help air indoors heats up quicker. The advanced Russian consumer considers that such heaters do not burn oxygen. Their main minus - the big power which can “beat out“ an electrical wiring in the house. Therefore it is not recommended to leave them unguarded, it is also undesirable to leave included in uncontrollable long time. The more sections at an oil heater, the it is capable to warm the big area. The cost of such heaters depends both on the producer and power, and on reliability of welding and quality (and quantities) the oil which is inside. Fan heaters are based on the principle of compulsory convection. Their main heating element - a steel spring which is heated until red and is blown by the internal fan, thanks to what around warmly. If you constantly have a need in the most short time to warm the room - buy a fan heater. But this device is rather intended for small temporary offices or change houses - to constantly use it for heating of the apartment not too well: it “dries“ air and raises dust clouds.


to Convectors needs a scope


the Principle of action of ceramic heaters is similar to the principle of work of usual fan heaters, a difference - in a heating element. Apparently from the name, it ceramic, heats up less, but at the same time gives heat better. At the expense of it ceramic heaters differ in the compact sizes and big power. For comparison, the usual fan heater of similar power will be several times larger. Ceramic elements are reliable and durable. It is worth carrying to unconditional pluses of such devices that they almost do not change humidity of air indoors and do not eat oxygen in air. And it means that they can work long time in the presence of the person. The principle of their work is based on natural air heat exchange. The lower layers of air receive heat from the heat carrier, heat up and rise up, in turn, giving way to cold. Such heaters need to be put on a floor - the below the device, the more effective it work is installed. Important advantage of convectors - absolutely silent work. At the same time they “drive“ very large volumes of heat, and do it almost safely for the person. Such devices choose usually for big apartments or offices.

the Directed heating

One more type of heaters - quartz. They are, perhaps, best of all known to the domestic consumer. Our industry lets out their long time. In principle, there is nothing difficult in their design: basic elements at such devices two: a tubular heating element and a reflector which “disseminates“ thermal radiation through the room. Quartz heaters - the most economic due to the directed action: they warm not air indoors, but people or objects which are in it. Such heaters for balconies, terraces, workshops, country houses are especially good. The model range includes even a special heater for newborns - from usual it is distinguished by special protection: the heating element is supplied with a protective wire grid. Such device can be hung up over a crib that to the child it was not cold during swaddling.

it is warm and beautiful

Heatwave heaters (and glass heaters also belong to them) are considered at sellers essentially new, economic and useful to health. Advertizing of such devices caresses hearing: they provide the soft, natural, evenly distributed heat. Perhaps, today it is the safest and harmless devices for fast heating - they are recommended for children and allergic persons. They act by the principle of sunshine that allows evenly and is directed to distribute indoors heat. One more plus - parts of dust do not burn down, air is not overdried. As the heating element in such heaters works a plate from the special enameled steel - it will serve you almost like perpetual motion machine, without wear and repair. Besides such heaters consume not enough heat - and it means that your electric meter will turn not too quickly. Heatwave heaters can be mounted on walls or to put on a floor (legs and rollers are usually applied in a set). Some producers draw on these devices plain patterns so, having bought such heater, you will kill time of “two hares“: you will be warmed and you will decorate the apartment.