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Six steps to a threshold of the Temple of arts: a step the third - we will play

(how to acquaint the kid with history of the fine arts)


Any games of your kid can be combined with studying of history of art. The main thing - always to have nearby an album - “museum“. We play “with immersion in art“ the most different games.

I Will give only three examples:

we Have in repertoire also special games - with reproductions and cards. Before the next occupation we arrange five-minute “guess - ku“. Let`s tell, such:
- here to you five images of “Saint Georgy`s miracle“. Well - guess where here a picture and where an icon...
- in these pictures are represented antique gods. And here planets with the same names (picture). Give - we will find what planet by what name of god is called.
or is absolutely simple:
- here is portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Let Tanya will find all portraits, Ania all landscapes, and Vanya - all still lifes. Who the first will cope - won.

can think up

of Such games as much as necessary!

I one more game - “Gallery“. On easels I hang out big reproductions (5 - 6) on scope of occupation (houses it can be done on walls). I put the most assidious of children on a stool near easels. It is “inspector“. He watches that nobody rustled, did not run and did not touch “exhibits“. Now we quietly pass across “hall“ and we look at “pictures“. I tell - children listen. So we prepare for the main thing, that ahead - to visit of the MUSEUM.