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Semper - 8 years in the Russian market

the Leader of the market of baby food in Sweden, one of the most noticeable players on this field in Scandinavia - the Swedish company Semper AB noting the 65 - the anniversary, summed up the results 8 - summer work in Russia and the CIS.

the Semper Company operates with

on the market of baby food of Russia and the CIS since 1997. For this period of Semper it was succeeded to take a strong position both in Russia, and in other Commonwealth countries. Today the company takes the noticeable place in the market of baby food of Russia and the CIS - about 17% its premium - a segment.

B 2003/04 financial year turnover of the Semper company made 116 million EUR. In Sweden Semper realizes 79% of the total amount of products, 9% - in Finland, 5% are exported to Russia and other CIS countries, 3% - to England and 4% - to the other countries.

Since 2003 Russia and the CIS countries are the most perspective export direction for the company which is planned to be developed actively.


of the Loudspeaker of growth of sales of baby food of Semper in Russia and the CIS to 17 - 19% a year, significantly exceeding dynamics of growth of the market of baby food in general (7 - 10%, according to market researches of the company Rubicon (Great Britain)). Thus, by 2008 Semper AB plans to increase presence in the markets of baby food of the CIS countries in a premium - a segment to 30%. Strengthening of positions of the company is planned, generally due to increase of efficiency of marketing and further development of distribution, especially in regions.

Growth of a share of the company in the market of the CIS is connected by

as well with continuous expansion of the range presented in Russia and other CIS countries of production. If in 2002 the range made 57 positions, then in 2004 extended to 72 names. Since December, 2004 emergence of 10 more new types of food is expected. Seeking to consider requirements of the market, Semper initiates researches which results allow to modernize and create new types of baby food, including taking into account needs of children of Russia and other CIS countries. So, experts of Semper developed and brought to the market a number of so-called “hypoallergenic monoproducts“ where only one component contains. For example, vegetable purees “Broccoli“, “Cauliflower“, “Pumpkin“. These products are very useful to children and therefore are in steady demand. And all in assortment of the Semper company there are about 150 names of products of baby food.


Taking into account prospects of the Russian market and the markets of other CIS countries, the management of Semper studied a question of a possibility of production of baby food in Russia. But, despite noticeable benefits which transferring of part of production directly on the Russian territory can bring questions of ensuring quality and safety of raw materials and finished goods do not allow to make it so far.

the Baby food of Semper is made by

only at the plants located in Sweden, accredited on the ISO 9001 and 14001 systems is exclusive from the raw materials made in Sweden (meat, fish, grain, vegetables, fruit, milk). Owing to healthy conservatism and desire to achieve 100% of safety and predictability of products for children`s health - genetically modified ingredients are forbidden to be used. For the company working in a premium - a segment, rigid and uncompromising observance of requirements to quality and safety of food for children is an activity cornerstone, a development guarantee.

For operating time, thanks to efforts of experts, tens of thousands of children of the CIS could grow up on the high-quality and useful products created in Sweden. Well developed network of distribution guarantees existence of products as in million-plus cities, and the regional centers. The company actively advances the production on the Russian market and the markets of the CIS countries, accurately positioning it as qualitative and functional, but available baby food a premium - a class.

of the Novelty of Semper

Peach nectar (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 4 months.

the peach Homeland - China. To Europe the peach was delivered from Persia. The peach is a symbol of fertility and eternal life. It contains a large amount of vitamin A and In, and also mineral substances. In addition the peach is the antistress fruit which is very positively influencing mood. Peach nectar is shown at violation of a warm rhythm, an anemia, stomach diseases with the lowered acidity, locks. Peaches promote removal of slags from an organism. Peach nectar improves digestion, promotes increase of resilience of an organism to catarrhal diseases, deletes puffiness of fabrics.

Each element entering this juicy tasty fruit will care about health of your kid:

Carotene protects cages from an adverse effect of environment; niatsin (RR vitamin) in combination with magnesium, selenium and zinc is improved by mood and removes nervousness and feeling of alarm; vitamins A, With and In help an organism to adapt to adverse environmental conditions; the pyridoxine (B1 vitamin) improves a proteinaceous exchange, promotes growth of hair; high content of potassium and low - sodium is given to a peach by antiedematous properties; pine forest strengthens bones and improves work of nervous system; digestible iron is prevention of anemia; in peach nectar the high content of fibers that allows to regulate activity of intestines and helps at locks.

Well and of course, the peach which useful properties were estimated in an extreme antiquity just is one of the most tasty fruit. Your kid will fall in love with his natural sweet and aroma from the first draft.

mashed potatoes Pumpkin (135 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 5 months.

the Drugstore in a miniature - here the right name of pumpkin. After opening of the New World Europeans brought seeds of this plant to themselves. Now many consider pumpkin as primordially Russian culture.

Fruits of pumpkin are extraordinary useful to

. Their pulp is rich with sugars, carotene, B1, V2, V6, S, E, RR vitamins. In pumpkin the rare vitamin T promoting acceleration of exchange processes in an organism - to intensive digestion of meat and other food is found.

Thanks to a large amount of potassium and pectin, contained in pumpkin, its consumption will protect your child from inflammations of a large intestine.

Pumpkin improves digestion therefore it is included in dietary diets at obesity, the decrease in function of a gall bladder, hypostases caused warmly - vascular diseases, diseases of kidneys, an intestines inflammation.

Pumpkin is recommended for medical and preventive foods from - for its not fibrous cellulose which is easily acquired by an organism.

In pumpkin it is a lot of salts of copper, iron, phosphorus which are favorably operating on blood formation. Therefore pumpkin dishes are recommended for the prevention of an anemia. Pumpkin is even called the champion among vegetables by amount of iron. The child does not eat vegetables - give him pumpkin puree: tasty, fragrant, beautiful.

Apple and apricot of mashed potatoes (135 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 4 months.

the Most tasty apples puree and apricots will deliver

not only huge pleasure to your child, but also will help it to grow healthy and clever.

Consumption of apricots promotes longevity. The pulp of fruits is very rich with phosphorus (more, than in other fruit by 10 times) and magnesium (it is more, than in other fruit by 3 times), which are required for an organism for active work of a brain and perfectly it is toned up. Such combination of minerals exerts positive impact on brain vessels, improves activity of nervous system and psychophysical development of the child. Existence of a large amount of iron determines the medicinal value of fruits of an apricot and apples at an anemia, and heart diseases. Besides, apricots promote clarification of an organism from products of radioactive infection.

Apricots and apples - a good prophylactic against diarrhea. They contain the vitamin C, vitamin A useful to eyes and skin, vitamins of group B softening stresses and the calming nerves, contribute to normalization of a metabolism. The pectin which is contained in apples promotes removal from an organism of toxins and surplus of cholesterol. Tartronovy acid interferes with transition of carbohydrates to fats that is especially important for children with the increased weight. The mashed potatoes containing apples and apricots are especially useful at tendency to locks and zheludochno - intestinal frustration.

the Apricot and pineapple in apple juice (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 6 months.

It is undoubted, your child will estimate wonderful taste of the southern fruit which are a part of these mashed potatoes.

Besides, each fruit possesses medicinal and preventive properties.

Apricots - a good source of the potassium playing an important role in functioning of muscles and nervous system. Potassium promotes also regulation of a tone of vessels.

Some experts consider that apricots and apples promote restoration of cages and mucous a stomach; at the same time rice starch, enveloping stomach walls, promotes treatment of already existing inflammatory processes.

Pineapples are rich with potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, ascorbic acid, contains also iron, copper, some other mineral substances, minerals, B1, B2, PP vitamins, pro-vitamin A.

Apples contain mineral substances, vitamins both macro and minerals which will help an organism of your kid to transfer better fatigue will reduce sensitivity to cold, will promote fast healing of wounds, will increase appetite. Well balanced ratio in mashed potatoes of vitamins C and P is very useful as reduces permeability of walls of blood vessels, supports up to standard okislitelno - recovery processes.

Pineapple and orange with yogurt (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 6 months.

It is a delicacy it is especially good to a New Year`s table, but it is possible to give it to children and during the whole year.

the set of vitamins and mineral substances which will help your kid to cope with infectious and the acute respiratory diseases which are often arising in the oseena - the winter period contains

of Mashed potatoes; will reduce sensitivity to microbes.

If the child eats

with a reluctance, give it mashed potatoes Pineapple and orange with yogurt as it is capable to improve appetite.

Pineapple contains rare enzyme bromelain. The main advantage of a bromelain - ability to split food proteins which are usually split in an organism slowly and not completely. Besides, bromelain helps intestines to destroy the most resistant and harmful bacteria. He is also capable to weaken and remove a spasm of muscles.

of Mashed potatoes, combining fruit and fermented milk product (yogurt), it is especially useful for the child`s organism since is more full-fledged and nutritious product. In this product of calcium contains by 6 times, and vitamin C twice bigger, than in other mashed potatoes. Therefore these mashed potatoes very much will suit children with a small weight and growth.


of Quenelle from a turkey with vegetables (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 9 months.

By 8 months your child got acquainted with different types of meat and vegetables.“ Turkey quenelles with vegetables“ - one of dietary and hypoallergenic dishes which is logical continuation in scale of products of our firm since in essence all components which were already found in different dishes (meat of a turkey, potatoes, carrots, a celery) united in a new dish, ready to the use. At the child the reflex of chewing and swallowing which it realizes develops, receiving quenelles. Iodinated salt covers needs of the child for iodine which often is not enough in water and the soil of the Russian regions, at the same time age requirements and comprehensibility of iodine are considered. The fatty component consists of animal and vegetable fats in the form of the fatty acids necessary for development of the child. Bactericidal effect of phytoncides of herbs ensures safety of a product, and in too time these herbs impact a peculiar, attractive relish to a dish which and adults eat with pleasure.

At the same time power value makes 70,0 kcal in 100 g of a product that allows to recommend it for children with the increased weight. Quenelles is the that small culinary “cunning“ helping to lead the child to a “family“ table which is very similar on adult, but corresponds to requirements and opportunities of the kid.

Peach, pineapple, mashed potatoes mango (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 6 months.

your baby already fell in love with

apples puree, pears, prunes; drinks juice and nectars from different fruit, and comes it is time to taste such fruit puree as a peach, pineapple, mango. Each of them supplements each other on the content of vitamins, minerals and on tastes, and together these mashed potatoes - the champion on the content of pro-vitamin A (a beta - carotene) who is responsible for sight, a good shape of skin and mucous, and also how the organism of the kid will resist infections. Vitamin C (35 mg in 100 g of mashed potatoes) guarantees high immunity, and also promotes the best digestion of iron which content in exotic fruit is higher, than in fruit - “compatriots“. And pride of pineapple - bromelain enzyme improves blood circulation, clears vessels, stimulates digestion of yours of the baby. The iodine which in a large number is in mango compensates a shortcoming it in water and the soil in many regions of Russia. These tasty mashed potatoes are urged to accustom and develop flavoring feelings of children which will remain for the rest of life.

Apple and bilberry of mashed potatoes (135 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 5 months.

These tasty and useful mashed potatoes belong to two-component mashed potatoes and are entered to the child usually after he already received apple and mashed potatoes bilberry purees which are monocomponent and are recommended for the first not dairy courses, especially to children with risk of food allergy. In mashed potatoes only green apples and the selected berries of bilberry picked in special farms in Sweden are used. Both in apples, and in bilberry there is a lot of pectin therefore they improve the child`s chair, connect toxins, envelop mucous that is very good at an inflammation or the phenomena of a disbioz. Besides, bilberry - the champion on the content of manganese. Everyone knows that bilberry improves sight and even is a part of medicines for treatment of eye diseases. Thanks to a successful combination of these products it was succeeded to reduce amount of carbohydrates in mashed potatoes, without worsening tastes that is important for children with risk of development of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path and a pancreas, and also for children with an excess weight.

Apple and pear of mashed potatoes (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 4 months.

Many parents want to give to

in one feeding as much as possible useful for what mix different dishes. These mashed potatoes already contain all most useful properties of apple and a pear - a large amount of pectin, the organic acids (promoting improvement of appetite of the child), enough the carbohydrates (providing smooth raising of a glycemic curve), a large amount of potassium, comparable only with apricots (necessary for good work of muscular tissue, heart). Fine tastes provide hypoallergenic green grades of apples and pears. Well unless it is possible to refuse to the kid such tasty and useful dish? Mashed potatoes contain mineral substances, necessary for development of the child, - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid which needs to be received daily since she is quickly brought from an organism. A minute more of attention! Presently it is necessary to tell about toxic substances, we guarantee what will not come to try harmful substances in our mashed potatoes to the kidsya.


the Salmon with vegetables (200 g)


It is recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science for children from 9 months.

This ready dish which is recommended to be given to kids during the lunchtime. It supports valuable sea fish whose proteins are well acquired by the child, especially in combination with vegetables. Polynonsaturated fatty acids are also well acquired in a liver, at the same time fat content of a product does not differ from other dishes. The dish has a soft, gentle consistence, accustoms the child to chew and swallow of food, gives new flavoring feelings, and on the content of vitamins A, D, E considerably exceeds myasoovoshchny products. Sea fish contains such rare elements as iodine and fluorine. Your child will have healthy teeth, healthy heart and a good bearing on long life.