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Well, why on childbirth the husband?

our joint childbirth became a holiday. Numerous predictions about “the husband fainting“ and “the woman in labor hating all men“ did not come true. I to admit, badly I imagine how it is possible to give birth alone. The husband at childbirth - it is necessary and it is correct! Only at once I want to specify: in my understanding joint childbirth is a childbirth together. That is the husband does not observe, and participates. If motivation of a campaign on childbirth “interestingly“, “I want to have a look“ - let stays at home, nerves of all participants of process will be more whole.

Most important in joint labor, in my opinion, that the husband perceived the wife adequately. If the wife for it - the Queen who and to a toilet - that does not go to go to give birth together, unambiguously, not the best idea. Childbirth assumes the mass of unexpected situations: both painful reactions of the woman, and surveys of doctors, and vulgar physiology (to bring the vessel, to take legs). It is very important that the husband in the delivery room was perceived as the friend and the assistant. It is even more important not to strain on the fact that “he will see and will stop loving“, “to me it is inconvenient before him“. Also not fastidiousness and absence of fear of blood and other medical features is important.

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of Knowledge! And unreliable special courses (we in the city just do not have them). Any books, Internet materials will approach. Only do not lean on fiction, there sometimes so childbirth is described - nightmares will dream! We with the husband accurately wrote out necessary data in a notebook, and he wrote out.“ You will write down at discretion and to understanding, and it is necessary to use - that to me“ - future father told, and I agreed with it. Within 9 patrimonial hours Alexey was repeatedly verified with our “reference book“, offering something suitable to a situation. Only a year cannot resolutely remember where put it after the delivery...

it is Very good to have for joint childbirth an opportunity to remain alone. To doctors, by the way, too is quieter if the woman in labor “under supervision“, they control her less. You will be able to go, do exercises, even to kiss (it is very useful for disclosure of a neck!). We, for example, just went along a corridor. About eight hours in a row, with breaks for measurements of fights. Then the doctor told me that it considerably accelerated childbirth because after a bubble puncture they could is unpredictable to drag on.

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to the middle when fights already became notable, Aleshka ordered to me “Strike an attitude!“ . I leaned hands against a window sill, and it pounded to me a waist, and I massed, sorry, in front. Still I will not apply mind, as if I coped with this task one, was ill on both sides equally. I on life - the leader, the leader. But it was at the time of delivery so good to transfer itself under man`s protection! It is a trifle which, however, can spoil pleasure of the birth of the kid. To realize the helplessness, the loneliness is very terrible and if also doctors add...

Ya with surprise listened to stories of girlfriends about how they were got nasty by the same medical crew. In the presence of the stranger moreover the man moreover and independent (itself - that from a table maternity you will not get up and home you will not go!) doctors are brought up, watch themselves and a situation. And as Aleshka sent the nurse behind a wet rag that to me rubbed off a face! Well, which of medical staff will guess before? The husband did not climb to physicians with instructions, and did the things. For example, spoke to me “Down, down tuzhsya!“ when I began to make an effort “in a face“. Thanks to it at me vessels in eyes did not burst, and at many women in labor of an eye were exactly - in - exactly as at rabbits.

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a dropper (doctors were afraid of the long waterless period of the perenoshenny baby), I learned what it - to give birth! And if to consider that it is impossible to shift legs, and to lie on a back badly, I had a rough time. But Aleshka convinced the doctor that will hold to me a leg. So it held with one hand (more precisely, I convulsively seized) my hand that I did not bring down a needle. Another “caught“ my leg which I shook at peak of fights in air. However, this apocalypse lasted no more than half an hour. It dread to think that someone gives birth so till some hours.

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also at a raising me on a table, and when mending a small razryvchik, he breathed in a step. And after the delivery I lay on a wheelchair and I was overflowed by huge love to all, I thanked all, crying with happiness. And as if to me it was bad without native person when overflow emotions, and there is nobody them to share. Aleshka fed me, gave to drink and called my mother. By the way, the nurse told:“ You are a woman in labor on five with plus, and the husband at you though where! There were already married couples, so the husband really in a faint was slapped. And other woman began to shout at the husband, type from - for you I suffer. I in a different way look now at such childbirth“.

As for psychological aspect... Alexey says that nothing frightening in labor was, in a faint there was no wish. There was a wish to be the most useful only. I had not to explain to him that I have seams that they ache a bit.

I most important: in my opinion, joint childbirth leads to absolutely special attitude towards the kid. Usually as? The husband brings the wife to maternity hospital, and takes away also a paper bag in addition. And from where it undertook - unclear. Right there everything is logical, here childbirth, here the child, fuller understanding of paternity happens. I read everything above-written and thought: well it is necessary what husband at me gold, and I abused him now... I will go to be reconciled!