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My the express - childbirth of

About pregnancy to read the second here.

on May 4. I spent the whole day on the children`s websites. In the evening the father brought Katerina from the grandmother and resolutely declared that me it is necessary to tear off from the computer and I by all means should take a walk! Having used Cat`s refusal of walk, we gorged on various ice cream much. I never ate so much!

heat, an easy fragrant breeze plays

On the street my hopelessly acquired hairstyle, the gentle sun slowly sits down, bathing in beams hardly wakened greens. Grace.

Having returned after 1,5 - hour surprisingly sincere walk, sat down to have supper. Katerina, having dropped a bread piece, grabbed a broom, and I, wishing to coordinate operation still of inept handles, bent down and... felt how the bubble burst and amniotic waters began to flow.“ Oh, mother peed the pants“, - the daughter confusedly noticed. Time 21. 50.

I was delighted to

A and at the same time internally gathered, concentrated. Probably, at many so was. There is life: minute behind a minute. Usual. But since that moment as future mother understands - began! Stop! Other counting of time in other measurement went, the brain begins to work selectively, a lot of things fade into the background.

Ya I withdraw the, weeks two collected, “a disturbing small suitcase“, the whole Katerina and extremely alarmed mother, I go outside. And in the head thought: “If only at an entrance to meet nobody“. In Russia was considered that than more people know about childbirth, than heavier they pass. Nonsense, of course.

“We hurry or not?“ - in the car the husband asks. I do not feel fights therefore I ask to go slowly. To me it is somehow sad and lonely. The daughter, mother, the husband - the my loved ones remain, and I leave somewhere...“ Already we approach“, - having noticed that I did not react for the first time, the husband repeated. I see the familiar friendly shining windows of a rodblok. “I do not want there“, - I began to roar, and tears a hail swept on the person. - “It is a pity that did not persuade you to give birth together“.

But when I crossed already familiar threshold of the 6th maternity hospital (2 years 4 months ago my daughter was born here), determination and confidence in the favorable result of this unpredictable “action“ returned to me. I was issued by the sweetest woman, having allowed to take mobile and water, removed to say goodbye to the husband. “There are no fights yet, call in the morning...“. I, of course, hoped, to get to the same crew with which gave birth for the first time, but specially for this purpose undertook nothing.

“That, the stomach did not hurt at all, disclosure already 4 fingers?“ - Marina Rubenovna who is managing office of pathology, being on duty this night with astonishment asked.“ No, and now does not hurt“, - as if justifying oneself, I answer. The pleasant woman from reception transferred me to hands of the midwife Nellie. Low to it bow and my gratitude for the help in the son`s birth. Me put on only bed, free from four. Quite cozy situation. The general light in chamber is turned off, the small night lamp burns. Nellie connected the cardiomonitor. In principle, it is pleasant to me to lie, but for some reason tears began to flow again. I thought of the daughter, that I left her, left “in a leddy lyazhyat pray“, thought of the father...

Sometimes, very seldom, the strong skhvatochka, and again nothing will appear. I removed the elastic band which is pulling together my hair, and that did not get lost, put on a hand.

- That it at you on a hand? - not at once understood Nellie
- Say, helps...
- the Elastic band on a hand? there is no
- a flowing hair of the woman in labor, lack of knots.
- Yes, helps, - the midwife seriously confirmed.

Suddenly I felt by

strong fight. One more. So far they rare, but already painful and long. Having switched-off sensors of the cardiomonitor, Nellie allowed to descend in a toilet.“ And the more often, the better“ - the midwife added. I know from experience of first labor that it is easier to transfer fights standing, and, having returned, began to be trampled down at a bed, warming up a waist. Nellie to me suggested to sit on a huge ball, showed how it is possible to facilitate fights, and enclosed in a hand a masseur for a waist. Super! All this what I could only dream of. But it was necessary to go bananas not for long. Fights fast united with quite notable attempts. I began to postanyvat.

- And - and - and! Me grieves! - I speak to the young probationer sitting on a post.
- Well - at, tuzhtes, - she uncertainly advised.

At the next moment sharp driving pain causes in me the accruing shout.
- And - and - and - and!!!

Nellie and the doctor Came. They asked me to lay down. The doctor, surveying, it allows to be extinguished.

- Nellie, prepare a chair! - Marina Rubenovna disposed.
- My God, again! What to do? - I panic, feeling as fight begins.
- Breathe, - Marina Rubenovna quietly speaks.
- I cannot, I cannot... - I lament, goggling.
- Breathe if you do not want to give rise on a bed.
“Yes anywhere! Only allow to let out, push out already...“
- Yes what it digs there? Nellie, the chair is ready?
“Uff. As it is good. Fight took place“.
- Well I and the silly woman. Absolutely I do not control myself. I know, that it is impossible to shout - and - and - and - I howled in the 3rd meter ceiling again.
- Olya, look at me. Do not shout, you harm the baby, - Marina Rubenovna tries to explain.
- we Will go to a chair.


Ya to a chair. On everything it was visible that doctors did not expect such succession of events.

- Olya, gather: exhale, then deeply inhale and tuzhsya for fight three times.
- And - and - and... - Give
- give, still - still... Inhale, and still tuzhsya, - Nellie directs me.
- I cannot, - I exhaled and leaned back on a chair.

Expectation of new fight dragged on.

- Well, where your fights what shouted? - Marina Rubenovna began to pinch my stomach.
- Tuzhsya, tuzhsya, tuzhsya still, still... Tuzhsya as at the most terrible lock, tries to send my efforts to the right direction, and “not in a face“ to Nellie.

I felt by

In this attempt some burning - result of a prerezyvaniye of a head, groped this notorious “point of pain“. Also ceased to feel sorry for herself.

without hearing encouragement from doctors:
- Me - e - zht - sya at me - nya - che - go not on - lu - hopes - sya, - I squeeze out words.
- Gives birth as though the first time also still talks, - did not sustain neonatolog.

I feeling new fight:
- My God help! - I was strongly bent, having grabbed hand-rail, planted the feet, and... saw how the midwife accepts the Kid. it I see
- 1 hour 40 minutes. Boy. - Hold
strong, it very slippery, - Nellie says, stacking Alexander to me on a stomach.

It is not slippery. It is warm. It is fragrant. It is native. It mine.

I do not believe

I in reality of the events.

the Midwife of a visor Aleksandra on processing. Weighed. Measured.

3300. 50 cm 8/9 across Apgar. The same indicators, as at Katerina.

- All? I do not trust... I do not trust - as abnormal I repeat.

I Here lie, such not normal, on a chair, one in the middle of the huge brightly lit delivery room. All doctors at business. Sometimes I straighten legs which very much cramps and kindly so, easy I talk to incidentally glanced doctor. Present. Such lovely conversation about anything, the missing doctor - the man who by the way glanced in a rodblok, and the woman from a chair who a minute ago gave rise...

the placenta Departed. Any gap. Washed, covered and left alone. Nellie brought mobile. “Now it is possible to call“ And I lie and I swing the head.“ I do not trust, I do not trust“. The midwife brought Alexander. Still some tens minutes ago we were a whole. I dexterously applied native kulechek to a breast. And we reunited again.

At heart rest, around silence, the twilight. “I do not trust, all so quickly. 3,5 hours ago at me waters departed and I already gave rise, I do not trust“. But persistent sucking of the newborn son confirmed about reality of an event.

About the husband, the son and the first smile...