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As I did the developing Montessori`s frame for Masha of

Each mother dreams that her child developed harmoniously. The logic of the kid is formed since the birth and who, how not loving parents, have to promote its formation? The developing framework - Montessori`s inserts will become the good assistant in this difficult and responsible business. A framework is actual for children aged from 6 months till 2, 5 years. They train:

Of course, a framework it is possible to buy in shop of the developing toys. But their choice is not so big. Besides I believe that everything, made our hands, bears a positive charge which the child by all means will feel. So, we will start!

For a start should decide by

on subject: my first frame of Vegetables steel.

(at me “Hemera Photo Objects“) we choose by

In photoclipart the most attractive and bright pictures and we print out them on photographic paper by means of the inkjet printer. 8 vegetables were located on a sheet A4 at me: eggplant, cauliflower, paprika, tomato, cucumber, headed cabbage, pumpkin and corn.

Accurately cut out pictures we spread

on plywood of 20õ30 cm in size and we lead round, but not on the contour, and simpler lines that it was convenient to cut a fret saw what, actually, and we start after all figures are led round. For a start we cut the lower and top edges, and then each basis for vegetable.

as a result at us has to turn out 8 bases under pictures (in advance note on them front part), the top and lower levels and a frame. We process all edges an emery paper that in the course of game the kid did not scratch fingers.

we paste

on front part of wooden bases of the image of vegetables Now and we cover them with a transparent varnish as at water hit paint can spread (I used colourless nail varnish J).

Then we take

one more sheet of plywood of 20õ30 cm in size and we paste to it a frame, the top and lower levels (I used BF glue). We fix edges by clothespegs and we allow to stand about an hour. We remove clothespegs and we put under annual filing of “Happy parents“ for about 10 hours.

we connect to creative process the father with glue, the screw-driver, screws and expansion bolt shields Meanwhile. Screws have to be one and a half centimeter high. We cut off plastic the expansion bolt shield by the size of a screw minus plywood width. We grease a tip of a screw with glue. We pass a screw throughout the cut-off expansion bolt shield and we twist in the middle of a figure. The small handle turned out.


It is aggregated all design. Your first frame is ready! What in line? “Fruit“ or “Pets“?