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Six steps to a threshold of the Temple of arts: a step the second - a slide - the show

(how to acquaint the kid with history of the fine arts)


the First option - to you was lucky

, and at your place there are a slide projector and slides. It is nearly the best opportunity to acquaint the child with masterpieces of world art in the absence of nearby originals. Viewing of slides bears in itself the mass of charms - the mysterious twilight, a magic ray of light, big, quickly (or not really) the changing color images on a wall, a door or even a ceiling (children it is excited!) an opportunity to approach the screen and to stroke, for example, on a wing big, in the human growth, the angel who was to report to Maria the good news about the son`s birth... And still - most to press the button including a slide projector, to change a slide... And then still (when “show“ comes to an end) - to substitute a palm under the shining beam and to arrange “shadow play“...

Minus - difficulties in search of slides (there are not much places where they can be bought). However, having the high-quality photoequipment, it is possible to do slides most - photographing on a positive film and doing reshooting from good albums and reproductions.

the Second option - filmstrips on art. It - though not is interesting too as slides - because already made a selection of pictures for you. There is a text - hardly you will begin to read it to the kid, but obtain information. And still there is certain dynamics - filmstrips are more similar to cinema or the animated film.

I, at last, the third option - of video and SD. But unlike filmstrips and slides, time limit is necessary here - the three-year-old child can watch the video movie without harm for sight no more than half an hour, and to sit at the monitor screen - no more than 10 minutes. However. 10 minutes are quite enough - good SD - the disk with qualitative vosproizvedeniye of monuments of art gives feeling of virtual travel on halls of the museums and galleries of the different countries of the world. Sometimes on such disks there are also special games.

For example, the disk “Architecture Masterpieces“ (Kirill and Mefodiy firms) offers game which it is necessary to clean the excess constructions and monuments breaking uniformity of style. When the child “deletes“ a glass skyscraper, it is scattered with a ring, the statue of a lion thaws in air with growl... As a result the architectural complex appears in the primitive purity.