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The review of the children`s furniture presented on 10 - y Parents speak to the international exhibition “World of the Childhood ` 2004“

: “All best - to children“, plan the budget and go to furniture store. Managers of kindergartens, specify:“ To children - all the best, the strongest, and cheaper, is desirable“. Let`s look what production producers of children`s furniture offer parents and child care facilities today.

of the Bed and arenas for the smallest

Visitors of the exhibition “the World of the Childhood `of 2004“ could see the most various cribs and arenas of domestic and foreign producers and distributors.


At the Seca stand presented the wide product range, meeting requirements of modern kids. Parents of future astronauts were interested in cradles with “on-board computer“, arenas, an electromusical swing, prygunka, hills. It is interesting that from a cradle the kid can move in the growing bed of the same line of design. Touchingly the hare on a back of a “space“ bed looked. In general, the design of this furniture can be characterized as dynamic, futuristic. There is a wish to note the thought-over use of plastic details and the rounded forms.

At the Seca stand could be found

also transport for kids: carriages, sledge, electroscooters.

the British firm Connection on the exposition platform presented to

beds - lyulechka, chairs - a swing and multipurpose arenas. The model of a bed of Kolcraft firm connected advanced technologies to the most delicate registration. The bed is issued by the whole cloud of ruches, and the cloud it can be removed and sent to the washing machine easily. Such functions as illumination, vibration, reproduction of a mother`s voice and five lulling melodies facilitating parental life are thought over.

is not conceded in the technical characteristics by a bed - an arena. Illumination, vibration, 5 melodies, record and reproduction of a voice belong to its functions. The top part of an arena is removed and can be used for games of the child on a floor. Sideways beds - an arena there is a basket for linen and diapers. All design understands and is compactly stored in a convenient cover. These goods can be bought in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in a retail network “Kangaroo“, “Geese Are Swans“, “Ship“, “Banana - Mother“.

of the Bed for growth from the birth till 4 years were built in a rank at the stand of the Italian firm Baby OK Stamp SRL. On a photo - the rocking to sleep bed with the lower moving-forward box for toys and linen.


of Many visitors of the exhibition “the World of the Childhood` of 2004“ production of the Mozhginsky woodworking enterprise “Red Star“ interested. Many Russians know an emblem of this company since the childhood. The fir-tree and a birch can be seen also on a wooden line, and a set of calculating materials. But now we are interested in children`s furniture from “A red star“. The model range presented at an exhibition was very wide, various tables, chairs, dressers and cases entered it. It should be noted that beds for newborns are made of whole wood of deciduous breeds, sides are protected from above by a special slip from PVC.

Specialization of the Greek company “Kitten“ (Kitten) - furniture and accessories for nurseries. Buyers can make and supplement children`s set, choosing from ten various options of design. The Kitten stand presented three lines of furniture at once. It “A jeans bear cub“, “Classics“ and fonts “Mickey - the Mouse“ which are made by agreement with the company Walt Disney.

Furniture for kindergartens and educational institutions, the equipment for children`s creative activity and work.

This section of the exhibition “The world of the childhood `of 2004“ is addressed by

, first of all, to wholesale buyers. Who provides today this segment of the market and what it is possible to complete groups for our fidgets with?


At the stand of LLC Andrey Pervy (Moscow) presented both novelties, and the proved models of furniture and accessories. Visitors of an exhibition paid attention to the so-called “literary stand“ on wheel support, hills - rocking chairs, bunk and traditional beds. Interestingly flat decorative nested dolls in children`s growth and looked slightly less.

them can be used in game or in the dramatized representation.

Design features and design of the furniture leaving under the Andrey the First brand are connected by

, first of all, with application of technology of cutting of multilayered plywood the laser.

of LLC MODUS - the Russian firm - producer of furniture for preschool institutions and office furniture. At the stand of firm the case flaunted - the module in the form of Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin, frankly shouting:“ Native, domestic production!“ . Such design makes a little dual impression. But that, undoubtedly, positively, so this production of the tables growing together with owners. Tables 46 / 52 / 58 centimeters high are supplied with telescopic legs.

the Furniture from the Mode firm was also presented to

at the distributor`s stand - to the Elti - Kulits company which offers buyers wide range of products for child care facilities. On a photo - the trunk decorated by a traditional vegetable ornament in an environment of children`s upholstered furniture.

the Factory of children`s furniture “Gnome“ (Moscow) presented to

the range of functional and game furniture, and also the sports equipment for kindergartens. All furniture was made of a tree, generally of a pine. There were school desks, tables, beds, trunks, various regiments, lockers and so on. Unfortunately, with the naked eye it is possible to notice some shortcomings of sets of the Gnome. For example, children`s chairs are hardly convenient - a back too direct, on it it is difficult to lean the elbows. Such chair is not better than a stool. Benches, armchairs, bookcases - lodges look is rather heavy, they lack no list.


At the stand of the Moscow group of companies “Academy of the Childhood“ showed “goods by a back“ in literal and figurative sense. On a photo the school desk and stools are visible. They look brightly and accurately, but nevertheless do not please with workmanship of details. At a table of the handle of drawers act concerning edge of a table-top forward. And the fixture of backs of stools could be buried on the back. The clothes of children will constantly cling to such furniture.

Pelican - 7 Manufacturing enterprise - the constant successful participant of the exhibitions “the World of the Childhood“ . This year the company presented at the stand furniture for preschool institutions - nice, with the image of fantastic plots, animals and plants. On a photo - the bear cub clambers behind honey on a dubochka.

the Furniture is thought over by

to trifles, even badges with personal pictures for lockers, beds and hangers for towels are executed in a corporate style. Chairs are made very competently, that is not only is beautiful and strong, but also it is convenient. Pay attention: the seat is made with a small inclination, having leaned the elbows on a back the child will not slide off forward. There is a wish to tell couple of kind words concerning design of furniture: drawing and color scale are chosen very correctly, they do not tire an eye, are nonaggressive, moderately conditional. Such furniture can create a fine environment for cheerful games and creativity.

Plastic modules were presented to

at the stand of New Horizons trading house. On a photo - a labyrinth for children`s game rooms. The plastic avtomobilchik can become excellent “exercise machine“ for game in the driver. The New Horizons company offered little culinary specialists almost real kitchen from plastic: plate, sink, lockers and hinged boxes with ware.

Summing up of

the results, it would be desirable to note such feature: both at the exhibition, and on the Websites of producers of furniture we did not meet concrete names of designers and technologists. And it is about beauty, convenience, reliability of things which will surround our children. Contrary to taken roots in the west of tradition to tell the names of designers, in Russia consumer goods are created by anonymous heroes.