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My free childbirth on “perfectly“

my pregnancy was very desired, despite the lack of a living space:-). When the test opolasatitsya, I had double feelings: “Oh what to do - that“, but the decision was one - to give birth. All pregnancy I flew on wings, married, together with the husband did repair in the one-room apartment which got by inheritance.

my syndrome of “twisting of a nest“ reached deification in 36 weeks when I managed together with the girlfriend to pokleit wall-paper in a corridor on what my blessed, having returned from work and outposts me on a step-ladder, told that on it repair ended and if I behave badly, then he will send me to mother. Repair ended...

Then I long and laboriously packed things for myself and for the daughter (that there will be a daughter, learned even on 17 - y to week) and waited. Expectation was sad, behind a window poured a rain, was replaced by snow, girlfriends, mother and the sister called by telephone, and spoke:“ You still houses??“.

Came 40 - I am week, the term of childbirth which is written down in the card “November 20“ approached, and nothing occurred. The kid was dashingly kicked in a paunch, the husband looked at me eyes in which the same silent question seemed. And suddenly at me began to pull a stomach bottom. I call the husband on work, he breaks to me, and after arrival home finds a peace picture: I sit, I drink tea, and with pleasure I say that everything passed. It was the last, it is visible, a drop of his patience... In half an hour we already stand in an office the manager. Also we ask me to look at ZhK on what the vrachikha, having skeptically raised eyebrows speaks in the receiver: “Hallo, ambulance? Here we have a girl 40 - week came, come!“ . So I turned out in 5 - m maternity hospital where it becomes clear that I have some terrible pressure. With it I am sent to a rodblok and speak to my husband that called through a couple of hours.

Small note. I did not trust in a miracle of free medicine, was going to give birth under the contract. But at the last minute our washing machine broke. Having long broken the head, we bought new, and money for childbirth turned into the white erasing device...

Thus, I “free“ get to a rodblok 5 - go maternity hospitals. Frankly speaking, expected rudeness, carelessness and any other muck. But there I was accepted very much even tenderly, put on a bed in prenatal and called 2 doctors. They very long watched me, asked, and then in a corridor conferred. In half an hour I already went along a pathology corridor, shedding bitter tears - very much bothered to wait. Then it became clear that I was wanted to be kesarit, but decided to wait - regretted.

So I lay even more than a week. Tears ended and apathy began. The neck did not reveal, pressure constantly increased. When I in a week got to the manager. office on survey (all this time to it had no time for me), he appointed Caesarian to December 4. I was horrified, sobbed in a tube to mother, the sister and the girlfriend and suddenly... At me pulled a stomach. Then still, more and more. I jumped with happiness. Pain was insignificant, we with little girls in chamber even watched some film and went to bed. I could not fall asleep, fights were in 10 minutes, but very much even tolerant. I addressed the midwife at 2 o`clock in the morning (here unscrupulous!) . She restrained me a fleer and told that she woke when the interval is reduced to 5 minutes. With it I went to chamber and fell asleep. Having remarkably overslept night, by the morning on November 29 I woke up with voracious appetite and fights in 5 minutes. Our doctor Artur Dendenovich came, looked at me and sent to give birth, having wished forces and good luck. And I made the way to the dining room meanwhile and the first time during all the time swept away a plate of porridge for what there was an oblayana the midwife who came to accompany me on childbirth.

I this acquaintance - an unfamiliar rodblok... My boxing was the second, opposite to a post. To me punctured a bubble (I so understand that do it to all who got to a rodilka), put a dropper with some medicine (to me told, but I at once forgot, with what) and left one. Strong contractions began, I began them to howl (by the way if to pull low sounds, helps), then began to read the favourite verse of Pasternak.

Through a couple of hours to me suggested to replace repertoire. Then it became absolutely sick, to me gave an injection of a promedol, and the midwife sat down near me and began to calm me, showed points for anesthesia. Generally, nobody shouted at me, was rude and was angry. All were very lovely (there are I got to inopportune change of the chief physician). However, when I began attempts, I could make myself heard nobody as they had criminal childbirth. It was necessary to go along a corridor and to look for somebody. Somebody (and it there was also a chief physician) turned a finger at a temple and run sent me to a chair.

In 10 minutes I gave birth to the beloved, such long-awaited daughter. To me it was put at once on a stomach, she did not cry, and deeply so sighed (was tired, probably) and very strictly looked at me. I was at pleasure peak, I wanted to kiss and embrace all around. Then Anyutka was incurred to wash - to be heated, and I was left to wait for survey. It became clear that at me is not present the slightest gap, with a placenta everything is OK (and it in 42 weeks), I was told that I am a zainka, the good girl and the lassie, brought to phone to call the husband. In an hour the daughter snuffled near me on a wheelchair, and through some time we were brought to Mother and Child chamber where 2 more mothers with children lay.

Children got to

quiet, nobody shouted and burn all the time. And on December 4 (in day of my cancelled Caesarian) we were already at home. My childbirth lasted 29 hours from the first fight till the daughter`s birth, it was not fatally sick and after child put to me on a stomach, I at once wanted to give rise still. Bol quickly is forgotten, needs only to realize immense happiness that you are a mother and presented life to such remarkable baby. And the relation of personnel was identical both to paid, and to free.

After two years I think: I was lucky or how? Whether it is possible to be put on free and unfamiliar doctors? Frankly speaking, I consider that we from Ankaya were lucky, and next time it is necessary to agree with the doctor or to give birth under the contract.

I all - is hope that free of charge there is not only a cheese in a mousetrap that the people who do not have an opportunity to pay money for childbirth (and not small) have a chance normally to give rise and not to feel like the derelict.