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Canned food on walls of

it is possible to Preserve all. But banks with house preparations are hardly capable to decorate your dwelling even if you very much will try to give them a trade dress. In total - the food is food, and the place to it in the storeroom. And what if to try to make canned food which only purpose - giving of a cosiness to your kitchen, or perhaps even to a living room?

Look for ware, or 4 rules of rolling

the Rule number 1. can Roll up for appearance not any foodstuff. Are excluded: cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, sweet pepper.

What can be “rolled up“ and is necessary? For example, flowers. Yes, flowers, including the roses which remained from festive bouquets! Still very beautifully small multi-colored bitter pepper, small mushrooms, the tinted garlic, haricot, tiny unripe carrots, paradise apples, oranges, lemons, a radish looks.

Rule number 2. as preservative should not use vinegar. It changes color of raw materials, it as if burns out, becomes yellowish or greenish, generally, looks somehow boringly. Try to get medical formalin. Ideal thing! Vegetables and fruit will remain bright, juicy, and banks will never blow up. The main thing not to heat solution and to work with it in a respirator and rubber gloves. Instead of formalin quite it is good 70 - percentage ethyl alcohol, but over time your canned food can fade.

One more option - strong solution of gelatin with sugar, about 1/1, but it is possible to use it only for fruit and flowers, vegetables in such solution look badly.

Rule number 3. do not use usual glass jars. You are not going to eat with the creations then. Get an original container! Any trifle like garlic or mushrooms can be placed accurately through a neck in a beautiful large bottle from transparent glass. You will find fancy chemical flasks - remarkably! They look unusually and at once draw attention. Low thick-walled jars from - under honey with a pneumatic pith cover are suitable for the oranges and lemons cut on segments (honey in such container often is on sale in large supermarkets). Generally, look for ware! The more original she on themselves, the your canned food will be more interesting to look.

Rule number 4. Special tightness is not necessary to you, but, nevertheless, it is worth preparing more color wax or paraffin in advance to fill in with it a stopper or a cover. It will hide any shortcomings (for example, the fact that the cover looks cheap) and the noble ancient look will give to preparations.

the Layer behind a layer

In purely washed up and dried up container we stack the necessary raw materials. It is possible uniformly or layers, but only not alternately. Beautifully looks if, for example, of lemon segments to alternate a layer to a layer of pink petals or garlic.

When laying in a final container try not to leave an empty seat, your “preparations“ should not float in bank. If you use formalin, fill in each layer separately. In other cases you can act as at usual conservation. Flowers, on the contrary, densely cannot be put, they have to hang as if in a vessel. Some masters recommend for them very strong salt solution, but it quite risky.

After filling you close a cover and it is accurate, heating wax in a tablespoon, you fill in it. You should not be afraid of picturesque flows, they will only decorate a product. After completion of work of bank has to stay not less than a week in the dark cool place.

A now most important: where to put the decorative canned food? Counter question: and why it is obligatory - to put? It is possible to arrive differently. Buy in household shop more metal “collars“ for the water pipes, on diameter corresponding to your ware. “Collar“ carefully is wrapped in parchment or a piece of a sacking, densely drags on on a neck banks or bottles and by means of a screw fastens to a wall. However, if the vessel very big-bellied, it is better - to put everything on the shelf or a case as in a trailing look she will look bad. An ideal thing - flat cognac bottles, it is possible to cover with them though all walls!

If you made by

everything correctly, your canned food will serve you beyond all bounds long. Is them it is impossible, but even in the fierce winter they will remind you about summer and will make your housing warm and cozy.