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As itself to sell

Sometimes it seems that demand in labor market exceeds the offer, and the employer has an illusion of the unlimited choice. But it only at first sight. Among crowd of applicants it is difficult to find the good expert. How to look for? There are three indicators of quality: intelligence, success / productivity and personal solvency. I.Q. (school, university with the diploma with honors) decides on a medal by speed of cogitative operations, is read on eyes and speed of the speech.

If the person is able to sell, operate

, in general to achieve result, - it will be able to seize new object of activity within three months, and to receive noticeable and even very indicative result - within the first six months of work. If it does not occur - brake reaction which reason - not overcome stress, a lack of abilities or absence of motivation is available.

the Professional in a section

of its line - the general intellectual endowments, possession of a profession, orientation to a task, but not on the relations. Quality, popularity and identity of the expert - quite certain criteria of professionalism. But the main thing - ability to receive the best result with the smallest efforts and expenses, ability to connect unjoinable, to make almost impossible. whether

unclaimed professionals Exist? Yes. If they are so modest that to very few people are known. Besides, the professional ethics domestic business - elite at the moment does not mean fair recruiting policy. The young Russian capitalism seeking to get as soon as possible on feet needs the excess profit taken including from a manpower. From here - policy of squeezing, the maximum tension and suppression, non-payments, unfair penalties and cynical use of people - cheap took, as much as possible used and threw out, and more often just threw.

the Growing organism

Evolving, we pass four stages in the development: biological (in behavior the temperament dominates), social (is defined by pronounced character), personal (characterized by independence, capacity, independence, self-confidence) and spiritual (to the forefront there are a humanity, original efficiency, wisdom).

of Top are reached, alas, by the few. Moreover, vital cataclysms can become the reason of return to early stages of development. So the age is not an indicator of a maturity of the expert.

the Expert who became a personality cannot but be a professional - the personality is realized only in vigorous activity out of which does not think of himself. Such person is completely self-governed, is able to subordinate to himself circumstances, can be such what will want, or it, it is required what. It emotionally is also economically independent (that is a sign of psychological health), is not deprived of self-respect, seeks to keep the identity, at all is deprived of slave mentality. Do not wait from it for subservience, servility, servility, conformism - a hameleonstvo, so. The original personality needs relative freedom of action, movements, decision-making, to it is difficult and uncomfortable as the mercenary, the dumb performer. In strictly command system the personality does not survive. More precisely, survive it. The collective levels the personality and dooms to loneliness. But a meeting with the functional loneliness of creative identity only on advantage - new spiritual jump in its development, transition to the level of original humanity is possible. the Personality in operation

Why it is difficult to p to work as

with the most valuable employees? Extremely independent, psychologically free, they have the healthy respect for themselves based on consciousness of the competence and adequacy. Having an impulse to self-improvement, they better perceive, learn and do not love that they operated them. They are experts - what is pleasant to them now, it will be lovely to average citizens later. They completely lean on own opportunities. They are wealthy, zrela, are healthy, socially competent, human are effective, it is impossible to break them. Subconsciousness of these people is creative, loving, positive. However only similar will estimate similar.

Ask the successful businessman of what partner or the assistant he dreams? Competent, reliable and decent. The expert in any situation remaining the person - adequate, predictable, simple in communication can only be it. He skillfully carries on dialogue, involuntarily harmonizing social space. But whether there are a lot of such? According to psychological researches, persons among us only 16-17% (approximately as much professionals). Actually “chelovek“ it is even less - 6%, exactly as much talented people in something. And it is necessary to look for all of them among people though how many - nibud gifted, and they are 24%. Signs of endowments are mathematical or linguistic abilities and some difficulties of socialization (problems with peers). Gifted attract those who are more senior or are much younger than them. That is why business alliances and even marriages of extremely talented people most often are unequal.


However in Russia clever men from olden days not in the price, and here to fools by all means it is lucky. Why? The primitive brotherhood gives preference to leaders, similar and clear? The fool is not taken into consideration, it is out of a competition zone, feel sorry for him, give, give and support? With it you feel safe, you do not wait for a dirty trick, you have no feeling of own inferiority? Little fools madly make laugh with the awkwardness, it is easy to accept them. As a result “the Russian Ivan“ falls into the most advantageous position. Over the last ten years seventeen Russians entered one hundred the richest people of the planet - at general - that to poverty. Certainly, they are financial geniuses. But not only. The lack of intelligence and the creative beginning of “ivanushka“ compensate by abundance of social contacts at the expense of what a practical advice gets support also. Clever people ego-trip in the acts, fools - live at their expense, collecting from the world of idea, service, an opportunity. The inferiority complex stimulates I lust after power which money gives. Money becomes a most important task.

All of us share

on sinton and konfliktogen. The first create, create, build. The second - use their contacts and favor, eat their social energy. Sintona cannot ask, be humiliated, cried, complain. Nobody ever helps them more likely on the contrary, make difficulties - that did not create threat to usual routine work and not really - that moved ahead. Konfliktogena like to be cried, have an appearance unfortunately - dependent or enthusiastically - devoted. It is pleasant to first to feel the importance, to extend the influence, to help less capable - so they become stronger in consciousness of the unlimited opportunities. The second terribly envy them, but faithfully are nearby. And one fine day scheme or throw the benefactor, the adviser and the strong friend. So clever there are in fools, and fools - in a favor. And they, according to psychological researches, most sotsiabelna are also adaptive. Besides the favourite hero of the Russian national fairy tales, as we know, the third child in a family. whether

the fear Factor

Exists discrimination in labor market? Yes. On a sex, age, a registration and education. Other things being equal opportunities the preference will be always given to the man - it is an axiom. A delightful sound for future boss is the diploma of its own alma mater, at the worst MSU or Academy of national economy known for all. It is fastidious and in relation to “illocal“ though provincials and provincials are hardworking, sharp-witted, natural and can be devoted to business and you personally as nobody else. They are able to build the long-term relations. It is difficult to imagine the owner of the company from Washington which refuses to quite worthy candidate only on the basis of the fact that that is registered in Boston.

, Why to the Moscow head provincials? At first sight they are even harmful - increase a chaos, create the competition. In practice - are very useful. Freshness of feelings, ideas, the relations, spontaneity and a spontaneity, readiness of all to like and to admire everything, frankness and deep attachment. They are authentic as psychologists would tell. Long communication with them is very shown to people with difficult character and even to neurotics. In the province more than enough good experts - clever, reliable and decent. The most courageous go to Moscow and enterprising, uncommon and bright. However, adventurers and swindlers too. Average provintsialno - the labor collective tears away averaging and disobedience. Authoritarianism, fear, violation of the human rights (it more than it is enough in the Urals, in any “camps“ - Bashkortostan, Tatarstan) is contraindicated to normally growing personality. Talents in the conditions of unfreedom do not breed, and the personality in socially - dead regions chokes with an implementation failure.


of Talents at us, as we know, a dime a dozen - life necessarily does the person inventive. Good experts are able to consider and see what profit they make for your business. They know the actual price, understand that the company is obliged to much by it, and therefore are independent and want that they well paid them. Often they become the most reliable partners and even co-owners of your business. You appreciate everything that belongs to you.

the Option

What it is more important - the dignity of the person or his worthy earnings? The first is more important for the unlimited personal growth and mental health which, as we know, hardly gives in to restoration. Becomes result of immoral decisions, actions or acts not only loss of composure, satisfaction with life and itself, but also regression of the personality. You want to remain the person, rather live and really healthy? Choose quality of life, but not quantity of money.