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Locks after the delivery: the reasons, diagnostics, treatment of

Often young woman expecting the birth of the firstborn stoically maintains any malfunctions in the organism connected with pregnancy: heartburn, locks, nausea, hypostases and so forth. It is helped with it by two thoughts. The first - to give birth to the healthy child. And the second - that after the delivery all this disgrace as on wave of a magic wand will stop, and it, happy mother, will become strong, healthy and beautiful again. But here childbirth behind, but something from “unpleasant dovesochok“ remained and which - as was added. Among it “which - what“ - locks which can complicate your life after the child`s birth.

the Lock is complicated or systematically incomplete depletion of intestines (defekation) or absence that within one and a half days and more. Locks in the postnatal period are connected, as a rule, with several reasons:

Why so happens?

can allocate to

On the mechanism of emergence two types of violation of a defekation.

the First type - of atonicheskiya at which the tone of a muscular wall of a gut decreases, the vermicular movement becomes sluggish, unproductive. The Atonichesky lock arises from more often - for muscular weaknesses, after operation of Cesarean section. It is usual reaction of intestines to any surgery in an abdominal cavity. It can also arise from - for mistakes in a diet.

Other form - spastic the lock when the tone of intestines is raised and a vermicular movement becomes unproductive of - for the “clamped“ condition of a gut. The psychological reasons are more characteristic of this type.

the Atonichesky lock can be followed by the pulling, aching belly-aches, the feeling of overflow of intestines increased by the gas generation, lack of appetite, nausea, slackness, apathy suppressed by mood. At emergence of a defekation of kalovy masses there is a lot of, the initial portion - issued dense, bigger diameter, than normal, a final portion - thinnish. Defekation is painful, there can be anguishes of a mucous membrane of a rectum and back pass, then on a surface of kalovy masses there are streaks of blood and (or) slime.


At a spastic form of pain pristupoobrazny, is more often in the left part of a stomach. There can be a meteorizm, lack of appetite, fatigue, nervousness, irritability, nausea, kalovy masses in the form of so-called “sheep a calla“ - a chair very dense in the small roundish portions. Desires on a defekation can arise even several times a day, but depletion of intestines incomplete, complicated, small portions.

Separately should tell

about the locks connected with lengthening of a large intestine. Though externally they are shown as a spastic form, such locks not are connected with reduction of intestines, and with longer passing of kalovy masses on longer way. At the same time back in an organism from intestinal contents the bigger amount of water is soaked up, and kalovy masses becomes firm. Treat such lock not as spastic, and it is rather as atonicheskiya, but about it later.

the Solution of the problem of locks

For lock solution of the problem to young mother anyway needs to pick up correctly a diet taking into account breastfeeding and possible allergic reactions which at each kid the. Are useful: muesli, buckwheat, millet and pearl-barley grain, oat bran, black bread, vegetable oils, vegetables and fruit in the fresh and prepared look (carrots, beet, pumpkin, a vegetable marrow, spinach, sheet salad, broccoli, cabbage, compotes from dried fruits, a melon, apples, apricots, sweet cherry), fermented milk products.

Can accept broth of berries of a gooseberry (to fill in a tablespoon of berries with a glass of water and to boil 10 minutes, then to filter). Accept it on a quarter of a glass 4 times a day if it is necessary - it is possible to add sugar. At a zavarivaniye of tea it is possible to add a segment of dried apples or berry of cherry. At an atonichesky form of a lock work of intestines is stimulated by a glass of the cool water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.

At locks cannot use strong tea, mucous soups, cream of wheat, white loaf, wheat bran, polished rice, bilberry, a quince, pears, currant, wild strawberry, bean, walnuts. Firm grades of cheese can slow down a vermicular movement too.

Attention! At frequent and long (several times a week during 1 - 2 kneading) application practically of any depletive (both medicamentous, and grassy) the accustoming demanding increase in a dose of laxative can develop. The effect of its application weakens, and the problem of a lock is aggravated.

reception of laxatives - Forlaks and Fortrans is not contraindicated to

When breastfeeding.

From a ready depletive when breastfeeding cannot be accepted: Gutalaks, Regulaks, Hitozan - Evalar, Dulkolaks (he is Bisakodil), Doctor Tayss - the Swedish bitterness.

Preparations (Sennalaks, Glaksenna, Trisasen) on the basis of Senna (it is a cassia acutifoliate) or the Alexandria leaf strengthen a tone of a muscular wall of a gut therefore it cannot be accepted at spastic forms of a lock. When breastfeeding it is necessary to accept them very carefully as they can cause kishkoobrazny pains in the kid.

having bungled

For the solution of problems phytotherapy offers such recipes.

At atonichesky forms of locks

Regularly carrying out physical exercises, it is possible to get rid of the extra kilos acquired during pregnancy, to improve health, to raise a self-assessment, to improve an emotional background, to gain strength. I can be objected: “What else gymnastics when I and so am ready to drop from fatigue!“ Everything is right, work of mother cannot be underestimated, but this fatigue not so much physical how many psychological, from a sleep deficit, for various disorders and just from a detrenirovannost of muscles that gradually there were for the last months pregnancies. Without loadings of muscular force not to return. It is not necessary to tear bars, it is enough to give to charging of 5 - 10 minutes in day (it is desirable to make a set of exercises several times a day).

Next day after the delivery

  1. Lying on a back, hands freely along a body, legs are slightly bent in knees, to make a deep breath and to inflate a stomach, to slightly hold the breath and with a force to exhale through a mouth, at the same time trying as it is possible to pull in a stomach stronger. To repeat 5 and more times.
after the delivery
  1. the same Starting position, knees are pressed by

    On third day to each other. Along with a usual breath it is strong to strain muscles of a pelvic bottom (as for prevention of a defekation), having slightly held the breath, to exhale and relax. To repeat several times.

  2. same Starting position. At the same time with a breath to raise the right leg and the left hand up, on an exhalation - to lower. To repeat with the left leg and the right hand. To repeat 5 times and more.
  3. Costing
  4. , legs at shoulder length, hands are extended forward. Without tearing off legs, to turn a trunk to the right, having as much as possible taken away the right hand back, a breath. To return to a starting position, an exhalation. To repeat in other party. To execute exercise several times.

For the fourth days after the delivery

  1. the Starting position - as in exercise No. 4. To link fingers of hands in the lock before itself. Turning a trunk, to try to take away hands as it is possible further back. To repeat several times.
  2. Lying on a back, hands - freely along a body, legs are bent in knees, at a breath to lift a basin and to hold it several seconds, with an exhalation to fall. To repeat.
  3. Being on all fours, at a breath to pull in a stomach and a crotch, to hold the breath for couple of seconds, with an exhalation to relax. To repeat.
after the delivery Costing

In 2 weeks to
  1. , to raise hands to shoulders, to expose elbows forward. Bending the right leg in a knee and raising it, to try to touch by a knee of the left elbow. To repeat several times in both parties.
  2. to Complicate exercise No. 6, having slightly placed legs in the parties and at the time of a pripodnimaniye of a basin to strain crotch muscles, as in exercise No. 2. To repeat several times.
  3. Lying on a back, to serially lead the leg bent in knee and coxofemoral joints to a stomach.
In the offered mode this complex women who had no Cesarean section or deep gaps can carry out


If you had an operation or difficult ruptures of a crotch, neck of a uterus or other complications, then before performance of physical exercises consult to the doctor.

At atonichesky locks in the morning, yet without getting up, it is possible to pound vigorously fingers of both hands skin around a navel and to the left of it towards inguinal area. Legs at the same time are a little bent in knees, massage should be done within 4 - 5 minutes.

At spastic locks, on the contrary, are helped soft, slightly with pressing of stroking of all stomach clockwise.

For prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids after each act of a defekation surely do to

an irrigation of area of back pass by a cool shower. It is possible to facilitate irritation by means of microenemas with infusion of a linen seed (to fill in a tablespoon with a glass of boiled water and to insist 3 hours, in the syringe to gain 50 ml of a little warmed up infusion; procedure can be repeated several times a day as necessary).

Be attentive

! Application of preparations of a horse-chestnut (dietary supplement, grass collecting, cream for treatment of a varicose illness and a haemo swarm) can be reduced considerably or in general stop a lactation.

For orosheniye can use infusion from oak bark (2 parts) and by 1 part of a grass of a horsetail field, a root of a valerian medicinal or seeds of a horse-chestnut, flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical; and infusion from 1 part of leaves of a sage in mix with 2 parts of bark of an oak. Both infusions prepare equally: the tablespoon of mix is ready a glass of boiled water, 15 minutes are heated on a water bath, 40 more minutes are drawn. To infusion allow to cool down at the room temperature and filter. Compresses, trays or an irrigation with these infusions can be done several times a day. For carrying out procedure mix of infusions needs to be poured in the syringe and to irrigate area of a crotch, without entering the syringe into a rectum.

in conclusion wants to notice that the problem which became a subject of our conversation, unpleasant, but quite solvable. And if you implement all recommendations of the doctor, then you will manage with her to cope soon.